Basic HTML : An Introduction to HTML for Bloggers

Basic HTML : An Introduction to HTML for Bloggers“Basic HTML : An Introduction to HTML for Bloggers” is a free ebook which was created specifically for bloggers. The books 11 chapters span over 63 pages and introduce bloggers to basic HTML commands with examples to show how they can be used.

HTML is the mark up language which is used to display most web pages on the internet. Many bloggers never take the time to learn this language however doing so will give you much more control over how your blog looks and will let you vastly improve the look of your blog posts too.

In this ebook you will learn :

  • How HTML can help you improve your blog
  • The basic structure of a web page
  • How to link to other websites
  • How CSS works with HTML
  • How to organise information with tables
  • And much more

To download this ebook, all you need to do is sign up to our newsletter using the form below. As an added bonus, we have also designed a 1 page HTML Cheat Sheet for easy reference of common HTML commands. You will be emailed a link to both pdf documents after signing up.