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Boudoir Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 15 Examples

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Boudoir blogs are the epitome of celebration for the female and human bodies.

These blogs focus on artwork and photography that captures the essence of femininity and show what it means to embrace the feminine side of yourself.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of boudoir blogs are scattered about the internet.

Many of these blogs may focus on different aspects of boudoir photography, from clothing and attire to form. However, each of them brings something to the table of creativity.

What is a Boudoir Blog?

A boudoir blog is a blog about the female body and its expression.

These blogs focus on ensuring women have a safe and comfortable environment to express their sexuality and sensuality without judgment.

These photos are meant to inspire women to embrace their bodies without shame, fear, or judgment.

Boudoir blogs often showcase women in underwear or lingerie to help audiences understand that there is much to celebrate about the human body and that none of it should be shameful.

What Does a Boudoir Blogger Blog About?

A boudoir blogger will often discuss gender roles and stereotypes that may be harmful to women.

These bloggers will often discuss these topics to help women understand they don’t have to abide by archaic societal laws and can embrace their bodies more healthily.

Boudoir bloggers may also talk about what lingerie or underwear sets are best for each body type and what style will make you most comfortable.

What is Included On a Boudoir Blog?

A boudoir blog is mostly composed of photos and artwork that is meant to celebrate female anatomy.

However, boudoir blogs also discuss styles, poses, clothing for your body type, and how to overcome body shame.

Other Things You Can Find on a Boudoir Blog

You may notice a few other things on a boudoir blog.

Keep your eyes peeled for advertisements, endorsements, photography packages, and other items that boudoir bloggers include on the blog.

  • Advertisements and Partnerships: Many who run a blog may keep secret how much bloggers make, but their advertisements are indicative of revenue.
  • Photography Information: Most boudoir blogs are run by photographers who are more than happy to set up a session with their audience for a fee.
  • Posing Tutorials: Boudoir blogs might discuss the best poses and forms for taking some of the best snapshots boudoir photos have to offer.
  • Self-Love How-To’s: Boudoir is all about loving yourself despite your flaws, and many boudoir blogs will offer tips on how to love and care for yourself.

Best Boudoir Blogs: 15 Examples

Boudoir blogs are among the most common blogs for women, especially those who enjoy the arts and photography.

These 15 examples can show you exactly what boudoir blogs are about and what kind of content these blogs focus on providing.

How Many Boudoir Blogs are There?

The internet is full of boudoir blogs, large and small.

There are hundreds of blogs with small and large audiences who enjoy the pictures and content these blogs provide.

However, several significant boudoir blogs are available on the internet that discuss boudoir in length.

Couture Boudoir

screenshot of the couture boudoir homepage

Couture Boudoir focuses on offering women the confidence to pose and show their bodies without an ounce of shame.

This blog often discusses how to be confident while posing for tasteful nude photography they can be proud of.

Couture Boudoir urges women to find their comfort zone even while nude and embrace their natural bodies without fear.

Black Lace Boudoir

screenshotof the balck lace boudoir homepage

Black Lace Boudoir discusses the merits of engaging in a boudoir photography session and how these sessions can help women embrace their bodies.

Additionally, this blog shows how you can have boudoir photography sessions with a modern or vintage twist to make them fit your personality and desires even more.

Adoralee Blog

screenshot of the adoralee blog homepage

The Adoralee Blog operates out of Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

This boudoir photography studio runs a blog that discusses getting inspiration and how to get the most out of your boudoir experience.

This blog is rife with tips and tricks on how to feel more confident and everything you need to know about boudoir photos before getting yours done.

A Million Monarchs Boudoir Blog

screenshot of the a million monarchs boudoir blog homepage

A Million Monarchs Boudoir Blog is all about body positivity through self-expression.

This boudoir portrait studio posts frequent discussions on the benefits of boudoir photography for women and their partners, including increased confidence and a stronger bond with a partner.

This blog also gives you everything you need to know about boudoir photography so you can come prepared.

Fearlessly Feminine Blog

screenshot of the fearlessly feminine blog homepage

The Fearlessly Feminine Blog gives highlights to other photography studios in the area and has intense discussions about the merits of boudoir, especially destination boudoir sessions.

This studio is available to make any destination vacation a stunning and unforgettable adventure by offering traveling boudoir shoots.

Jennifer Williams Boudoir

screenshot of the jennifer williams boudoir homepage

Jennifer Williams Boudoir is a high-scale boudoir photography studio that embraces self-love and acceptance over everything else.

Jennifer Williams Boudoir strives to ensure all their clients are comfortable and their blog discusses the best ways to remain confident, loving, and happy throughout the whole session.

Lovely In Lace

screenshot of the lovely in lace homepage

Lovely In Lace is unique since it discusses how boudoir photography can make you feel.

Most boudoir blogs push their studio and photography packages, but Lovely In Lace prefers to discuss how those who engage in boudoir photo sessions can feel special, sexy, and pampered.

This blog tells its audience about how they can feel like the artwork in photos by using boudoir photography.

Dawn Kelly Boudoir

screenshot of the dawn kelly boudoir homepage

Dawn Kelly Boudoir is unlike many other boudoir blogs because this blog does a lot of outdoor boudoir photography.

Many boudoir blogs focus on intimate settings, but Dawk Kelly Boudoir has plenty of private land and horses to make a boudoir photoshoot look next level.

Additionally, Dawn Kelly Boudoir is full of questions and answers from models, everyday customers, and those in the industry.

Lilac & Fern Boudoir Photography

screenshot of the lilac fern boudoir photoggraphy homepage

Lilac & Fern Boudoir Photography is all about upscale, intimate portraits that will last a lifetime.

These photos fall into the boudoir category and may include those in lingerie or lightly covered. These intimates may also include tasteful nudity that each customer can be happy with.

The blog showcases some of the best intimates taken and details the process of snapping these stunning photos.

Thomas Crowl Boudoir Photography

screenshot of the thomas crowl boudoir photography homepage

Thomas Crowl Boudoir Photography has a blog that discusses all the merits of having a boudoir photo shoot, including how much confidence it may bring and how this photoshoot can provide good content to those using online platforms to make money.

Additionally, this blog is a good source for learning how to overcome being camera shy and making the most of your boudoir session.

Blush Boudoir Blog

screenshot of the boudoir blog hompage

Blush Boudoir Blog is one of the most body-positive boudoir blogs available.

This blog discusses how anyone can do a boudoir photoshoot to feel better about themselves and ensure they get all the benefits of doing boudoir photos.

For example, one blog post outlines that boudoir photos aren’t only for slender women, but instead for all women who want to embrace their femininity.

Boudoir Photo Yvonne Moryc Blog

screenshot of the boudoir photo yvonne moryc blog homepage

Boudoir Photo Yvonne Moryc Blog isn’t your usual blog about boudoir photos. Instead, this blog focuses on past clients who have permitted their photos to be published online.

These blog posts go in depth to discuss how each photo shoot was done and how they left the models feeling afterward.

Each post lists who engaged in the shoot and details about the women, including their daily life and how they feel about themselves.

Hillary West Boudoir

screenshot of the hillary west boudoir homepage

Hillary West Boudoir is a blog that will make anyone interested in boudoir comfortable to dip their toes in and see what it’s all about.

This blog has a weekly “Tushy Tuesday” where they talk about how to make your behind look nice in lingerie and underwear.

Additionally, this blog often checks in with its audience to help explore the best things to wear for a boudoir session and discusses client experiences in detail.

Illuminate Boudoir Blog

screenshot of the illuminate boudoir blog homepage

Illuminate Boudoir Blog is a personalized blog that doesn’t stick to advertising, but instead talks with the audience as if they are close friends.

This blog discusses the best equipment to use and how excitement in the studio reaches an all-time high when a stunning photo is snapped.

The blog is never afraid to explore the best sessions and snaps.

OWN Boudoir Blog

own boudoir blog homepage

OWN Boudoir Blog discusses how boudoir photography is a perfect Christmas gift and how boudoir can make a woman feel good as the new year approaches.

This boudoir blog seeks to bring something new and fresh to the industry in the coming year, seeking to approach things differently than their counterparts in the boudoir industry.

For example, OWN Boudoir Blog discusses how boudoir photos may be perfect for those who want to celebrate milestones.

Similar Blog Types to Check Out

Boudoir blogs are all about celebrating the mind and body of femininity, like some other blogs available all over the internet. These blogs are similar to boudoir blogs.

  • Pregnancy Blogs: Pregnancy blogs discuss all aspects of getting pregnant and giving birth.
  • These blogs celebrate the whole journey from conception to the birth of a child.
  • Wedding Blogs: Wedding blogs will discuss everything about celebrating love and a union between two people who love each other.
  • Photography Blogs: Photography blogs focus on capturing the raw beauty that life offers, including everything from nature to the human body.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an illustration of boudoir computer screen with the big block text

These answers can help you understand if boudoir blogging is right for you or within your interests.

Is it okay to post boudoir photos on Instagram?

Instagram is a safe place for boudoir photos since they are an art form.

What is the purpose of a boudoir?

Boudoir is meant to celebrate the female body without judgment or fear. Boudoir is a form of photography and expression meant to help women embrace their bodies.

Wrapping Up

Boudoir blogs are a perfect place for those seeking a better understanding of boudoir photography and self-love.

These blogs seek to embrace and celebrate every aspect of the female body without judgment and desire to help others be at peace with their perceived physical flaws.

Dozens of boudoir blogs are all over the internet, many with their studio for photography and packages they offer for women who want to do their boudoir photoshoots.

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