BrainHost Review And Opportunity- Or Maybe Better Options

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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BrainHost Review: Complete Shared Hosting Features

Modern shared hosting plans are designed to be feature-packed and very useful, even when you want to host multiple websites using a single hosting account. in this BrainHost review, you will find how a shared hosting plan from BrainHost is designed to offer all the features you will ever need at a fairly good price. Let’s get started, shall we?

The BrainHost Shared Hosting

There are three service packages you can choose when you are signing up for an account with BrainHost. All plans include unlimited web hosting space and monthly bandwidth, but they come with different perks as well as service charge. The most valuable plan costs $9.95 a month, with bonuses such as advertising credits – worth $250 in total – and One-Click Installer added as part of the service plan.

BrainHost understands how shared hosting needs to be feature-packed yet very easy to use, which is why the straightforward approach this company takes is very suitable for the market. You will find any of the shared hosting plans from BrainHost to be very attractive simply because you also get features such as support for unlimited domain names and email addresses also included with the service package; you will have no trouble at all hosting as many websites as you like using a single hosting account.

The $250 in advertising credit can really help you promote your site quickly; it is possible to attract a large number of visitors without spending any of your real money in the process now that these bonuses are available. Aside from $50 Google AdWords credit, you will also get $50 Facebook Advertising credit, $25 Bing Search credit, $25 Yahoo! Search credit, and a bonus $20 Shopsite credit to use. Be sure to use these bonuses wisely to get maximum benefits from them.

Added Featured of BrainHost Shared Hosting

Aside from the advertising credits, BrainHost shared hosting also offers free SEO packages for new web owners to benefit from. When this BrainHost review is written, the free SEO package is valued at a staggering $375. You will have to take your time and learn more about Search Engine Optimization in order to use this bonus package optimally, but the expected result of effective use is simply too good to miss.

You can also get your website up and running in a matter of minutes even when you have no prior experience in designing one. The included site builder is very intuitive and offers hundreds of templates to begin with. You can choose a base template according to the type of website you want to create and design a professional-looking site in a matter of minutes from there.

Use the One-Click Installer, available with the top service plan only, to install multiple web scripts and applications easily. BrainHost supports PHP and other server-site programming languages along with MySQL and several other database frameworks, which is why these scripts will run smoothly. You can use WordPress to set up multiple blogs easily or use osCommerce for your ecommerce sites.

Don’t forget that you can also claim to use a green hosting – powered 100% by green energy – and have your websites be as environment-friendly as possible. This is an appealing factor for many who are concerned about the environment.

The 99% uptime warranty shows just how reliable BrainHost can be. Expect your websites to be accessible at all times when they are hosted by BrainHost. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of BrainHost shared hosting carefully before signing up for an account thought; sites that show heavy use of server resources may be shut down immediately.

When to Use BrainHost

There is no doubt that BrainHost is a very reliable web hosting company. The shared hosting plans from this service provider is also highly appealing thanks to the long list of features and bonuses. Compared to other shared hosting service providers, however, BrainHost may not be the best solution on the market just yet.

FatCow is offering the same set of features as BrainHost’s most expensive service package at as little as $3.15 a month; that’s a full $6 difference a month or a staggering $72 difference a year. Those who are relatively new to web hosting services or want to set up a website quickly without spending too much money in the process will certainly find FatCow to be the more appealing service provider of the two. As a bonus, FatCow also offers free listings for your business websites.

BrainHost customer support hotline is also not the best on the market; the technical support could be improved and there is no reason to settle for nothing but the best in this case. Luckily, BrainHost does offer a 30-day money back guarantee, which means you can try the services from this company to the max without the risk of losing your money in the process.

brainhost coupons-

Shared Hosting Service Packages and BrainHost Coupons

BrainHost coupons, when used correctly, can really make the shared hosting services of this company much more affordable. Thanks to the long list of features to enjoy and the reliable servers, BrainHost is now one of the top web hosting companies in the world. Being able to make the company’s shared hosting services more affordable is certainly a huge plus.

The BrainHost Hosting Plans

BrainHost basically offers a single unlimited shared hosting plan, but it divides that plan into three service packages with different bonuses and perks. This is definitely an interesting marketing strategy that no other web hosting company is using. If you don’t need the bonus advertising credits and One-Click Installer with access to over 50 web scripts and applications, you can simply settle for the cheapest service package possible. Alternatively, you can go for the $9.95 service package and get all the bonuses you can get from BrainHost, including $250 worth of advertising credits for jumpstarting your websites.

The hosting service packages on their own are comparable to some of the best plans on the market. You can host as many websites as you like thanks to the support for unlimited domain names; you can also create unlimited subdomain names, email addresses and FTP accounts. Every service package also comes with the support for unlimited MySQL databases along with native support for server-side programming languages such as PHP and Ruby. You don’t even have to suffer from the lack of email storage capacity because all of the email addresses you create can use the same unlimited storage space available with every hosting account.

The way BrainHost markets its shared hosting services shouldn’t be a problem though, because the right BrainHost coupons can help you reduce the monthly service charge by as much as 25%. You can find valid coupons to use through review sites and other web hosting resource centers; simply enter the right coupon code to claim the maximum amount of discount possible.

BrainHost Shared Hosting Features

Now that we’ve gotten the shared hosting packages and offers out of the way, it is time to take a closer look at some of the features you can get from every service plan BrainHost is offering. For starters, you will get unlimited storage space and monthly bandwidth with your hosting account. You can also set up as many email addresses, MySQL databases and FTP accounts as you like when you are using BrainHost shared hosting services.

Other features such as a built-in site builder and support for unlimited domain names are also part of the service offer. You can host multiple websites using a single hosting account, which is why BrainHost shared hosting is relatively popular among webmasters and site owners. All of these features can be enjoyed at a single monthly price that is both affordable and lucrative at the same time.

BrainHost uses cPanel as the control panel of choice; you should have no trouble at all getting used to the features and accessing different hosting services offered by BrainHost thanks to the intuitive interface of cPanel. You can also manage multiple websites easily either by assigning a web administrator to each site or by controlling them from your main hosting account. Even with the One-Click Installer not available – should you decide to opt for the more affordable plans – you can still install the scripts manually.

The Best Shared Hosting Around?

BrainHost is boldly claiming to be the best web hosting company around. The shared hosting plans from this company are indeed very attractive, especially to those who are entering the web industry for the first time. Bonuses and special offers – including BrainHost coupons – are also very easy to find, making the shared hosting packages even more interesting to use.

To say these shared hosting plans to be the best options there is, however, is indeed bold. As appealing as BrainHost shared hosting plans are, they are still not the best on the market. FatCow is offering a fairly similar – if not slightly better – shared hosting plan for a shockingly low price of just $3.15 a month (after discounts and special offers). You can lower the cost of hosting your websites by as much as $72 a year just by choosing to use FatCow instead.

Although it is 100% US-based, BrainHost’s customer support is also not as reliable as we want it to be. Ticket support system takes a few hours to response. A live chat with the support officer is what you may need to do when you need certain things done or you simply want to ask questions about the features of BrainHost shared hosting. The phone support, on the other hand, is responsive although a capable technical support isn’t always available.

These minor disadvantages are hurting BrainHost users in the long run, which is why we still consider FatCow to be the better option.

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BrainHost Discounts for Shared Hosting Plans

Web hosting doesn’t always have to be expensive these days, especially thanks to the presence of affordable shared hosting and an endless supply of special offers from top web hosting companies. BrainHost is one of the leading web hosting companies today, with a very appealing shared hosting plans and reasonable pricing structure. You can also use BrainHost discounts to make your shared hosting more affordable; it is very easy to save as much as 20% on the shared hosting service package that suits you.

The Shared Hosting BrainHost Offers

We can’t talk about discounts without first looking into the shared hosting plans this company is offering. BrainHost has a very unique set of service packages, each with all the features you would need from a shared hosting service. What makes each service package different is the different included bonuses and extra features.

The basic plan costs $6.95 a month to use. You get unlimited storage space and monthly bandwidth along with the ability to host multiple domain names without a problem. This is the most basic service package from BrainHost since it doesn’t include any extra features or bonuses at all; you won’t even get bonus advertising credits with this basic service package.

Upgrade to the middle service package – at $7.95 a month – and you get $250 in advertising credits as a bonus. You can easily jumpstart your websites with the help of $50 in Google AdWords credit and other bonuses or freebies you can use. Be sure to use these bonuses wisely if you want to attract a large number of visitors from the very start.

The top service package costs $9.95 and includes 50+ one-click installs. You can use the 1-Click Installer to set up web scripts and applications in a matter of seconds. Although we always think of the 1-Click Installer – included in cPanel to make the task of installing scripts such as WordPress and Drupal much easier to complete – as being very valuable and useful, it is difficult to justify the extra $2 per month you need to pay to enjoy this ‘bonus’ feature.

BrainHost Special Offers

Finding the best BrainHost discounts and special offers is actually easier than you think. BrainHost generally shares exclusive coupon codes through review sites and online forums. Be sure to search for the best offers possible before signing up for a shared hosting service with BrainHost to enjoy the best price possible.

As a bonus, you will also get additional traffic and SEO package. This package is filled with tools and services that will help you fine-tune your website for better SEO performance. View the traffic generation training video included as part of this bonus to get started.

You can then use the 10 rank-boosting links to help enhance your website’s SEO performance greatly; before you know it, your site will start appearing on the first page of different search results. In today’s modern world, it is also important to maintain a strong social media presence. This bonus package – valued at $375 – also includes training videos and tools that will help you start and maintain a good social media presence without hassle. You can then use social networking sites to generate more traffic.

Aside from the basic package, you also get bonus advertising credits to use. Although BrainHost advertises a total of $250 in advertising credits as one of its offers, you are actually getting less in terms of mainstream advertising credits. $50 Google AdWords credit, $50 Facebook Advertising credit and $50 in Bing/Yahoo! Search credit are the most useful bonuses from this particular offer.

Our Thoughts on This Shared Hosting Offer

It is difficult to put BrainHost as the best shared hosting provider to go for, especially with competitors such as Hostmonster offering better overall service plans. The bonuses and special offers are far from being superbly appealing, while the unusual service package options are slightly disorienting for new web owners who are looking to buy their first shared hosting account.
It has been very important to study all brainhost review pages before you make any purchases.

Hostmonster and its straight forward approach is still slightly better. You get the same unlimited shared hosting space and monthly bandwidth, support for unlimited domain names and tons of other top shared hosting features you would expect. You also get the 1-Click Installer BrainHost is offering for free from Hostmonster; it is simply a feature that is already available on cPanel.

The advertising credit bonuses from Hostmonster are also more attractive. Instead of just $50, you get $100 Google AdWords credit. The extra $50 would go a long way since Google is the most popular search engine – and advertising network – there is today. What do you think of this insane brainhost review ? The cost of using Hostmonster shared hosting is set at a cool $4.95, a full $5 less than BrainHost’s equivalent service plan.

As attractive as BrainHost can be, Hostmonster is still the better option.

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