There are four trends in the mainstream workforce that top level managers pay attention to so they can better serve their customer base. Doing business online is a slightly different animal, but there’s no reason you can’t keep up with areas to help your business grow and evolve into the future.

The four trends consist of demographics, workforce, economic and work/life. In running an online niche business you need to know who your target market is, that’s a given, but your target market can be further broken down within these specific areas.

Demographic Trends

This relates to the age of a workforce, or in your case, a customer. It’s also related to people with disabilities and single parent homes. Have you looked at your products to see if they can cater to people in these situations? Can you repurpose your content to cover your target market in the area of demographics? Perhaps your main product is making money online. Most people covering this niche expect their customers to be of a certain age or status, usually in the 20 to 35 year old age group.

Often times, the stay at home mom is targeted to entice her to make money from home while she is raising the children. Does your content cater to single moms or single dads? It’s likely they have a full time job but would like to make the transition to on online business. Can you target these groups by a few rewrites of your content?

Another section in demographics is people who are disabled and can no longer work a job outside the home. Can you target this group?

Workforce Trends

Another area you can break your target market down into is those in the current workforce. They may or may not have job security, but many of them would still enjoy the lifestyle an online business can offer. Many marketers do target this group already, but this can also be broken down further along side demographic trends.

Can you target the unemployed? Can you use unemployment statistics in your sales pitch? Can you offer this group of people solid information to help them bridge this gap in their lives?

Economic Trends

Breaking down the economy of a society can be tricky. It’s my least favorite way to do a sales pitch because so much negativity is centered on economic times. If you study the law of attraction, you know that all of the negative press and news casts covering economic hard times only draws more economic hard times into play. Even if you don’t believe in LOA, it’s a universal law and like does attract like. If you decide to use the economy in your content and sales pitch, try to do so with a positive outlook. Speak specifically to one person instead of a group and try to avoid referring to a nation’s economic crisis.  Many businesses use fear as a sales pitch tactic. I don’t believe that’s always the best way to gain customer loyalty. Offering solid advice is a better solution.

Work/Life Trends

While many companies take good care of their employees, most don’t. You can cater to the people who have menial jobs and aren’t happy. Many marketers target this area as well, but you can look at the big picture of all these areas and break your niche and target market down even further.

The target audience within these areas may be very small but it’s also laser targeted. Don’t leave groups of people out because it’s a small group. Be the one that caters to these groups and you’ll get more sales. Simply modify some of your current products for these target areas.