Bloggers spend a lot of time finding and implementing strategies to improve blog traffic. Regular content updates and social shares are the two frequently used methods.

Today, let’s talk about something different.

What about your old blog posts?

The posts that were published a year ago or even a month back should be re-utilized to improve blog traffic. Why?

  • Your old content will not go waste since a lot of time was spent on creating them.
  • Your old content, if useful, can attract new readers to the blog.
  • Frequent utilization of old content reduces pressure on creating new content on a regular basis.
  • Old content will improve SEO balance.

Given these benefits, shouldn’t you breathe life into old blog posts and improve blog traffic?

6 Ways to Improve Blog Traffic with Old Content

Let’s see how.

1) Find Old Content that ‘Clicked’

Dig into the old post database and select blog posts which clicked with the readers in the past. If it clicked them, it will get good response now as well. You can select such posts on the basis of its social shares, comment count and search traffic.

Use Old Blog Posts to Improve Blog Traffic

2) Update Old Content

Breathing life into old blog posts to improve blog traffic means you need to update them as well.  Whether they are posts fitting the first point or other not-so-popular posts, you should use them to attract new traffic.

You do this by updating the old content. If they were time-centric posts, update them with new research data and news happening within that niche. For instance, if you wrote about Pinterest when it launched and you want to promote it again, you have to make a lot of changes to make the content suitable for present day.

3) Improve their SEO

Before re-sharing old posts, update its SEO peripherals. You can make changes to its title, primary keywords, add more secondary keywords, and improve H2 and H3 tags and other on-page SEO factors.

4) Index on Google

Yes, your old post is already indexed but once you update the whole blog page, log into Google Webmasters Tool and go to Crawl > Fetch as Google. Prompt Googlebot to crawl and index the newly updated page. This will boost its search rankings and improve blog traffic.

5) Automate Social Shares

Manual social sharing is awesome but time constraints move us towards automated social sharing options. You can use tools like JustRetweet to schedule tweets or software like HootSuite or Buffer to schedule social shares on multiple platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Google and others. They will be published in a certain designated time and bring more blog traffic.

6) Share Newsletter

If you actively share newsletters with blog subscribers, you can share the updated blog posts in the next newsletter as well.


Breathing life into old blog posts is sure shot way to improve blog traffic.