Did you know that the world’s second largest search engine is actually YouTube? With increased adoption of broadband Internet and far faster speeds available on mobile devices too, streaming video online is easier and more accessible than ever. It also provides a remarkable platform for engaging with your audience in a way that plain text and images simply cannot.

Even outside of YouTube, video can serve as an incredibly powerful tool for your online business. Shooting a regular live video can only get you so far and can be very costly to get done professionally. Consider giving “your identity [the] power of motion” by working with AnimatedVideo.com to get an animated video for your brand or business.

Explainer and Promotional Videos

You can use the animated videos produced by AnimatedVideo.com for just about any purpose, but their primary goal isn’t necessarily one of entertainment. This isn’t something that you can expect to pop up on the Cartoon Network or Adult Swim any time soon. Instead, the objective is much more business-oriented in nature.


More specifically, AnimatedVideo.com specializes in explainer and promotional videos. What does that mean exactly? Let’s say you are an Internet startup and you’ve developed a new web app or mobile app that you think users will find useful. It’s a novel idea, so you need to explain to people what your app does (features) and how it will help them (benefits). That’s where an explainer video can come in handy.

Quite literally, an explainer video can take a more complex concept and present in such a way that it is much more easily understood by a broader audience. The video can be of practically any length that you’d like. If you just want a quick summary, a one-minute video might suffice. If you want to dig a little deeper into your feature set, then maybe you want your video to be a little longer.

Similarly, let’s say hypothetically that you are an online broker for life insurance. This can be a very complicated subject and people can have a lot of questions. You can create an explainer video that can also function as a promotional video, quickly explaining some of the main options that people have and how your company is best positioned to offer this service. The video can be shared on your website, through social media, or anywhere else that you desire.

To date, AnimatedVideo.com has delivered over 2,000 videos to over 1,000 clients around the world. They employ over 150 in-house professionals and leverage over 50 global resellers to ensure you are getting the best product possible at an affordable price.

Any Animated Video You Want

While the primary focus and expertise of AnimatedVideo.com rests in the promotional videos and explainer videos that they have produced and continue to produce, the service offering is much more varied than that.


Perhaps you want a corporate training video for your new hires, explaining one or more important concepts about your company culture. What is the right procedure for filing a TPS report? How can they inquire about their health benefits?

Moreover, they’re able to create tutorial videos that can walk viewers through a more complex procedure, one that is best understood as a walkthrough video rather than as a dense manual or set of written of instructions. You can even get a professional video done for one of your sales presentations if you’d like.

From nursery videos to videos that bring your infographics to life, AnimatedVideo.com is prepared to take on almost any project. Need a virtual tour completed or perhaps you have a real estate design project? How about a logo animation that you can splice into your own videos or an animated caricature? They can do that too.

An Extensive Portfolio

To get a sense of what you can expect when you hire AnimatedVideo.com to produce an animated video for you, take a look at their portfolio.


You can browse through the entirety of the portfolio — most of the videos included are fairly short in length — or you can use the navigation links near the top to filter for 2D videos, whiteboard videos, motion graphics or 3D videos, depending on the style and type that you desire for your own project.

All of the samples in the portfolio are embedded YouTube videos for your convenience. You can watch them in their smaller versions right on the page or hit the full screen button to get a larger sense of how these videos look. The styles and subject matter range considerably, from making money playing video games to a 3D rendering video explaining a unique architectural product.

Some videos include voiceovers and some leverage overlay text instead. Again, this is completely up to you and what you want to get out of your video. Regardless of your choice, you can rest assured that the final product will be professional and polished. They guarantee it.

Request a Free Quote

Just as it would be impossible to ask how much it would cost to make a feature length movie or how much it costs to create a website, the specifics of your animated video project will dictate the cost of that project too.


To get the conversation going with AnimatedVideo.com, fill out the short form to request a free quote. Give the in-house professionals as best a sense of possible of what you want out of your video and your desired length. The cost will also vary depending on whether you already have a script or if they need to help co-develop a script with you, just as whether or not you need to commission some voice-over work to go along with the actual video animation itself.

Prepared to work with any business, from humble startups to multi-national corporations, AnimatedVideo.com wants to help you reach your target audience in the most engaging and captivating way possible. They can offer as much or as little help as you want for scripting and storyboarding, ensuring that you get exactly what you want. The quality is exceptional and you can expect super fast turnarounds with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.