Is you website not making money as you had hoped? Yes?

Then perhaps it is time for you to build a squeeze page!

What is a Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page is a landing page similar to the one you will see on this blog. Go to the homepage – – the page you see is a landing page intended to build a list of potential subscribers. These potential subscribers can become business customers in future through various direct marketing strategies.

Four Major Uses of Squeeze Page

There are four major purposes of creating a landing page:

(1) You want to monetize the website by selling products and services, and you need a leads or subscribers.

(2) You want to connect with readers on a personal level and hence, you want to build a subscriber list.

(3) You want to create business leads.

Typically, a squeeze page will consist of:

(1) A form to capture email id and name of the subsciber;

(2) A policy / privacy statement

(3) Call to action

(4) Highlight the list of benefits on becoming a subscriber

(5) Killer eye catching graphics and content

Squeeze Page and SEO

After the Panda and Penguin updates, Google search engine has become too strict with their penalties. Before these updates, it wouldn’t have mattered if you had only a squeeze page detailing the bare minimum necessities. It would have been highly optimized to rank on search engines.

BUT, today having a squeeze page is not that advantageous if it doesn’t contain relevant content. A domain name that is only a landing page will most probably rank lower and be considered as spam by search engines.

Therefore, online marketers need to create content rich landing pages. For instance, you can create a blog along with it, like we have on Blogging Tips or develop linear sales pages with squeeze pages.

Lastly, don’t forget the privacy statement because you need to convince the subscribers that their details would not be misused ever.

Squeeze Page Building Tools

If you are not that technologically adequate, take a look at these tools to build squeeze pages:

(1) Wix

This tool uses flash technology to build squeeze page for free. You can also upload any kind of media and access more than hundreds of flash web design templates. All you need to is sign up, create the squeeze page and publish it.

(2) The Best of WWW

This is more easy that the above tool. After you sign up, you have to give relevant details like text, image file, headline, sign up form, text color, sales page URL and your squeeze page is ready!

(3) Instant Squeeze Page Generator

The complete software is at your disposal once you sign up. There are custom squeeze page templates and all you need to do is edit them and publish on your domain. That’s it!

Monetizing a website with squeeze page is a proven direct marketing strategy that every online entrepreneur should explore.