7 Common Domain Name Registration Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

You can’t build a successful commercial website without a domain name. All websites are powered by a domain name. It’s the unique identifier specifying a website’s location on the ever-expanding internet. According to the security services provider Verisign, there are now over 350 million active domain names. While registering a domain name may seem like … Read more

What Is Domain Privacy And Why Is It Important?

At some point during the process of coming up with blog name ideas, you’ll want to rush out and register a domain for your blog. But before you do, we need to talk a little bit about domain name registration and why domain privacy is important. The Importance of Domain Privacy Whenever you register a … Read more

Namecheap vs GoDaddy: Which Is Better for Bloggers?

If you want your blog to look professional and gain respect, you need to get your own domain name and hosting. You can get started blogging for free if your budget is $0, but spending just a small amount of money is worth it if you can. Investing in your own domain name and hosting make your site far more professional than a free blogging site.

What is Domain Privacy Protection?

A detailed discussion on the importance of domain privacy protection for anyone who has a domain booked, either for personal or professional reasons.

Do you Understand DNS in Web Hosting?

Domain Name System, also known as DNS, is in charge of a websites domain name and email settings. The DNS will decide which server is accessed when a visitor comes to a website. The hosting company supplies your website with a server, so the DNS for web hosting will reach out to your hosting provider’s … Read more

How to Register a Domain Name with FatCow

Web hosting companies play a key role in the success of your website. They provide you with a web server, and a connection to the internet. This allows everyone to see your site. If you do not have your website hosted, it will not be indexed in search engines. It will basically just sit there … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Registering your Domain Name

There are many things you need to do to get your website up and running efficiently. You want to drive as much traffic to your site as possible. One thing that you need to consider is registering your domain name. The domain name would be something like “happyfrog.com”. You do not have to be a … Read more

How to Register a Domain Yourself

A domain name is something you really need if you have your own website. It can be something like “ilovecrafts.com” or “the stampcollector.com”. It can be unique and say something about you as an individual or business. Anyone can have one because you don’t have to be a business to have a registered domain name. … Read more

Choosing a Domain Name: The Science Behind It

Choosing adomain name is quite a challenge. There is actually a bit of a formula you can use to make sure yours is on point. You want something powerful to represent your new blog, business or company website but it’s a lot of pressure to pick the perfect domain name. Choosing a Domain Name is … Read more

What is a Domain Hosting Service? Host Your Domain Today

A hosting service can simply be referred to as a service that ‘houses’ a domain name. Domain hosting service generally is the act of maintaining files for a website. A web host is basically a computer on domain name that can be accessed through an external IP address or gadget connected to the internet. It … Read more