Online Course Platforms – Build A Business Selling Online Courses

A recent report revealed that among generation X users on YouTube, do-it-yourself and “tutorial” type videos are one of the most popular categories. As much as people might joke about funny cat videos, there is definitely a market for more “useful” online content. Many people are very keen to learn new things, but they may … Read more

StudioPress Review:Turbocharge Your WordPress Site With The Genesis Framework

WordPress is the CMS of choice for most site owners – almost 76 million of them to be exact. Users with little knowledge about development and design can easily get into the platform’s intuitive dashboard and interface. More importantly, WordPress users will benefit from its customization options and thousands of useful plugins to choose from, … Read more

Discover How Uscreen VOD Lets You Build Your Own Netflix

I don’t need to tell you that video has absolutely exploded onto the online scene these past few years. It’s easier than ever before to share your video content on such platforms as Facebook and YouTube, but these platforms were never designed for you to sell access to your premium videos. That’s where Uscreen can … Read more

The Best WordPress Forum Software And Plugins For Your Blog

As most of you know, Blogging Tips has a discussion forum, an area of the site I added to make it easier for bloggers to ask questions about blogging and a place to make contacts and friends too. Before I added the forums I checked out the possiblity of integrating the forum with the blog … Read more

7 Best Author Box Plugins for WordPress

If you are already using WordPress on your blog or website you surely know the power your company can achieve with plugins, and how important they are. Not only they help us to cover a lot of needs, but they are easy to use and install and have a great community that supports them. But … Read more

The Best Image Optimization Plugins For WordPress

When it comes to website speed, Image optimization has never been so important as it is now. That is because images continue to be the largest resource on a web page but also because an ever-larger number of people use mobile devices. And as we all know, mobile devices are usually not as fast or … Read more

Must Have WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps to create an online store from scratch quite easily. It empowers a significant proportion of the total e-commerce websites in the world because of its wide variety of features. Right from order management to inventory management, this plugin covers it all. However, it often happens that business … Read more

Posts Table Pro Makes Dynamic WordPress Tables Easy

Many of us use WordPress to power our various websites, particularly our blogs. It’s easily one of the most robust, flexible and customizable content management systems available on the Internet today. Perhaps you use it to run your online store, packed with plenty of great products. Maybe you have a resource website. Or maybe you’ve … Read more

Page Speed On WordPress – Speed Up Your Site And Get The Performance You Deserve

Do you have problems with your WordPress site not loading or loading too slowly? These are the sorts of problems you don’t want to have when you are trying to promote your brand on your website.

WordPress is a popular platform and web host, but this also may be one of the reasons it is slower than it should be. In this guide, we’ll show you how to optimize your website and speed up WordPress, making both visitors and search engines happy.

Content Delivery Networks Explained: What You Need to Know

Every website has a different geographic user profile. Some sites are much more localized and focus on reaching customers within a 20-mile radius of their business. Other sites are intentionally designed to deliver content to users all over the world. Multilingual new sites, affiliate sites and site directories are just a few examples of websites … Read more

Enhance your blog with WP Review

I spoke to Dan Grossman recently and he was kind enough to send me a copy of his his new WordPress plugin WPReview. WPReview is a commercial product which lets you add ratings to your posts and pages, effectively making your blog a review site. It currently retails for $97 ($199 for a multi site … Read more

WordPress Security Tips: How to Secure Your WordPress Site In 2021

Thousands of WordPress sites get hacked every single day. According to a study, there is an attack every 39 seconds on average on the web. So if you’re not taking your WordPress site’s security seriously, you may also soon become another victim of a security attack. Fortunately securing a WordPress site is not a big … Read more

8 WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Website Security

WordPress sites can get hacked because it is the most popular CMS in the market. A badly coded theme or plugin can make your website an easy target. There are many ways to improve security of your website without learning programming or coding. In this post you will find some highly useful WordPress plugins that … Read more

Plugins to Increase Page views and Traffic

WordPress plugins are great for adding features to your site. There are also many WordPress plugins which actually help you keep users engaged and even get more traffic for your blog. In todays blog post we will help you discover some awesome WordPress plugins to boost your blog traffic and page views. Plugins to Increase … Read more