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50 Engaging Travel Content & Blog Post Ideas

Travel bloggers: if you’re running low on ideas, here’s a list of blog post topics with real-life examples to inspire your own travel content. Travel is one of the most popular blogging niches and offers plenty of content ideas, and it’s one of the best types of blogs that make money, but if you’re short … Read more

200 Mom Blog Name Ideas to Inspire Your Blog

Choosing a name for your blog can seem like one of the most crucial ingredients for your blog’s success, but the truth is: it’s just a name. Some blog name ideas are more clever or memorable than others, but the bottom line is that choosing a name shouldn’t take more than a few brainstorming sessions. … Read more

7 Blog Niches Perfect for Busy Parents

One of the most important steps to starting a successful blog is choosing the right niche, or topic, for your site. I’ve made just about all the mistakes you can in this area, from going too specific to starting too broad. In general, here’s my advice: don’t choose a niche simply because it’s your passion … Read more

Meet Rae Hoffman of

Rae Hoffman is a veteran affiliate marketer who has made quite the name for herself over the past several years. In addition to having her own blog (“SugarRae”) that she started in 2006, Rae was also one of the keynote speakers are Affiliate Summit. In addition to everything else going on with her business, she … Read more

Meet Selena Narayanasamy of

No matter your profession or position, blogging can be a huge benefit to your personal brand or profession. Selena Narayanasamy is Director of Strategy Development for, but uses her personal blog at for posts on the industry, marketing topics and her addiction to coffee, while also increasing her personal brand and reach. This … Read more

Meet Heidi Cohen of

Everyone would like to turn their love of writing and teaching into a full time business through their blog. This is exactly what Heidi Cohen has been able to do over the past several years through her online writing and consulting. At age 8 Heidi knew she wanted to be an author, and by 18 … Read more

Meet Devesh Sharma from

Many of us are focusing our efforts on creating authority sites within the “wordpress” and “blogging” niche. While it’s an excellent topic and niche to be in, it’s also quite saturated. At the end of the day, to build a successful site in this market you need to have quality content that other bloggers can … Read more

Online Blogging Courses: Learn Blogging with Courses

You can learn almost everything when you start a blog by yourself but bear in mind that it will take a lot of time for it to actually get off the ground and for you to fully conquer the learning curve. Moreover, it requires a lot of experimenting and learning from your own mistakes. If … Read more

Questions to Ask Yourself to Get to Know Yourself

Whether you want to start a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, you need to define what makes you stand out from other digital creators. We’ve never had more opportunities than we have today, to express ourselves and our talents. That’s great news, but it also means there’s a lot of competition out there. In this … Read more

The Many Benefits of Being a Travel Blogger

Do you have a passion for traveling the world and that same passion for blogging as well? If so then you should consider becoming a “travel blogger”!

While I’m not a traveling blogger, I do travel a decent amount and part of my business is blogging. I thought it would be a fun idea to write a post about the many benefits of being a travel blogger.

Meet Pat Flynn from

I’m so happy with how the “Meet the Bloggers” interview series has been going on the blog and I’m extremely excited about today’s interview with Pat Flynn. I first heard of Pat a couple years ago, but didn’t really start reading his blog and his podcasts until the past couple of months. Let me say … Read more

Is The Quarantine a Good Time to Start a Blog? Absolutely, Here’s Why

What do you think is the largest reason people don’t start a blog? Out of everyone we ask each day across all generations the most frequent answer is: I just don’t have enough time. Well with the current state of lockdown, shelter in place, self-quarantining and the tragic loss of jobs that have resulted, there’s … Read more