As an online marketer or blogger, we can truly appreciate the need and desire for brand recognition and marketing our own web sites. One of the best ways to do that is through print advertising, and especially business cards. Just like we have custom themes and designs for our web sites and blogs, the same should be done for business cards. How many times have you been handed a boring white business card that doesn’t stand out? Or are you even guilty of having boring white business cards of your own?

It happens all too often. While you may not think a business card is that important, it actually won’t cost you that much more to go with a creative design and leave a lasting impression. I usually change up my business cards every couple of years. The advancements in business cards can get quite crazy. I’ve even seen some metal die cut printed cards, which cost over a dollar each to print… but no one is ever going to forget or throw out that business card!

Now that you realize the importance of having a great business card, why not order a new set from They have a ton of options through their web site, and their pricing isn’t bad at all. You can get 1000 business cards, printed on 14 PT Ultra-thick Cardstock for only $27.95. You can get smaller/larger amounts and your price will vary, but the more you get, the better the price. I’ve bought from a ton of business card sites before and this is a great price.

Let’s take a look at the different design options you have with NextDayFlyers.


Even if you are the type of person who like a plain white business card, NextDayFlyers offers the ability to print business cards with a rounded edge. This can really make your cards stand out and give them a smooth feel that everyone likes. If you really want to make an impression, go for the Fold Over business cards, which are almost like a mini brochure. Again, we can compare pricing and the cost of a regular business card versus going with the Fold Over design, it will cost you a little more than double.

NextDayFlyers Isn’t Limited to Just Business Cards

As important as business cards are to your business or web site marketing plan, NextDayFlyers has you covered for any type of marketing and promotions thinkable. Whether you are looking for custom flyers, booklets, postcards, booklet printing, door hangers, stickers and even magnets, NDF has them. You can take a quick look at the screenshot below from their printing services page, and you will just get an idea of what materials you can have printed with your logo or business address. Online or offline, there is something for everyone.

Trust Next Day Flyers with Your Next Printing Order

A few years back I threw a big Halloween party at my house and threw together a fun invitation card for the party, and sent them out through the mail. I actually ordered those postcards through NextDayFlyers and the card stock was nice and thick and everything printed out great. It was a really fun and creative way to bring attention to the party, while also making it very easy on myself and not have to deal with the actual printing of the postcards.

Whether you are throwing a party and need some cool invites, or just in need of some new professional business paper and letterheads, be sure to check out!