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Should You Buy Instagram Followers? A Complete Overview of The Practice

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Who doesn’t want a good number of Instagram followers? After all, a well-established Instagram account leaves an excellent first impression on whoever comes across your profile.

However, when it comes to business, more than the number of followers, it’s the quality of followers that affects your business. That’s why you should always buy Instagram followers through legitimate methods only.

What are those methods? Well, that’s what we’ll explore in this article.

We’ll see how to get more views on your Instagram account, boost your followers, and learn about them.

Should Anyone Buy Instagram Followers?

The answer depends on your method of acquiring followers.

If you buy them through legitimate methods and they are interested in your business, then it makes sense to buy them.

On the other hand, if these two conditions are not met, spending your money on followers who will not be interested in your business is not a good idea.

What Is The Quality Of Acquired Instagram Followers?

Again, the answer depends on your method. If you acquire your followers by using Instagram ads, then the quality will be quite good, as they’ll be people who are genuinely interested in your business.

On the other hand, if you are paying someone to add a certain number of followers to your account using black hat or gray hat methods, then the quality of followers may be worst because many of them may be fake accounts or bot followers.

3. What Are Some Methods To Buy Instagram Followers?

You can run Instagram ads for growing your Instagram followers. You can also collaborate with influencers and ask them to put your account on their story and promote you in other ways.

Finally, you can buy some from companies selling Instagram followers.

Buying Instagram Followers Vs. Followers Acquired Through Ads: What’s Better?

Several factors need to be considered when you buy Instagram followers. Here’s a quick look at each of them:

Instagram Policy

First of all, pay attention to the policy of Instagram regarding what you can and can’t do.

Instagram doesn’t allow buying fake followers or creating fake accounts to increase any profile’s followers.

Suppose its algorithms detect that you are indulging in such activities and your followers are growing unnaturally. In that case, you may even get your account blocked or shadowbanned by Instagram.

On the other hand, running Instagram ads is a legitimate way to gain followers. In fact, that’s the only way you can gain followers without risking your account.

So from the perspective of Instagram policy and the safety of your account, it’s wiser to buy followers through Instagram ads instead of a gray hat and black hat companies selling followers.

Follower Quality

The quality of your followers also varies depending on the method through which you acquire them.

If you acquire them through Instagram ads, they’ll be highly relevant to your business, depending on how well you define your audience.

On the other hand, if you buy your followers from a company selling them, the quality will almost always be subpar compared to the quality of followers bought through ads.

Because most of the followers that these companies provide are either bots or fake accounts. Or even if genuine users, they are accounts that are not interested in your business.

So the engagement you get from such followers is generally lower than the engagement of followers acquired through Instagram ads.

Time Required

Followers bought through a company are usually quick to come by as they are added to your account en masse.

However, the followers you acquire through Instagram ads may take some time, depending on how much money you spend. If you’re spending more, you may get thousands of followers quickly.

On the other hand, if you’re spending less, then the growth of your followers will be slower.

Cost Involved

As a general rule of thumb, buying followers from a company selling them costs less than acquiring them through Instagram ads.

However, the cost of ad campaigns depends to a large extent on how well they are optimized, how well the audience targeting is done, and how high is the conversion rate.

Bonus Tip: If you’re cost-conscious and can’t spend money to buy Instagram followers, we suggest you follow the steps outlined in our other tutorial on acquiring likes for free.

They’ll still be much better for your business than followers bought through the gray and black hat methods.

Popular Websites Selling Instagram Followers

Several websites are selling Instagram followers. There are thousands of them, and you can easily find them through a Google search or forums where these dealings generally happen (i.e., BlackHatWorld).

However, some popular ones include:

  1. InstaFollowers.co
  2. Buzzoid.com
  3. Twicsy.com

Note that these are only three of the most popular sites for this purpose. There are hundreds of others too, and thousands of individuals providing a similar service of boosting followers.

Cost of Buying Instagram Followers

The cost of buying Instagram followers depends upon the method used to acquire them.

Suppose you buy them from an agency selling Instagram followers, for instance. In that case, it can cost between $10 to $20 per thousand followers, depending on your chosen agency and the quality of followers they are supplying.

On the other hand, if you try to add them through ads, then the pricing could be more complex. That’s because Instagram ads are billed differently.

There you pay for impressions, clicks, and engagements, and the average cost per click (CPC) per ad on the platform is $0.4 – $0.7.

But it’s worth noting that these clicks count all sorts of clicks on your ad, including link clicks, and not just clicks on the follow button.

Still, if we assume that all those clicks came on the like button, then the cost of 1000 followers comes between $400 to $700.

But usually, it doesn’t cost much because there is a cheaper way to run your Instagram ads based on impressions. The average cost per thousand impressions (i.e., CPM) on Instagram is $2.5 – $3.5.

Now even if 2% of those people who saw your ad convert into followers (which is perfectly achievable with well-crafted ad copy), then for 1000 followers, you need 50,000 impressions costing $125 – $175, depending on the niche.

Now, it’s definitely 10x more costly than buying followers from an agency. But it’s also much more profitable as the followers will be genuinely interested in your business.

Plus, you can also bring this cost down if you leverage popular hashtags in your account bio and increase your conversion rate with promising ad copy and graphics.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay To Buy Fake Instagram Followers?

It’s the worst thing you can do while building your Instagram following. Not only will it put your account at risk of being banned, but it will also not add any value to your business because most followers will not be interested in it.

What Are Some Consequences Of Buying Followers?

If you buy followers from various companies out in the market to sell them, many things can happen to your account, from shadow banning to permanent banning.

Additionally, the money you invest will yield no results, as most followers will have zero interest in your business.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, if you want to spend the money to get some Instagram followers, spend it on ads instead of buying them from a 3rd party agency.

It will be costly, but you’ll be much better off with high-quality followers who’ll be interested in your business.

If you still have any questions, drop them in the comments, and we’ll try to answer them.

Also, share this post with your social media followers so they can also benefit from this information.

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