Buy Sell AdsI’ve came across a lot of blogs using the advertising marketplace BuySellAds. Although you can make more money by selling ads on your blog directly, I have been looking for a good marketplace to sell ads on BloggingTips. Not only will this save me time, it will expose the site to a wider advertising audience. BuySellAds do take a cut of 25% of publishers but if you sell more ads from using them then this isn’t something you need to be worried about.

So what’s so good about BuySellAds?

BuySellAds is not doing anything that hasn’t done before. Advertising marketplaces have been around for years however in my opinion BuySellAds has got everything right. The marketplace is very easy to browse and website ad pages have information on the sites Alexa traffic, Compete score, Google PageRank, Technorati links, Yahoo inbound links and number of bookmarks.

Here’s an example of an ad page (this is the ad page for CSS Mania) :

BuySellAds Ad Preview

You can set the number of ads which will be displayed in an ad zone and you can also sell more ads than are being displayed and simply put the ads in rotation. All ads are sold on a monthly basis and you can decide yourself whether banner ads use the nofollow tag.

BuySellAds is still in a beta stage at the moment however the standard of websites seems to be very high so don’t be alarmed if your blog isn’t accepted (sites are reviewed individually).

I’m going to use them at BloggingTips for a while to see what sort of response I get. If you are looking to sell some banner ads on your blog, I recommend checking them out 🙂

Link : BuySellAds