Can you Add Numbers Automatically to WordPress Posts?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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When you post new content on WordPress, sometimes it would be nice to be able to Add Numbers Automatically to wordpress titles. It’s great for those that feature a series of posts, publish articles like an episodic format, or for those that are featuring multiple podcasts.

You may want to add the date or the number of the post for your viewers to find them in the right order, but how do you do this in WordPress? The great news about WordPress is that you can do it automatically and it only takes a simple setup. You won’t have to worry about trying to figure it out time and time again; it will do it automatically if you set it up for that. Take a look at this guide for adding numbers to WordPress posts automatically. Add Numbers Automatically to wordpress is easier then you think.

Where to start-Add Numbers Automatically to wordpress

You’ll first just want to simply install and activate the plugin called “Auto Numbering Post” in WordPress. It works by itself so that you don’t have to tweak any settings to configure it. Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can then go to your website and you’ll start to see numbers next to your post titles. For example, your first published post should be listed with a new number 1, and they should go from there in the order that they were published. Your readers will have a much easier time following along to see what your first post was to which one was the most recent.

The plugin won’t change your actual post title though. The good news is that it’s just going to filter to display the number before the post title, making it simple for you and your readers to find them by oldest to newest. Your blog title will stay the same. The hard work is handled as you won’t have to add a new number each time you write a post; it will do it automatically from here on out. Expect old posts to look something like this: “4: Why I Love Dogs” “5: Why I Hate Cats.” If you would prefer to add a word prefix instead of numbers, that can be done through a different plugin.

Other options

Check out Automatic Heading Number as a third option which works to add numbers within your posts. This WordPress plugin will automatically assign numbers within blog posts and it’s great for those that want to automatically create numbers for titles. If you want to create and edit numbers within posts or re-order lists, the plugin will automatically give numbers to the items titled under h3. Plus, you can enable or disable the feature on an individual post or page.

These are a few simple ways to easily update your WordPress posts with automatic numbering. You and your readers won’t struggle to look for certain posts anymore as they will now be numbered by the order of post date.

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