Can you Really Learn Something from Jurassic World as a Blogger?

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Running a blog takes hard work and dedication. You need to engage with your readers, so they continue to come back. This can be tricky at times, but that’s the life of a blogger. There are lessons all around us just waiting to be learned. If you take small fractions of your life, you can compare them to blogging. Movies are no different. In fact, bloggers can really benefit from watching Jurassic World. This movie has a lot of scenarios that a blogger can relate too. Blogging can be like Jurassic World vs blogging when you first start your new blog. It is tough and the battle is just beginning.
Let’s compare blogging to Jurassic World, and see how this movie can be related to running a blog.

Jurassic World vs Blogging-Dreams

Jurassic World is formed on the concept of making the impossible-possible. The scientist is able to take DNA from a dinosaur, and combined it with amphibian DNA to make a replica of a dinosaur. The dream of doing this continues to get bigger, as they strive to clone larger dinosaurs. That is when a new species is developed. This completely pushes science to the max.
How is this compared to blogging? It all begins with a dream. You have a passion within you, and you want to share it with the world. Hard work and dedication goes into researching new information, crafting creative post, and offering your audience something unique.
You cannot do what everyone else is doing. To be a successful blogger, you have to offer something different. You make take a concept from someone else, but you have to put a twist on it for your audience to really become interested.
Although, you do not want to fill your blog full of trend topics, it is a good idea to offer some. This will pull new people into your blog, and allow you to show them what you’re made of. As a blogger, you never want to get too comfortable in what you are offering your audience. You need to continually push your content to the max. Always dream big, and want more.

Natural Order

Of course, being about dinosaurs, everyone in the Jurassic World learns that it is never a good idea to mess with a creature the size of the empire state building. By the end of the movie, the scientist takes the cloning all the way to creating the largest beast anyone has ever seen. Bigger is not always better, as Jurassic World is destroyed in the end by this dinosaur.
Blogging is no different. There is a natural order that you need to stick to. It is never a good idea to hop onto a competitor’s site, and entice people to visit your blog. This will only result in a bad reputation, and things will not end well.
Since you are a blogger, it isn’t really appropriate for you to comment on other blogs, unless you can add something to a conversation in a positive way. Plus, you should never ask others to visit your blog. If your comment is valuable, others will think more highly of you. You could include a link in your comment if this is allowed by the person running the blog.

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