Can you Schedule Posts for Your WordPress Blog?

By: | Updated: September 21, 2015

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Scheduling posts in WordPress is quite easy and helpful. You can write all your content for an entire month and schedule it to go live on the days you prefer. This can help if you contract you blog posts to a content writer or if you only have a few days a month to work on your blog posts.

Why Should you Schedule Blog Posts?

There are many benefits to scheduling your blogs posts in WordPress. First, you can save time and keep fresh content going out to your readers. When you keep the content going out on your blog, it also helps your overall SEO.
Second, scheduling blog posts allows you to use a set and forget strategy with your blog. You can order content from a professional writer, receive it, schedule it and not have to worry about your blog for many weeks or longer. This makes building your blog much easier.
Finally, building your blog by scheduling posts provides plenty of convenience. It may be easier to sit down on Monday and write all your posts for the week in one day. Since you can schedule your posts in WordPress, you don’t have to post all the content on Monday. You can schedule posts to go live every single day or however you prefer.

How to Schedule Blog Posts in WordPress

The process of scheduling your blogs posts in WordPress is very easy. You will enter the content into the post edit screen, just as you would if you were going to create a blog post and publish it immediately. However, instead of publishing it, you will schedule it.
Once you have the content set up and ready to go, click the “edit” link next to the “Publish” option.

After you click this link, you will have an option to change the date and time you want the post to go live.

You can adjust this to any date or time you prefer. Whether you want more than one post to go live in the same day or you prefer to schedule one per day during normal business hours, you can control your post schedule through this feature in WordPress.
After you make your adjustments to the time and date, you will notice the status changes to “Schedule for” and the “Publish” button becomes a “Schedule” button.

Now, all you need to do is click the “Schedule” button and your post will be ready to go live on the date and time you have selected.
This feature within WordPress makes it very easy to manage your blog without needing to log in and post every single day. You can create a list of blog topics, write a few blog posts (or have them written for you), schedule them and know that content is going live each hour, day or week.


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