It doesn’t really matter how good your website content is if no one wants to look at your website in the first place. Part of this has to do with efforts like search engine optimization, but the aesthetic appeal of your website is also very important, not only for user experience but also for branding.

Rather than use any number of freely available templates that will make your site look like everyone else’s, it may be worth considering a custom design from the fine folks at Capsis Media. They offer completely unique site designs to suit just about any purpose.

Totally Original Look for a Totally Original Site

Whether you run a blog, an online store, or any number of other kinds of websites, you want to stick out from the crowd. With the website design services of Capsis Media, you can achieve just the look you need.

Capsis Media promises “to create custom websites that present a visual and interactive experience that makes a particular website a true original.” They don’t sell templates or set themes that everyone can have. Every creation is a one-off design, so you’ll know that you are getting something completely unique.

If you need more than just a new design (which can offered as a Joomla template or WordPress theme, should you so desire), you can also opt to make use of the website development and programming services offered by Capsis Media. Need a certain web app created? They can do that.

Pictures Are Worth Thousands of Words

Just as you would likely ask for writing samples before hiring a freelance writer, you would likely want to see some design samples before hiring someone to create a custom web design for you as well.

For that, you can turn to the portfolio page on the Capsis Media website. Here, you can see a range of different custom websites that they have designed for their clients. Among them are Twitter background images too, which are increasingly important in today’s branding efforts.

It might be just me, but it seems that a good number of the designs created by Capsis Media make use of the light blue color scheme. This might be a little more than a coincidence, but it could reflect some of the personal artistic style of some of the folks who work at Capsis.

How Much Does It Cost?

Instead of providing a set rate sheet for its custom web design and web programming services, Capsis Media requires you to fill out its rate quote question sheet.

This way, they can better understand your specific needs and preferences. It is notable that there is a banner at the top of the page saying that custom website designs start at $199, but the main homepage makes mention of a $129 starting price. Take that for what it’s worth.

One very good thing about Capsis is that they offer unlimited revisions on all their design work. If you are not happy with the initial draft, you can continue to request changes and tweaks until you are completely satisfied.

Link: Capsis Media