Spam Protection: Can Captcha Scripts Really Help Prevent it?

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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The problem of online spamming has been prevalent ever since the early days of internet marketing and blogging. Spam can lead to numerous issues with your website like increased downtime, poor user experience and website crashes. However, captcha scripts might help!

You’ve carefully chosen your web hosting plan to make sure you’d have solid security in place, but it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile.

It only takes one security breach to end up with downtime issues, lost data, or a reduction in your traffic. Spam is one of those things that gets overlooked when really it should be carefully considered in your online presence.

Spam refers to any kind of excessive or forced communication with a Web Server or other online system. While your web host may have implemented designs to prevent spam, website owners still have a responsibility to eliminate site spam themselves.

Why does spam need to be prevented?

Spam is not only annoying to deal with online but it’s also a threat to security. It can hinder a business’s productivity too.

While your website may be successful from the regularly updated content you provide, you may be getting tons of spam in your comments causing you lower ratings and a reduction in traffic.

This will end up hurting your search engine rankings if it doesn’t get you completely removed from the indexing due to a large amount of spam.

Here are various issues Created by SPAM

  • Loads of unwanted email that ends up irritating you and your internet audience
  • Many a times, important messages may get lost and go unnoticed within large volumes of spam
  • Poor Website Performance and increased downtime
  • Your hardware can be compromised if the nature of spam is malicious
  • Such issues result in loss of revenue which can scale up to disastrous amounts
  • Spammers often use tricks for identity theft and confidential information is compromised
  • Incessant spam can crash mail serves and overload hard drives

Spammers use various methods to launch full scale attacks. One of the most prominent methods is to buy email lists from other spammers or people looking to sell valid lists for profit. They often use codes and automated programs to harvest email addresses from various websites. They set up fake accounts with ISPs and use these IDs to send out spam mails.

Directory Harvest attacks are also common. Spammers often guess email addresses and send emails to check if they go through all the way. Many websites (shady ones) use false tricks to lure people into providing email addresses which are then solely used for the purpose of spam.

How captcha scripts can help prevent spam?

Captcha stands for: Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and humans Apart.

We all have used it at least once. It is one of the most widely used methods of preventing spam across the internet world. The method started out as a simple procedure to block out bots from spamming a website and has evolved into a multi-parameter way of stopping spam at the go. t

Using captcha scripts is the best way to prevent spam because it gets installed in your website to display a random image.

It uses an unusual combination of characters intended for visitors to input what they see into a form box.

This helps to verify they are not some automated spam robot and it’s a simple combination of letters, numbers, or symbols that just need to be typed in.

A robot wouldn’t be able to copy what they see because it’s a unique image and randomized formatting of the symbols. WordPress captcha plug in’s are really effective ways of preventing spam when your commentators attempt to pots a comment or spam.

How to get captcha scripts on your website?

All CAPTCHA providers give you code snippets based on the kind of service you want to avail. The service provider can often be configured to only display CAPTCHA codes that you approve of, and your email address will be used for notifications.

Here is a list of sources from where you can integrate CAPTCHA Services on to various parts of your website

Here is an example of a CAPTCHA code that can be injected to any page or contact form.

    <title>reCAPTCHA demo: Simple page</title>
     <script src="" async defer></script>
    <form action="?" method="POST">
      <div class="g-reCAPTCHA" data-sitekey="your_site_key"></div>
      <input type="submit" value="Submit">

However, if you are not at all technical, then even this might not be something you can attempt yourself and you may need to get ome technical help.

Analysing Captcha Notifications

You should not be 100% reliant on CAPTCHA. Each notification you get should be analysed once for security. There can be failures produced by even real customers and reaching out directly would be a good option in that case.

If the amount of failures involving real customers rises, you should change the CAPTCHA approach by using methods like shortening the code, enlarging the window or removing Captcha from unimportant pages.

Failures that occur from unknown areas should give you pause. An increase in CAPTCHA failures is a sign that your website is a target. Increase your security protocols for your own safety.

Using good and actionable Captcha Scripts is an excellent way to protect private information

You should refrain from overusing these codes though. Overuse may lead to frustration among customers and increase bounce rates! Users are not shy about leaving your site when they cannot get past your basic security, and you should carefully place CAPTCHA windows in only the most needed areas.

Best places/pages to put in Captcha Scripts

  • Signup or account creation pages
  • Password change requests or any other sensitive information request
  • Purchase forms

Captcha allows you to track improper advances to your website. You are able to track the same, narrow down your security and improve customer experience.

Placing the script on the page

Simply copy and paste the code snippet into your input field or coding and it will start generating a random captcha image for you on your webpages.

It will help you to make sure information is coming from a real visitor instead of a robot by having your visitor simply type what they see to basically “solve the puzzle.” They can be done in any language you need and it will be a flexible set-up for spam prevention on any type of website.

Anytime you set up a site especially like WordPress it lets people post comments, feed in email ids, subscriptions, fill forms and initiate various channels of communication that can fall prey to spam.

Without a plugin for captcha you will get bombarded daily and even hourly from spammers trying to get links to there websites.

Even this website gets hundreds a day but we have them blocked and no approved using some stellar CAPTCHA services. Stay spam-free!


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