Cascaad - Tailored Social Streams that Match Your Interest.“Cascaad is an interest-centered social hub and networking service that helps you discover and join relevant conversations on the topics that you care about.” With the service you can filter your Twitter stream based on what you like and dislike. New content will then be recommended to you based on your interests. Conversations are also organized into “topic pages” which make them easier to follow. Between the website and the iPhone app, Cascaad is a great way to find people with similar interests, filter out unwanted tweets and join conversations that appeal to you.

To get started you’ll need to connect your Twitter and/or Facebook account. Although you do can connect your Facebook account, it does not seem to actually import your Facebook timeline — just tweets. You can then start going through your streams to like (thumbs up) or dislike (thumbs down) tweets. In the settings you can choose to automatically save liked tweets as favorites. You can also choose to forward liked tweets to your Facebook profile.

I like the clean setup of the site and ease of use. For starters, you can preview links (short or long) before clicking on them by clicking on “preview” underneath the post. You’ll see the title of the website along with the description (if available); this seems to be taken from the metadata.

Preview long and short URLs on Cascaad.

You can also “share” and “comment” on tweets and post it to Twitter and/or Facebook; both actions are done inline so that you don’t lose your place in the timeline. The stream is not automatically updated but there is a notification on top that lets you know when and how many new messages are available.┬áThere is a status update box that lets you post updates on both Twitter and Facebook; there is also an integrated URL shortener.

The left hand column shows some interesting information as well. You can view your feed, filtered tweets (the most relevant tweets based on your interests), tracked items (if you have any), discover new content (tweets you might like due to their popularity in your extended social circle), see your liked items and also view what you’ve posted via Cascaad. There is also a section below the menu items called “highlighted topics”; these are trending topics within your social circle.

Cascade iPhone app.

These are the basics of what Cascaad can do for you and definitely worth digging in deeper if you have the time. I’ve also tried the iPhone app and I find it very useful. You can view your feed, filtered items and discover new content as well as view trending topics in your social circle and search tweets all from the app.

I definitely feel that Cascaad makes a really great and simple Twitter app, plus helps increase productivity by filtering out tweets the tweets that don’t matter to you. It also makes it easier to zoom in on and keep up with the topics that genuinely interest you.

So, how will you use Cascaad?