Three Tricks for Speedy Sentence Structure

For most of my blogging career I was known as a speedy blogger. It was a primary reason why I was hired for blogs such as Mashable, as I was […]

You and your users

How you communicate with your users on your website is very important. If you don’t send the right message then they will move onto another website. With so many blogs […]

How to create a simple Gadget for Blogger with the new API (Part 1)

Last week, I explained Blogger’s new API for Gadgets which enables us to draw upon Blogger feeds in order to create useful and interactive gadgets. In this post, I’ll explain […]

20 Fabulous Resources for Free Blogger Templates

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Blogger Tip: Create a Dropdown Menu for your Labels

Our sidebars can become cluttered easily with information and widgets, particularly if we have a long list of labels (categories) . Many Blogger users like using drop-down lists for long […]

China’s Ban on Blogger Blogs (and Possible Workarounds)

There has been much speculation about China’s recently imposed “blanket ban” of all Blogger powered blogs. Some believe this is intended to quell references to the 20th anniversary of the […]