Do You Engage in Profitable Work or Mindlessly Keep Blogging Busy?

A decade ago I shared my latest blog post to well over 100 Facebook Groups. Facebook – and I – have since smartened up. Mass sharing to Groups has been […]

blogging tips for beginners

Build a Blog and They Will Come?

I know oodles of bloggers advise to never follow the advice: build it and they will come. Sage wisdom follows; guest post, comment genuinely on blogs, network by promoting other […]

Blogging Full Time Requires a Full Time Commitment for a While

Vacation time. My wife and I travel full time usually but the past 16 months have been different. Minus a few house sits in NYC we largely spent time in […]

Why Target Your Blog Readers Carefully?

Targeting is the great secret to blogging success. I trashed an entire blog, brand and prosperity model years ago because I did not target my readership effectively. Lesson learned. The […]

Why Cold Pitching Does Not Work for Long Term Blogging Business Growth

Someone pitched me a few moments ago. He claimed to be an industry leader in his niche who spotted a few problems on my blog. But if HE reached out […]

What Is the Quickest and Easiest Way to Gain Blogging Confidence?

I became a confident blogger the moment I chose to follow ONLY advice from successful, professional bloggers. I instantly knew; the strategies worked because trusted, established, professional bloggers followed and […]