Create A Great Blog By Writing With True Passion

When I hear people complain about the daily grind of writing their blogs, I just have to ask them one question: “Why are you still writing it then?” While it […]

Blog World Expo

I saw an ad for the Blog World Expo on Pro Blogger a few days ago. Anyone who’s anyone will be there and with the price of a basic ticket […]

10 Ways to Get More Interaction from Your Readers Today

Getting your readers actively involved on your blog will have several positive effects. Active readers are much more likely to regularly read your posts rather than skipping over them in […]

10 Things that You Shouldn’t Assume About Your Blog

Many a times, you stumble upon that one appealing blog – while you are surfing through the “virtual blog junk” so to say! The copy seems to be very appealing […]

It’s not all rosy being a full time blogger

David Peralty wrote a fantastic post a few days ago entitled ‘Con’s of Being a Problogger’. I can relate to what he has said much I honestly believe he drugged […]

A post about commentating

There has been a few posts about commentating in the last week from myself and from blogs I subscribe to so I thought it would be best to address all […]