Why YouTube’s Move to HTML5 May be Huge

Today YouTube announced a new beta program that will allow you to view the movies on its site using pure HTML5, no Adobe Flash required. To be fair, it isn’t […]

Cullogo – A new place to hold a logo design contest

More and more people are having their website logo designed in a design contest rather than going to a design company directly with a proposal. SitePoint was one of the […]

Google Analytics Gets Faster, Better

Many bloggers are using Google Analytics (GA) on their site to collect information about their visitors. It is feature-rich, accurate, extensible through an API and, most importantly to many, completely […]

LogoBee – Quality Logo and Stationery Design

Branding is an essential part of marketing your blog. Which is why it’s important for your blog to have a good logo. Today I will be looking at LogoBee, a […]

5 Fast Ways to Speed Up Your Blog

Every time someone visits your site, your blog is in a race against the clock. The time between when a user will click the link to your site and can […]

What every beginning web designer should know: 5 tips for fresh web designers

I am the lucky one, I have had the fortune of being surrounded by a group of experts who have been more than generous with their wealth of information. Finding people who are dealing with the web on a regular basis and who are willing to give you guidance is invaluable.