SEO for Blog Titles

I am writing about SEO for blog titles, but I could have decided to be cute or clever with my title. I could have called it, “It’s All in a […]

Use multiple keyword optimization and break into the SERPs

Search Engine optimization is all about keywords. Selecting a good niche keyword, means that you are half done in your efforts to drive traffic to your site. Earlier, when SEO was “discovered”, […]

Matt Cutts releases ‘Whitehat SEO tips for bloggers’ powerpoint presentation

Matt Cutts has released his ‘Whitehat SEO tips for bloggers‘ powerpoint presentation this morning. This is the slideshow he presented at the WordPress WordCamp in July. He talks about the […]

Some common SEO myths cleared

Some say it is a volatile field, some say it’s vast and ever evolving, some say it’s damn boring! With all these differences in opinion, there are some common myths […]

The perils of broken links

When was the last time you saw a broken link? Probably in that MFA site where RSS feeds related to a particular topic is simply pulled in from search engines. […]

Decrease your page load time – Save traffic

How much time does your blog take to load itself on the browser? Many of you may reply – just a few seconds. My next question would be – How […]