Cheap Hosting Providers – Are they Worth it?

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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Choosing one of the many cheap hosting providers certainly has an advantage when it comes to your budget. However, this may not be the wisest decision in the world. First, you must define cheap, and then you must look at what you are really saving. Here’s a quick breakdown of cheap hosting providers and whether they are really worth the savings.


Defining Cheap Hosting

Cheap is a word used often to describe a lower price. However, it can also mean lower quality. Your website hosting is too important to skimp on quality. There has to be a balance between cheap and quality or the hosting isn’t worth it.


Finding the right balance means finding a hosting company offering a ton of value for the cost. In the hosting world, cheap is now defined as any hosting company offering packages for $2 per month or less. Even if this is some type of promotional deal, 95% of hosting companies offering a deal under $2 per month don’t provide the value you need or deserve.


FatCow is one of the top value hosting companies. They offer a promotional package at $3.15 per month, which is very inexpensive. However, it’s not a cheap package because you still get the high quality hosting you need and deserve. Find out more about what FatCow offers by reading our full review of FatCow here.



Avoiding the Nickle and Dime Hosting Packages


Whenever you find a list of the cheap hosting providers, you will see packages on the list that seem like a deal that’s simply too good to be true. We all know if the deal seems too good to be true, it usually is exactly that. When a company offers a hosting package for $0.99 per month or even $0.50 per month, you should turn to common sense.


Do you think you are the only one drawn in by the insane deal? If the company markets properly, they will quickly have overloaded servers, which means if you choose this type of hosting company, you will constantly be fighting for resources and support.


These packages are always shared hosting packages, which means you don’t get your own assigned resources. As soon as the cheap hosting company overloads the servers, your website will have to fight with hundreds, if not thousands, of others for resources. If you start to experience more traffic than normal, you may cause the server to crash, which leads to more downtime.


Even if a cheap website hosting provider claims they can give you 99.99% uptime, as soon as they sell packages for $2 per month or less, they will have too many websites on each server. This will lead to more downtime than you can afford or want.


The Support is Rarely Good or Fast

Cheap web hosting companies rarely provide reliable and fast technical support. The servers are overloaded and so is the support. You may have to wait forever just to speak with somebody and they may not even offer you 24/7 support.


When you choose the right hosting company, you get prompt, friendly and knowledgeable support whenever you need it. The wait is short and the answers actually help solve your issue. However, you will have to pay more than $0.99 or $0.50 per month to get this type of hosting


Are you Really Saving with a Cheap Hosting Provider?



In the grand scheme of things, going from a $0.99 per month hosting company with lower quality hosting to FatCow for $3.15 per month costs you about $24 a year. If higher quality hosting allows you to fix one issue that keeps your website up or allows for better server monitors, which causes less downtime, you will make up that $24 and more, very fast.


Along with making up the difference, the fact that FatCow offers the fastest servers you will find for shared hosting is a huge benefit, too. Do you really think a hosting company can afford to pay for their overhead and for excellent servers when each customer is only paying $6 to $12 per year?


If you want to avoid bad hosting, don’t choose one of the many cheap hosting providers out there. Instead, look for a value hosting company capable of providing an affordable monthly price, along with the best possible support, high quality servers and all the features you need. FatCow is the right company to give you a low price and the quality you need. You can get hosting from FatCow today for just $3.15 per month.



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