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15+ Best Cheap WordPress Hosting: Ranked & Reviewed [2022]

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When it comes to running a business, getting a website is a critical step.

To set up a great website, you’ll need a hosting site where the site will live.

There are hundreds of hosting options, but if you’re just getting started, you don’t need to waste extra money on website hosting.

We’ve rounded up the best cheap WordPress hosting options so you can have a great website without breaking the bank.

An Overview of Cheap WordPress Hosting

If you’re new to website building and hosting, here’s a quick overview of cheap WordPress hosting options.

What Is a Cheap WordPress Host?

A cheap WordPress host is a website that allows you to host your WordPress website for a lower rate than other hosts.

Website hosting can cost anything from zero dollars to hundreds. Using a cheap option will save you money, especially if you’re a start-up or are low on funds.

Why Is Cheap WordPress Hosting Important?

Cheap WordPress hosting is essential because when you’re building your business, having a website where you can share your products and services with customers is critical to success.

Utilizing a cheap option will allow you to host your WordPress website without breaking the bank and save you money for other essential business expenses.

Do I Need a Cheap WordPress Host?

Whether or not you need a cheap WordPress host is up to you. If you have the funds to afford a higher-end WordPress host, you don’t need a cheap option.

For those who are a newer business or lack funds, you need a cheap WordPress host to get your website up and running.

The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting at a Glance

Here’s a glance at the best affordable and free WordPress host.

What Is the Best Cheap WordPress Host?

If you’re looking for the best cheap WordPress host, you need to look into signing up with Bluehost.

They have the scalability to grow with your business, excellent security, and other beneficial features.

What Is the Best Free Cheap WordPress Host?

The best free WordPress host is going to be WordPress.com.

They don’t have as many features as some other cheap WordPress hosting options, but you can’t go wrong with WordPress.com when you need something free.

Features To Look for In Cheap WordPress Hosting

There are many different types of web hosting.

When choosing a WordPress host, there are five main things you’ll want to keep in mind before making your decision.

All will help you grow your business and expand your online presence.

1. Reliability

There are upsides and downsides to cheap hosting.

But just because you’re going with a cheap host doesn’t mean you have to compromise on reliability.

You need a reliable host that can handle all aspects of your website without too much strain on your end.

2. Security

There are a lot of hackers and bots out there that can steal your and your customer’s information.

That’s why you need to look for a host that offers high security. Assessing a WordPress host’s security features is vital to your success.

This consideration is especially important if you’re dealing with your customer’s sensitive data.

3. Scalability

Cheap WordPress hosting is an excellent option for those just starting their business, but scalability is crucial to consider if you plan to grow.

Going with a web host that will grow with you is helpful.

So look out for features and add-ons that you may need in the future.

4. Support

Even if you’ve used a WordPress host before and know how they work, choosing a host with support is worth looking into.

You’ll want one that offers a variety of support channels and fast replies in case you need assistance.

5. Ease of Use

Lastly, you’ll want to look at how easy the host is to use.

You’ll want to ensure that it’s not only easy for you to use but for your potential customers.

Whether you have years of experience or have just started a business, this factor is crucial to consider.

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

These are our top three picks for the best cheap WordPress hosting.

Bluehost: Our Pick

Our Pick

Our number one choice for the best cheap WordPress hosting site is Bluehost.

This hosting option is one of the largest in the world, which is why so many people choose to use it to host their websites.

Bluehost is an expert in WordPress hosting and is affordable for small to large businesses.

Key Features of Bluehost

Considering the key features is important when deciding whether to use Bluehost or another WordPress host.

These are the five key features of Bluehost WordPress hosting:

  • Free domain name: When you sign up to host on Bluehost, you’ll be able to get a free domain name. This feature is excellent for keeping costs even lower.
  • SiteLock security: To help keep you and your website visitors’ information private, they offer SiteLock security. These additional features are for an extra cost, though.
  • High speed worldwide: Even though they’re a USA-based hosting platform, they’re fast around the world. The average score is 153ms, but their servers work the fastest in the United States.
  • Scalability: As you grow your business, you can update your pricing plan to take advantage of additional features that will help you scale without having to switch WordPress hosts unless you want.
  • SSL certificate: You’ll be able to take advantage of their free SSL certificate regardless of the pricing plan you choose.

Why Is Bluehost a Great Solution?

Bluehost is an excellent solution for your WordPress website because it is incredibly affordable and offers excellent security, scalability, and more.

You’ll have your website up and running in no time with Bluehost.

Pros of Bluehost

Here are some of the best features of this platform:

  • 24/7 support: Bluehost offers live chat services to all users, and they have an extensive knowledge base on their website that can answer many of the most popular questions people have.
  • High-performance servers: They have fewer users per server to ensure all their servers run smoothly and without lag.
  • Affordability: Even after their introductory pricing, all their plans are very affordable regardless of the size of your business.

Cons of Bluehost

Here are some possible drawbacks:

  • No month-to-month payments: If you want to try the hosting service for a few months without a full year’s commitment, you can’t do that with Bluehost.
  • Challenging to navigate: Some people report that navigating their hosting services can be a little challenging.
  • No uptime guarantees: Uptime guarantees are essential so you know that your host is committed to keeping your website up and running.

Bluehost vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Bluehost compares to our other top recommendations because the pricing is similar.

What sets Bluehost apart from the others is that they offer 24/7 support and SSL certificates.

Bluehost Pricing

Here’s a look at our top pick’s pricing plans:

  • Basic: $2.95 per month for the first year, then $9.99 per month
  • Plus: $5.45 per month for the first year and then $14.99 per month
  • Choice Plus: $5.45 per month for the first year, then $18.99 per month
  • Pro: $13.95 per month for the first year and then $28.99 per month

Can You Try Bluehost for Free?

Yes, you can try Bluehost for free.

They offer a 30-day free trial for all their plans as long as you’re a new user. Here’s where you can access Bluehost’s free trial. There are often Bluehost discounts on their site, so always check for new deals.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Bluehost?

We believe you should choose Bluehost for your WordPress hosting.

They have plenty of great features, are affordable, and are beneficial for businesses of all sizes.

iPage: Runner-Up

Runner Up

Coming in as a close second to our overall pick for a cheap WordPress host is iPage.

iPage is a fantastic entry-level hosting site for beginners, but it also offers some features you won’t see in other entry-level hosting websites.

Key Features of iPage

Even though iPage is geared more towards entry-level business owners, there are still plenty of features to love about this WordPress hosting website, including the following:

  • Drag-and-drop builder: While creating your website on WordPress, iPage offers a drag-and-drop website builder if you need to make changes. This feature makes it easier for you to make any necessary changes.
  • Free domain and email: If you need a new domain for your website, you’ll be able to register a new domain easily and without paying additional fees. Additionally, you can register a business email where your customers can reach out to you directly from your website.
  • Excellent customer support: Even though the hosting site is easy to use and navigate, you’ll have 24/7 customer support. You can connect with someone at iPage via live chat, phone calls, and email tickets.
  • Unlimited disk space: This feature allows you to not have to worry about how much content, images, and other text you’re adding to your website. It can handle large blocks of text and images without crashing your website.
  • Unlimited emails: Some hosts limit how many emails you can receive from your website, but not with iPage. You can receive an unlimited number of emails which can help you better cater to your customers.

Why Is iPage a Great Solution?

iPage is a fantastic solution for your cheap WordPress hosting problem because it’s incredibly affordable and has unlimited emails, disk space, and top-notch customer support.

Pros of iPage

Here are some reasons users love this web hosting solution:

  • Discounts: They often run specials that cut their already affordable pricing even further.
  • Quick set-up time: When you’re ready to get your website up and running, you don’t want to have to wait hours or days. With iPage, you can set up your website in less than five minutes.
  • Helpful tutorials: Even though iPage is an incredible tool for beginners and easy to understand, they offer several tutorials to make things easier for you. These can answer questions you have without you having to contact their customer support.

Cons of iPage

Here are some potential negatives:

  • Renewal prices are high: While iPage is affordable in the beginning, they’re known for hiking up their prices when it’s time for you to renew your hosting plan with them.
  • You must purchase backup options: Backing up information on your site is necessary to ensure you’re not losing anything important. Unfortunately, you’ll have to purchase an add-on if you want to back up your website.
  • Upselling: Some users report that while they are affordable, they are a little too aggressive when it comes to upselling their other products.

iPage vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

iPage is much more affordable than most other cheap WordPress hosting sites.

It has similar features but where they stand out is its tutorials for users.

These tutorials are easy to follow and can help streamline your web hosting experience.

iPage Pricing

There’s only one hosting plan with iPage, but the price depends on the number of months you sign up for.

Here’s a breakdown of their pricing:

  • 12 Months: $2.99 per month for 12 months, then $9.99 per month afterward
  • 24 Months: $2.49 per month for 24 months, then $8.99 per month afterward
  • 36 Months: $1.99 per month for 36 months, then $7.99 per month afterward

Can You Try iPage for Free?

You cannot try iPage for free, but they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with their hosting services.

Conclusion: Should You Choose iPage?

We think iPage is a great runner-up if you’re not interested in using Bluehost.

As long as you don’t get bothered by their upselling and lack of backup included in the price, you’ll probably enjoy hosting your site on iPage.

HostGator: Budget Pick

Also Great

Even though this is a list all about cheap WordPress hosts, we still had to include a budget pick in our top three.

HostGator is a web hosting site ideal for retail businesses, but blogs and other companies are welcome to use the host.

Key Features of HostGator

HostGator is one of the most popular website hosting platforms. Here are the five key features we love about HostGator:

  • Drag and drop website builder: Thanks to this tool, you can easily edit your WordPress website on HostGator. It’s easy to use and allows you to customize your website to your liking without needing too much knowledge of website design.
  • Email marketing: In addition to helping you create a business email address for your website, they can assist you with email marketing.
  • Domain registration: It’s okay if you already have a domain for your website, but they can provide you with one if you don’t have one for no additional cost.
  • App integration: You’ll be able to seamlessly integrate your website across various apps. It will work well on smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • Unlimited storage: Not many website hosts offer unlimited storage. With HostGator, you’ll be able to add anything you want to your website without worrying about it not saving, thanks to not having enough storage.

Why Is HostGator a Great Solution?

HostGator is a fantastic solution because they have affordable prices and top-tier features that usually only come with more expensive WordPress hosting sites.

Pros of HostGator

If you’re thinking of using HostGator, here are some standout features:

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee: Having a high uptime is beneficial so that you know they’re constantly ensuring your website is accessible to your customers and audience.
  • Easy for beginners: Whether you have experience with website hosting or not, you’ll be able to master HostGator quickly.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee: Even though it doesn’t cost much to use HostGator, they care about their customers and will offer anyone who isn’t satisfied a money-back guarantee.

Cons of HostGator

Here are some potential downfalls of the platform:

  • Rates increase at renewal: Most WordPress hosting sites have a renewal price increase once your plan is up, but HostGator’s renewals seem to jump exponentially. It can still be affordable, but many complain that it’s not a budget-friendly option once you renew.
  • It can be slow: Something that people notice with HostGator is that there’s a need for improvement when it comes to their hosting service’s speed. It’s not too terrible, but it’s much slower compared to other hosting sites.
  • It’s not ideal for larger businesses: With limited features, larger businesses might not find that HostGator is beneficial for their business. This consideration means that if your company grows, you might have to look for a new WordPress website host.

HostGator vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

HostGator is similar to our other three options in many ways.

It’s cheap, easy to use for beginners, and you can register your ideal domain name and more.

Compared to our other top two options, it’s a little inferior but still a great option worth looking into, especially since they have a free trial and money-back guarantee.

HostGator Pricing

If you’re interested in using HostGator, here’s a look at their pricing plans:

  • Hatchling: $11.95 per month
  • Baby: $12.95 per month
  • Business: $17.95 per month

Can You Try HostGator for Free?

Yes, you can try HostGator for free. HostGator has a 30-day free trial, and they also have a money-back guarantee.

Conclusion: Should You Choose HostGator?

We think you should try HostGator before committing to a WordPress hosting site.

It’s affordable, offers you a 30-day free trial, and has fantastic features like app integration and a high uptime that will allow your business to flourish.

The Best Free Cheap WordPress Hosting Options

All the WordPress hosting options are affordable, but these are the best free WordPress hosting options if you’re looking for something that won’t cost you a dime.


WordPress is the go-to choice for websites in the TrendlineSEO portfolio. While we use WordPress.org instead of WordPress.com, the .com option allows you to get started without learning advanced technical concepts.

  • Our Rating: 5.0
  • Best For: WordPress.com is best for its overall ease of use.

Why Is WordPress.com a Great Option?

WordPress.com is a high-quality option for hosting your WordPress website because it’s entirely free.

You can find a domain name, have a highly secure website, and easily install any WordPress plug-ins.

Since you’re hosting your WordPress website on the same website that you created it, you don’t have to worry about integration across platforms, high speed, reliability, and bandwidth.

Plus, it’s a very user-friendly website host, making it great for beginners.

Drawbacks to WordPress.com

Even though it might seem like an easy choice to use WordPress.com to host your WordPress website, there are some drawbacks.

For example, it doesn’t offer many of the features like business emails you would want if you were a business with various services.


100WebSpace isn’t a very well-known WordPress host, but if you’re looking for a free option that’s not WordPress.com, you need to consider it.

Two plans are entirely free, but they offer additional features for a price.

Why Is 100WebSpace a Great Option?

Even with some free options, you’ll have to pay a start-up fee, but not with 100WebSpace.

There are two free options one comes with one free domain, and the other comes with two free domains.

You’ll get a decent amount of disk space, live demos, and more.

With their free packages, you’ll need to share a server with other free users, but the speed is fairly good despite this factor.

If you want a server for yourself, they offer semi-dedicated servers, but the price will no longer be free.

Drawbacks to 100WebSpace

As for the drawbacks to 100WebSpace, quite a few might make you turn your head away from the host.

This drawback might seem a little obvious, but sometimes with free services, the features aren’t up to par with the ones you’ll get if you’re paying.

While the features are basic and capable of hosting your website, the scalability of 100WebSpace is lacking.

This drawback means you’ll likely have to switch WordPress hosting sites when you start needing additional features as your company grows.

Notable Mentions: Other Cheap WordPress Hosting To Check Out

With hundreds of WordPress hosting websites available, it can be challenging to narrow down the list to only a few choices.

While we have our top three favorites for cheap WordPress hosting, some others deserve a notable mention.

These are some that we think you might want to consider using if our top three aren’t what you’re looking for.


Hostinger is a web host that allows you to install WordPress with one click of your mouse.

The environment of Hostinger is ideal for WordPress websites, making it one of the fastest web hosting options.

It offers options for small businesses and large-scale projects.

Why Is Hostinger a Great Option?

What makes Hostinger a great option is its super low prices.

While it’s not great for eCommerce stores, it’s an ideal hosting option for blogs and other company websites.

Regardless of your plan, they come with ample storage space and a free domain name when you sign up.

Drawbacks to Hostinger

A drawback to Hostinger is that their smaller pricing plans tend to be pretty bland compared to competitors’ lower-priced plans.

Another drawback you’ll want to think about when considering Hostinger for your WordPress website is the support isn’t as high-quality as it could be.

Hosting Pricing

Below you’ll find the pricing you can expect from Hostinger:

  • Single: $1.99 per month
  • Premium: $2.99 per month
  • Business: $3.99 per month

Can You Try Hostinger for Free?

You can’t try Hostinger for free, but they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not thrilled with its features.

The low price means this platform is worth trying.


Pressable is a web hosting option that’s strictly for WordPress websites.

Since it’s for WordPress websites, you don’t have to worry about whether your website will work on Pressable.

They have industry-leading performance and excellent features.

Pressable also offers integrations with other platforms such as WooCommerce and Jetpack.

Why Is Pressable a Great Option?

We’d consider Pressable a great option because they come with 24/7 expert customer service that can help with anything, and they have seamless integration across other platforms.

You can request a demo of the website host if you’re interested in using it for your website.

Drawbacks to Pressable

One of the drawbacks to Pressable is the lack of a free trial.

The demo is great, but you won’t be able to see all the features with it, making it difficult to decide if it’s the WordPress host for your company or brand.

Pressable Pricing

Pressable has various pricing plans to consider.

Here’s the breakdown of the different pricing options Pressabe offers website owners:

  • Entry Plan: $19.00 per month
  • Personal Plan: $25.00 per month
  • Starter Plan: $45.00 per month
  • Pro Plan: $90.00 per month
  • Premium Plan: $155.00 per month
  • Business Plan: $350.00 per month
  • Business 80 Plan: $545.00 per month
  • Business 100 Plan: $675.00 per month
  • Custom: Contact them for pricing

Can You Try Pressable for Free?

You can’t try Pressable for free, but you will be able to take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with their hosting.

If you want to save a little bit of money, here’s how you can get a discount on Pressable plans.


DreamHost is one of the oldest website hosting sites, but its age isn’t the only thing that makes it a strong contender.

The loading speed is incredibly fast, and they have unlimited bandwidth and the ability to grow with you as your business expands.

Why Is DreamHost a Great Option?

What makes DreamHost a great option includes their loyalty to long-term customers by offering amazing long-term deals, a WordPress website builder, domain privacy, and other exciting features.

These high-quality features give the platform a step up from free hosting options.

Drawbacks to DreamHost

The drawbacks to DreamHost aren’t abundant, but there are a few worth noting.

While they offer migrations, they can be quite expensive.

Another drawback is that if you want to add a business email to your website, it’s a paid add-on, unlike other hosts that include a free email in the price.

DreamHost Pricing

If you’re interested in using this platform, DreamHost’s pricing is as follows:

  • Shared: $2.95 per month
  • DreamHost: $16.95 per month
  • VPS: $13.75 per month

Can You Try DreamHost for Free?

You can’t try DreamHost for free.

But DreamHost offers customers a 97-day money-back guarantee if they don’t like the available features and functionality.


HostPapa is an excellent option for small businesses, but others can still use the host if they appreciate the features.

For businesses that are just starting, it’s a great option because they can get their website launched without draining their funds.

They also offer streamlined website migration services.

Why Is HostPapa a Great Option?

This WordPress hosting platform is an excellent option because it comes with plenty of storage capacity, you get two websites on the starter plan, which is unheard of in other hosts, and it pre-installs WordPress regardless of the pricing plan you choose to go with.

HostPapa also runs regular discounts, making it an affordable option.

Drawbacks to HostPapa

One of the biggest drawbacks to using HostPapa is that while the starting prices are low, the renewal prices aren’t in line with their competitors.

This renewal price can make it frustrating and might sway you to choose another web hosting option after your 12 months are up.

HostPapa Pricing

Before signing up for HostPapa, here’s a look at their various pricing options:

  • Start: $8.99 per month
  • Plus: $14.99 per month
  • Pro: $19.99 per month
  • Ultra: $29.99 per month

Can You Try HostPapa for Free?

It’s unclear whether you can try HostPapa for free or not.

You might be able to reach out to HostPapa via their contact form to see if they’ll provide you with a free trial or demo of the hosting platform.


Namecheap is an alternative to the other hosting sites on our list. It’s not nearly as popular as some other hosts on this list, but it’s still worth considering if you’re on the hunt for a cheap WordPress host.

Why Is Namecheap a Great Option?

This option is a good, cheap WordPress host because it’s ideal for beginner website owners who aren’t as familiar with website hosting.

Their features make it easier for people to use, and managing your website is easier than ever.

They offer domain packages and have dedicated servers you can utilize.

Drawbacks to Namecheap

There are drawbacks to even our top three WordPress hosting sites.

The drawbacks to Namecheap are that their security isn’t nearly as strong as the others higher up on our list, and their pricing is slightly confusing.

Despite these drawbacks, the platform is still a solid option.

Namecheap Pricing

Namecheap’s pricing is extensive, with three pricing options per plan.

Here’s what you can expect from their Online Beginner plan:

  • Stellar: $2.18 for your first month, then $4.48 per month after
  • Stellar Plus: $2.98 for your first month, then $6.48 per month after
  • Easy WP Starter: $0 for your first month, then $6.88 per month after

Below is the pricing for their Small Business plan:

  • Stellar Business: $4.98 per month for the first year, then $9.48 monthly
  • Nebula: $17.88 per month for the first year, then $19.88 monthly
  • Easy WP Turbo: $0 for your first month, then $12.88 per month after

Lastly, here’s the pricing for their Large Business plan that’s ideal for larger corporations:

  • EasyWP Supersonic: $0 for your first month, then $19.88 per month after
  • Quasar: $15.88 per month
  • Magnetar: $28.88 per month

Can You Try Namecheap for Free?

You can try Namecheap for free before committing to an entire plan.

They offer free trials for two months for each plan.

You can also test the Easy WP Starter, Easy WP Turbo, and EasyWP Supersonic plans for no cost for the first month of your subscription.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a pretty decent option when you’re looking for a cheap WordPress host.

The loading speed is fast, with 99% uptime and unmetered bandwidth.

Something fantastic about this host is that they regularly offer more than 50% discounts for their hosting abilities.

Why Is A2 Hosting a Great Option?

A2 is an excellent option because it provides automatic updates for all WordPress features, free plug-ins to make your website more accessible and run smoothly, and more.

They offer email features, enhanced security, and speed optimization.

Drawbacks to A2 Hosting

While A2 Hosting isn’t awful, there are a few reasons it didn’t land on our list in the top three.

Their pricing is still affordable, but it’s not the most affordable option when they’re not running discounts.

Another drawback is that many of their features aren’t available unless you go with a higher-priced plan.

A2 Hosting Pricing

Do you want to try A2 Hosting?

Here’s a look at A2 Hosting’s pricing:

  • Start-up: $10.99 per month
  • Drive: $12.99 per month
  • Turbo Boost: $20.99 per month
  • Turbo Max: $25.99 per month

Can You Try A2 Hosting for Free?

You won’t be able to try A2 Hosting for free, unfortunately.

They might offer a free trial later, but as of right now, you’ll have to start paying immediately.

Even More Options To Check Out

If you’re not satisfied with the above options or want to be thorough in your research, here are a few other options.


InMotion is another option worth looking into.

This cheap WordPress hosting site is on our list because of its high-quality features, but many of the features are geared more toward eCommerce sites.

Their WordPress hosting is under $5, and you can take advantage of many excellent features.

Features included are screen monitoring, 99% uptime, and an award-winning customer support team.



As the name might suggest, GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly WordPress hosting site.

We love this aspect, but since it’s not an essential feature, it’s lower on our list, but we still think it’s worth considering.

They have plans that are specific to WordPress websites. GreenGeeks is secure, reliable, and incredibly fast for the price you pay.

Their support is available 24/7/365, and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Most people have heard of GoDaddy, so we couldn’t leave them off our list of the best cheap WordPress hosting websites.

They made our list but weren’t higher on it because while they are affordable, they require you to pay for a domain.

They have the world’s largest domain registrar, offer excellent customer support, and are ideal for eCommerce businesses.


For managed hosting, Cloudways is a pretty decent option.

We chose this host for our list because more than 70,000 companies host their websites with them, proving that they’re one of the most reliable options available.

The pricing isn’t the most affordable, but it’s still what we’d consider cheap compared to some host options.

The best part is you can try Cloudways for three days for free before entering your credit card information.


Chemicloud is another great cheap WordPress hosting option.

We chose them for our list because they are regularly offering over 50% off their already affordable pricing to entice more people to host their website with them.

Something we love about Chemicloud is that for an additional dollar, you can go from one website to unlimited websites if you’re ready to expand your online business.

It’s secure and reliable, and they offer free backups every 10-30 days.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is another fantastic choice because of the integration options.

Since almost everyone uses Google for one thing or another, utilizing this hosting platform will make your life easier.

You can get started for free before paying.

Even when it’s time to pay, the pricing is affordable for almost everyone’s budget.

It also comes with data analytics to help you grow your business to where you want it to be.

Other Products Relevant to Cheap WordPress Hosting

Website hosting is just the tip of the iceberg. As you launch your website on the best web hosting of your choice, here are a few other products relevant to cheap WordPress hosting.

  • Free blog sites: Regardless of your business type, utilizing free blog sites is an excellent idea to share knowledge and more with your audience or customers. WordPress.com is a great option; they have free hosting for all types of websites.
  • Best managed WordPress hosting: In addition to a WordPress host, the best managed WordPress hosting will help you keep your website running smoothly. Managed WordPress hosting includes automated backups, plug-ins, and more.
  • Web hosting with free trials: Web hosting with free trials goes hand in hand with WordPress hosting. Not all hosting sites offer a free trial, and being able to see how the host works before shelling out money can help you not waste your funds and ensure you’re making the right decision for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding cheap WordPress hosting.

What hosting is the cheapest?

The cheapest option would be to go with one of the free WordPress hosting platforms.

Besides the free options, Bluehost is pretty cheap, as are iPage and HostGator.

Since many hosts often run specials with discounted rates, you might need to shop around to snag the best price possible.

What is the cheapest way to host a WordPress site?

The cheapest way to host a WordPress website is to choose a low-cost or free host.

A great free option is to use WordPress.com.

They offer free hosting, but if you want features that this site doesn’t provide, you can go with Bluehost or HostGator.

Wrapping Up

Utilizing a website host to get your website ready for viewing is critical for any successful company.

To do this, you’ll need a website host, and for those using WordPress, there are specific platforms that are ideal for WordPress websites.

WordPress hosting options don’t have to break the bank.

Bluehost is our top pick because it’s affordable, has incredible features, and allows you to scale your business.

But iPage is a close contender for smaller businesses.

As you can see, there are plenty of cheap WordPress hosting platforms, so pick your favorite and get started today.

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