Cheapest Website Hosting – Is it Really Worth it?

By: | Updated: May 26, 2021

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When you look for the cheapest website hosting and you find a package for $0.99 or even just $0.50, you may be tempted to jump at the offer. This is an insanely low price and even the best hosting companies won’t try to match or beat this type of offer.

However, just because the package is insanely cheap doesn’t make it worth it. It’s like the difference between shopping at the dollar store and shopping at a quality department store. Sure, the dollar store has a lower price and it’s great if you only need an item to last through a few uses, but if you need a quality item, you don’t go to the dollar store.

Hosting is your Foundation

Your website is vital to your online success. It must be hosted on a great foundation. Just as you wouldn’t build your home on a foundation of sand or even just soil, you don’t want your website to be hosted on a poor foundation. Instead, you want a strong, reliable foundation built perfectly for your website.

The foundation is the server your account is on with your hosting company. When you choose the cheapest website hosting company you can find, that foundation may have plenty of cracks or might be made out of sand. This will only lead to issues in the future.

Choose Value, Not the Cheapest

We all want to get value out of every purchase we make. That value doesn’t always come from the cheapest price. You wouldn’t go buy a pair of shoes for less than $10 and expect them to last for years. If you need shoes to last for years, you will spend $100 or more because you know it takes more money to buy a quality pair of shoes.

The same theory applies to the cheapest web hosting packages. When you choose the dollar store hosting packages, you will get dollar store quality. The servers will be overloaded, the support staff overworked, the features outdated and the servers unreliable. It may be great for a few months, but sooner or later, you will have an issue.

Speed Matters and the Cheapest Website Hosting Doesn’t have it

Is SEO one of your marketing strategies? Do you want to convert a higher percentage of your visitors into sales or subscribers? If so, you need incredible speed from your hosting company. When you pay less than $2 per month, can you really expect your website to have the fastest possible load times.

After you get your super cheap hosting package, you install WordPress, add a theme and a number of plugins, and then you add images, videos and content. Now your load times go down even more. Google penalizes you for slow load times and your website is nowhere to be found. It’s buried on the 10th page of Google for your main search terms and your traffic is minimal.

All that effort and nothing to show for it because you choose the cheapest website hosting you could find. Was it really worth saving less than $30 a year? Would you go back and invest in a better hosting package if you knew it would give you faster load times and a better chance to find your site on the first page of Google?

A Better Hosting Choice

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