If you’re in the SEO industry, I’m pretty sure you know that content is king and regarded as the highest priority in search engine optimization (SEO). Having extra care for your website content will help you stand out from your fierce competitors. As we all know, the Google Algorithm is rapidly changing and Google ranks website with human friendly content and de-ranks sites with terrible keyword stuffing!

Having a great content alone will not help you overcome your competitors, the element within your content plays vital role in ranking your website. The most important element I’m going to talk about today will be your content “TITLE”.

You need to think from your visitors point of view. Title of your website content is the key element that grabs your targeted visitor’s attention.  Your content will become useless if it’s not acknowledged by your readers.  I will suggest these few tips on how you should choose the most appropriate title for your website content:-

1. You’re establishing a brand – You need to consider your online business as a brand as it has its own style and uniqueness and helps you to stand front in your industry.  When you’re coming up with a content make sure you write a title which would not be copied or duplicated by your competitors. The best way of doing it use Google Authorship markup!

Be unique – Always come up with a new title, use something that no one within your industry has used before!   Internet users always seeking for something new on what their searching for, so come up with a title that will grab your visitors attention. Never write something irrelevant to your title as it can destroy your online reputation! 

2. You’re giving solution to problems – If you put yourself as an Internet user searching for solutions or problems related to your niche, you will be able to come up with a title which is appealing to your targeted visitors. You always need to understand the hardship they are going through in finding for the solution to their unresolved problems and help them appropriately with your well defined title!

However, you need to identify what type of problems they might go through in order to come up with an effective solution.  For an example in Search Engine Optimization industry, a lot of websites and blogs have been affected by rapidly changing Google Algorithm and suffered serious damage in terms of traffic and revenue. Writing a blog post or an article on how to bullet-proof their site from Google Algorithm changes will definitely be the readers choices as they getting solution to their problem!

Finally, title should never be ignored as it plays the most crucial role in search engine ranking as it has become more human friendly. The title of your article or blog post will be the factor that will decide on how many visitors view your content and how they are shared and promoted through social signals. Always remember that, title is the key to a mind blowing article or blog post