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25 Of The Most Inspiring Christian Blogs That We Could Find

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Christian Blogs for Men

Christian blogs for men are spaces where males connect to share God’s love and truth. These blogs create a safe space for men to explore their spirituality and guide others on similar journeys.

One Passion Ministries

screenshot of the one passion ministries homepage

One Passion Ministries is a site that helps men stay on the right path in their faith. Blog posts take specific Bible verses and analyze them in a way men relate to so they can carry these teachings into their real lives. You can participate in an online Bible study, subscribe to their magazine, and buy books written by founder Stephen J. Lawson.

Impact at Bible.org

screenshot of the bible.org homepage

Bible.org is an extensive Christian site with resources specifically for men. You can learn about faith regarding being single, marrying, becoming a father, and more. The site makes money through donations, as well as selling Bibles and study guides.

Man in the Mirror Blog

screenshot of the man in the mirror blog homepage

This blog focuses on Christian men staying faithful regardless of what life throws at them. Posts help them navigate leadership, relationships, parenthood, and how to better the world. The site makes money through webinars, one-on-one sessions, books, and donations.

Manhood Journey

screenshot of the manhood journey homepage

This blog has sections for fathers raising sons to be strong in their relationship with God. There are tips and guides for helping your son stay faithful. There are free tools and resources along with each blog post. The site makes money through books, ebooks, and digital courses on the Bible and fatherhood.


screenshot of the piercebrantley.co homepage

Pierce Brantley writes about faith and how to prioritize it in the modern world. He addresses topics like ego, relationships, masculinity, and leadership. Brantley makes money with speaking gigs, consulting sessions, and selling his books.

Christian Blogs for Women

Just as Christian blogs for men give males a safe space to explore their faith, blogs specifically for women do the same. Females feel empowered to learn about God, spirituality, and how that all applies to married life and their families.

The Peaceful Haven

screenshot of the peaceful haven homepage

Janelle Esker is a Christian, mother, wife, and blogger.

Her blog is a lifestyle blog for Christian women, especially mothers.

She wrote a book about parenting a child with Autism and sells it on her blog, along with essential oils and scripture cards.

Kristin Sterk

screenshot of the kristin sterk homepage

Kristin Sterk blogs about her faith, her family, and their daily lives.

She shares their trips and adventures but always threads her Christianity into the posts.

She started blogging after getting pregnant, though doctors said she couldn’t.

She’s written books, including a cookbook, that she sells on her blog.

Engage at Bible.org

screenshot of the engage at Bible.org homepage

The women’s hub at Bible.org has resources for singleness, marriage, motherhood, sexuality, and infertility.

There are talks and articles geared specifically toward women.

The site makes money by selling Bibles, study guides, and ads for Christian speakers and conferences.

Flawed and Faithful

screenshot of the flawed and faithful homepage

This blog covers Bible study, a book club, wellness, and living strong in your faith.

Lily is a married Christian woman who shares Bible verses related to women’s lives, records videos for YouTube, and helps you pray when you’re struggling.

She makes money by using affiliate links to sell books read for her book club.

Equipping Godly Women

screenshot of the equipping godly women homepage

This blog invites Christian women to join a community to help stay true to God while busy managing a family and marriage.

Blogger Brittany Ann makes money by hosting conferences and selling Christian books through affiliate links.

Christian Blogs for Couples

Christian blogs for couples address topics such as relationships, worshiping together, starting families, parenting, financial management, and more.

Some blogs also follow Christian couples through their lives, so you get a peek into how they praise God in their day-to-day actions.


screenshot of the ibelieve homepage

Though a Christian woman runs this blog, the content focuses on couples and parents.

There are tips to keep your relationship deep and spiritual, restore trust in your partner, and pray together.

The blog makes money through a subscription service, where readers get exclusive content for an annual fee.

The Marriage Bed

screenshot of the marriage bed homepage

This blog has advice and resources so Christian couples can deepen their intimacy without giving up their faith.

The bloggers use Bible verses as jumping-off points, relating everything to marriage and sex.

The site makes money through donations, selling merch on Etsy, and having an affiliate partnership with a Christian sex toy store.

True Love Dates

screenshot of the true love dates homepage

Debra Fileta knows it’s hard to date as a Christian, so her blog helps singles date with the intention of marriage.

Her posts and podcasts also cover engagements and the newlywed period.

She sells her books online to support her website.

Gary Thomas

screenshot of the gary thomas homepage

Couples can read Gary Thomas’s blog alone or together and get a lot of advice about keeping faith while dating and during the ups and downs of marriage.

Thomas addresses how your relationship can change according to your faith.

He makes money by selling his books on the blog.

Dr. Henry Cloud

screenshot of the dr. henry cloud homepage

Dr. Henry Cloud is a Christian psychologist who helps couples navigate their romantic relationships while staying true to God.

Dr. Cloud makes money by consulting with Christian couples who need one-on-one help.

He also has relationship courses available through a paid app.

Christian Blogs for Kids

Sharing valuable Christian blogs with your kids gives them someone to look up to in their faith.

They can relate to the bloggers and find fun ways to praise God through Bible interpretations and engaging lessons.

Sunday School Matters

screenshot of the sunday school matters homepage

Sunday School Matters is a blog affiliated with Concordia Publishing House.

Parents, ministers, and Bible study leaders write posts about specific lessons you can use with your children.

The site makes money by selling its curriculum, related guidebooks, and Bibles.

Worshiping With Children

screenshot of the worshipping with children homepage

Blogger Carolyn Brown organizes her resources according to topic and scripture so you can easily find what you need.

Whether you’re a Christian parent or a teacher for a children’s Bible study group, you’ll find plenty of accessible information here.

Children’s Ministry at Bible.org

screenshot of the children's ministry homepage

Just as there are specific pages for men and women on Bible.org, there’s an outlet for children.

Kids can learn about God and the Ten Commandments and play learning games.

The site sells a book of devotionals for children.

She has written several books on the subject, which you can buy from the blog.

Teaching the Bible

screenshot of the teaching the bible homepage

This blog is the culmination of countless resources for Christian parents to help teach the Bible to their children.

There are games to play and music to hear.

There’s even a teen section so you can keep your kids focused on faith as they get older.

The site earns money through affiliate links to Christian bookstores and art outlets.

Drawing On The Word

screenshot of the drawing on the word homepage

This blog will grab young Christians with its engaging artwork.

Artist Robert Sang is drawing a graphic novel version of the Bible.

He has a background in Theology, so his drawings and interpretations are accessible to children.

Christian Blogs for Bible Studies

Reading Christian blogs for Bible studies can help you in your own church groups or give you an online outlet if you don’t attend Bible study in person.

You might learn new interpretations of Bible verses that help you on your journey.

Grace To You

screenshot of the grace to you homepage

Grace To You is an online ministry that shares sermons from the Grace Community Church in California.

Visitors can listen to audio recordings of sermons for free.

The blog makes money by letting the audience hear the sermons, then selling the minister’s books.

They also sell beautiful Bibles, so you can follow along while live streaming the sermons.

Truth For Life

screenshot of the truth for life homepage

Alistair Begg’s blog interprets Bible verses in engaging ways.

For each verse, you can listen to a related sermon and read a blog post about the lesson.

The online store features books to help people of all ages stay true to their faith.

Some books are by Begg, while others are study guides to accentuate the online materials.

Christianity Today

screenshot of the christianity today homepage

Christianity Today is a news site, but the blog forum includes faith-based posts relating to current events.

Reading these posts will give you plenty of talking points for your Bible study.

The site makes money by selling a subscription to the magazine as well as related books.

Grace Gems

screenshot of the grace gems homepage

This blog is an impressive archive of sermons and Bible study lessons from years ago.

You can find quotes, sermons, and audio clips on specific topics or verses.

The site makes money by selling print-on-demand versions of its materials.

Sermon Audio

screenshot of the sermon audio homepage

This site boasts links to thousands of recorded sermons, but it also curates blog posts by the ministers.

You can search for posts according to the speaker, subject, Bible verse, location, and more.

The site supports itself by selling Christian books and ad space for conferences and events.

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