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Best Christian Podcasts for Women: 15 Examples

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Follow these Christian podcasts for women to feed your soul with the holy spirit daily.

Life gets hard, and sometimes you just need Jesus.

Listening to podcasting platforms focusing on the Christian life will help keep you grounded in your faith, even on the toughest days.

What Is a Christian Podcast for Women?

A Christian podcast for women is a podcast that is devoted to feeding Christian women with good, wholesome knowledge and advice.

This type of podcast is designed for women with strong Christian faith, looking for daily inspiration and faith-based conversations.

Christian podcasts are some of the best podcasts to listen to for women interested in growing their faith.

What Does a Christian Podcast for Women Talk about?

Christian podcasts talk about the Christian faith, Jesus, relationships with God, and how to spread God’s love to others.

It’s an excellent way for Christian women to explore their faith and relationship with Christ further while listening to other women talk about their own religious experiences.

What Is Included on a Christian Podcast for Women?

A Christian podcast for women will include various paths women can take to live a fulfilled, Christian life focused on showing Jesus’s love.

Podcasts, however you listen to them, are designed to help motivate, encourage and keep you in the correct mindset.

Other Things you Can Find on a Christian Podcast for Women

Some other tools you will find on a Christian podcast for Women include community, prayer journals, faithful lifestyle guidance, and bible reading tips and tricks.

All important things for women following Jesus.

  • Community: Even though it isn’t a one-on-one conversation, podcasts provide a sense of community when you can hear other Christian experiences and stories. In addition, they often have options to send in questions through email or social media.
  • Prayer Journals: A Christian podcast will provide you with prayer journals that you can use to help keep your prayers meaningful. They will also help keep you accountable for spending time with Jesus in a time of prayer.
  • Faithful Lifestyle Guidance: Living a faithful life in Christ is challenging in a world where faith is so hard to find. A Christian podcast for women will help guide women toward Jesus and away from the evil ways of the earth.
  • Bible Reading Tips and Tricks: The bible is a staple in every Christian woman’s life, but it can be hard to know where to start when reading it. Christian podcasts will provide you with bible reading tips and tricks and can also help you learn more about the holy book.

You can also find other blogs similar to Christian blogs to help keep you on track with your bible study.

Types of Christian Podcasts for Women

Christian podcasts for women is a broad term; there are, in fact, many different types of Christian podcasts for women that are directly focused on certain issues and values.

There are also different popular types of podcasts targeted toward adult women, young women, and girls.

  • Christian Podcasts for Adult Women: Christian podcasts for adult women focus on current events and issues that adult women would be facing. Things such as career goals and relationships would all be essential topics covered in a podcast for Christian adult Women.
  • Christian Podcasts for Young Women: Christian podcasts for young women would include topics such as keeping your faith strong at school, choosing a good partner to date, and how to build a stronger relationship with Christ even through adversity.
  • Christian Podcasts for Girls: Finally, Christian podcasts for girls would be geared toward the younger generation. This type of podcast would include topics such as learning how to pray, how to understand the bible better, and to be kind to others.

Best Christian Podcasts for Women: 15 Examples

There are so many different Christian podcasts for women that we want to narrow it down to the top 15 best Christian Podcasts for women.

How Many Christian Podcasts for Women are There?

There are over 300,000 Christian podcasts for women and counting!

So it’s important to narrow that down to the top 15 podcasts best suited for women in each age category.

Christian Podcasts for Adult Women

The top Christian podcasts for adult women include four podcasts, the Strong Women podcast, That Sounds Fun with Annie Downs, Don’t Mom Alone with Heather Macfayden, and The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.  

1. 4 Word Podcast

4wordwomen homepage screenshot 1

4 Word Podcast centers around women empowerment and encouraging women in the workplace to live Christ-based lives.

Led by powerful women, this podcast is one of the best podcasts to listen to if you’re struggling to maintain your faith at work.

2. The Strong Women Podcast

strong women podcast homepage screenshot 1

This Christian podcast for women is perfect for adults because its main focus is on developing a deeper understanding of Christ, which is for the spiritually-mature women that want to further the depth of their relationship with Jesus and continue to pursue Jesus in all that they do.

3. That Sounds Fun with Annie Downs

anniefdowns homepage screenshot 1

That Sounds Fun with Annie Downs is a Christian podcast geared towards women of faith that need encouragement and daily affirmations.

Annie is a New York Times best-selling author with a fun and conversational tone that makes for easy listening.

4. Don’t Mom Alone with Heather MacFayden

dont mom alone homepage screenshot 1

This podcast is perfect for adult Christian women because it’s made for moms and guides women through the challenge that is motherhood, which is one of the best blogs about domestic discipline out there.

Heather is a mother of four boys and knows how difficult it can be to keep the faith while raising little ones.

5. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

the happy hour with jamie ivey homepage screenshot 1

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey is a place where women can meet with their girlfriends and just let it all loose.

Jamie likes to talk about feelings and other emotional topics that make our journey with Christ meaningful.

Christian Podcasts for Young Women

Young women are highly naive and need the most guidance spiritually.

The best Christian podcasts for young women include, She Proves Faithful, Journeywomen, Christian Girls P.O.P, The Uncommon Teen, and God is Within Her.

6. She Proves Faithful

sheprovesfaithful homepage screenshot 1

 She Proves Faithful is a faith-based podcast geared toward young women.

Lauren Hlushak is the owner and spokesperson.

Her main goal is to inspire young Christian women to continue pursuing Christ and stay grounded in faith.

7. Journeywomen

journeywomenpodcast homepage screenshot 1

Journeywomen is another tremendous Christian podcast for young women because it takes a dive head-first into real life issues.

The struggles of growing up in a world so filled with hate, and how to stay firm on your walk with Jesus.

8. Christian Girls P.O.P

christiangirlspop homepage screenshot 1

This Christian podcast focuses on obedience to God and how teens can use God’s word to help them navigate life, which is a highly relatable podcast that really helps young women feel heard.

9. Uncommon Teen

uncommonteen homepage screenshot 1

Created by author Jamie Kirshner, the Uncommon Teen podcast openly discusses issues such as insecurities, self-love, and other common teenage struggles.

10. God is Within Her

God is within her homepage screenshot 1

God is Within Her is a Christian podcast for young women looking to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus.

Listening to this podcast will give you confidence in Christ and help keep your mind clear.

Christian Podcasts for Girls

Young girls need encouragement too.

The best Christian podcasts for girls include Fierce and Lovely, Kids Bible Stories Podcast, God’s Big Story, Cafeteria Christian, and Young & Faithful.

11. Fierce and Lovely

fierceandlovely homepage screenshot 1

Fierce and Lovely is a podcast targeting young Christian girls who want to live Christ-filled lives.

Beth and her two teenage daughters talk about life lessons and cover some major topics that may be hard for moms to bring up on their own when educating their daughters on navigating life.

12. Kids Bible Stories Podcast

screenshot of the kids-bible-stories homepage

The Kids Bible Stories podcast tells bible stories in a way that kids can understand.

Christian girls will love this podcast because it’s a fun and engaging way to learn about the bible and how it applies to them in real life.

13. God’s Big Story

Gods big story homepage screenshot 1

Another excellent Christian podcast for girls is God’s Big Story.

The Village Church runs this podcast intending to help kids understand the bible and learn how to make sense of it all.

After listening to this podcast, you’ll feel more connected to God and better understand how you fit into it.

14. Cafeteria Christian

cafeteria christian homepage screenshot 1

The Cafeteria Christian helps kids reimagine their faith and take a step back to really ponder their relationship with Jesus.

Young girls will resonate with the fun, quirky tone of the podcast and learn a lot about who they are as Christians.

15. Young & Faithful

young faithful homepage screenshot 1

Another insightful Christian podcast for girls to listen to if they’re feeling confused or disconnected from God is Young & Faithful.

This monthly podcast takes a deeper look at Christ but in a way that children would understand, complete with a Q&A session at the end of every episode.

Similar Podcast Types to Checkout

If you’re looking for something similar to Christian podcasts for women to also add to your library, here are a few other types of podcasts you can check out.

  • Positive Podcast: Look into some uplifting, positive podcasts that encourage you to live a more motivated and purpose-driven life. Positive podcasts are both stimulating and exciting when you start to feel the effects of positivity throughout your life.
  • Catholic Podcasts:Catholic podcasts may be a better fit for your spiritual needs if you’re a practicing Catholic. They include catholic-based teachings with a focus on spiritual growth.
  • Conservative Podcasts: The Christian faith tends to lean toward a more conservative view of politics. If this sounds like you, you may also want to check out conservative podcasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the best Christian podcasts for women.

vector illustration showing a woman on a computer looking up the best christian podcasts for women

Does Priscilla Shirer have a podcast?


Priscilla Shirer has a podcast available through the Apple iTunes store titled “Going Beyond Ministries with Priscilla Shirer.”

It’s a great podcast full of Christian views and ideas.

Does Lysa Terkeurst have a podcast?


Lysa Terkeurst’s podcast is titled “The Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast.”

It focuses on ministry and why God calls us to minister to others.

Her kind tone and encouraging words are always welcomed and keep her followers coming back for more.

Wrapping Up

It’s important for Christian women to feed their souls with Jesus every single day, and with these top Christian Podcasts for Women, it is easy to stay on track and meet your spiritual goals.

If you have more questions about Christian podcasts, feel free to leave a comment below!

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