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Christmas Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples [2022]

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While Christmas is only one day of the year, those who love Christmas often spend months leading up to the holiday cooking tasty seasonal treats, trying Christmasy crafts, and engaging in holiday activities.

Several blogs exist that document these topics and provide readers with engaging content.

Some blogs only engage with Christmas content during the holiday season and return to other non-holiday content during the rest of the year.

However, many blogs produce Christmas-centric content throughout the whole year.

What is a Christmas Blog?

A Christmas blog is usually a blog fully devoted to discussing the holiday of Christmas and its associated activities.

Some of these Christmas Blogs may discuss the Christmas season in general, while others focus on a specific aspect or type of activity related to the holiday.

What Does a Christmas Blogger Blog About?

Christmas blogs can vary by exact type.

However, most of these blogs revolve around the Christmas holiday season and the season’s associated traditions, crafts, recipes, gift wrapping, and decorating.

Different blogs may approach the holiday from different perspectives.

For example, many Christmas blogs discuss activities for families, while others focus on advanced activities.  

What is Included On a Christmas Blog?

As mentioned above, a Christmas blog can include several different components.

However, a few common components make up a Christmas blog.

Some components are technical pages found on most blogs, while others are unique to this blog type.

If you start a Christmas blog, you do not necessarily need all of these variables, but most will likely be present.

1. Category Pages

Category pages are a vital aspect of any blog.

These pages add structure and break the blog into different sections allowing readers to focus on articles in categories that interest them.

Often you can find these pages listed within the main menu.  

The exact categories present on the site will depend on the blog content.

In a Christmas blog, those categories may include areas like recipes, crafts, family traditions, outings, and decor.

2. About Page

The About page is a great place to set the stage for what readers should expect from you and your blog.

A good page of this type will help readers feel connected to you as the writer of the articles on your blog.

This page can reveal as little or as much about yourself as you want.

3. Articles

Articles or posts are the real meat of most blogs.

This component is one of the most dynamic parts of a blog since you will typically update the blog frequently with new articles regularly, while other page types stay the same.

These posts can be about anything you want.

For a Christmas blog, you could write articles related to the holiday that range from describing an outing to a living manger scene or recipes for Christmas cookies.  

4. Social Media Links

Some blogs may be more self-contained.

However, others do well with supplementation from a social media presence.

Links to relevant social media platforms can be in a prominent corner or at the bottom of the blog’s main page.

You do not need to have a social media presence on all platforms.

It is best to create a presence on social media platforms that make sense for the content of your blog.

For example, if you plan on creating a recipe-heavy blog, you may want to post videos of your recipes on YouTube or TikTok.

5. Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy will be an essential component of your blog if you want to monetize it.

The policy will vary based on how you choose to monetize.

It may include information on affiliate marketing or cookies.

If you do have affiliate relationships, check to ensure the policy you state works well with your affiliate contracts.

6. Shop

You do not need a shop on your blog.

However, this component is an increasingly common part of many blogs.

Shops can include merchandise related to blogs, baking tools, Christmas decorations, and craft kits.

7. Ads

Ads are a common way for bloggers to make money.

These ads that display throughout a blog differ from affiliate links or other forms of affiliate marketing.

8. Search Bar

A search bar is a great way to help readers search for the specific topics they are looking for.

You can use keywords to optimize how people use the search bar to navigate throughout the blog.

8. Multi-Media Content

Using different forms of media is a great way to engage readers and reinforce the content of your blog articles.

Provide plenty of high-quality photos and videos to engage with your audience visually.

Types of Christmas Blogs

While some blogs engage with several different aspects of the Christmas season, many blogs focus on one aspect.

Some sub-niches include Christmas recipes, gift ideas, finances, decor, and child-friendly activities.

Some blogs also cover other topics throughout the year and switch exclusively to Christmas content during the holiday season.  

1. Christmas Blogs for Traditions

There is a range of Christmas traditions you can find on a blog.

Some blogs discuss familial traditions, while others talk about broader Christmas traditions.

These blogs can touch on topics such as recipes, music, activities, and activities.

2. Christmas Blogs for Gift Ideas

Choosing the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list can be tricky.

Luckily, there are plenty of blogs that will outline gift ideas for all sorts of recipients.

These gifts are great for providing inspiration or concrete gift ideas.

3. Christmas Blogs for Savings & Promotions

It may not be as glamorous as other aspects of the holiday season, but keeping track of finances is essential to planning the perfect holiday season.

These blogs can alert you to great deals and Christmas-related promotions.

4. Christmas Blogs for Kids:

Since Christmas is often a busy time for families, these Christmas blogs for kids inspire parents with ideas for crafts, games, and activities.

The areas described on these blogs are typically kid-friendly.

Some blogs may even talk directly to children.

5. Christmas Blogs for Designs & Decor:

Christmas Blogs relating to design and decor focus on ways to decorate your home during the holiday season.

This blog type can include crafting articles and design guides for different aesthetics.

Do Christmas Blogs Make Money?

The main motivations for starting a blog are often about fun and a creative outlet.

However, Christmas blogs are one type of the different types of blog that make money.

All Christmas blogs are not necessarily profitable, and many mostly make money during the holiday season itself.

Christmas blogs can make money in a few different ways.

How Do Christmas Blogs Make Money?

Once a blog has an audience, bloggers can make good money through ads, affiliate links, sponsored posts, and selling digital or tangible products.

The right mix of these money-making methods will vary depending on the blog and its content.

You do not have to use all of these at once.

However, one or two of these options, at least, if you want a profitable blog.

How Much Do Christmas Blogs Make?

Christmas blogs can make a wide range of money.

Some just make a bit of supplemental income, some make enough to let the blogger quit their job, and others barely make any money.

The income comes down to the types of revenue streams a blog has.

Blogs exclusively dedicated to Christmas make money in different ways than blogs that foray into the Christmas blog space during the holiday season.

Depending on a blog’s popularity and revenue streams, a blog can make anywhere between $200 and $10,000 each month.

It is somewhat rare for a Christmas-specific blog to make a lot of money since the niche is fairly small.

Products to Promote and Sell on a Christmas Blog

While ads are a great way to make money from a blog, selling and promoting products is also a great way to make money while reinforcing your blog’s brand.

Christmas Blogs provide an opportunity for promoting and selling products.

1. Affiliate Products

Promoting products is a money-making method for blogs in general.

During the holiday season, affiliate products can get a lot of special attention since people are looking for gift ideas.

2. Specialty Cooking Tools

Cultures that celebrate Christmas throughout the world make many unique dishes during Christmas.

Often those dishes require special tools.

For example, if you want to make the traditional Norweigian krumkake cookie, you will need to get the special tools needed for that cookie.

A blog selling specialty items can reach previously untapped markets.

3. Unique Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is a central component of many Christmas traditions.

A swath of presents under the tree can be striking and helpful when creating a cozy Christmas aesthetic.

So, wrapping paper is relevant and useful to sell on your Christmas blog.

4. Digital Music and Stories

Digital products and pdfs are quite common on blogs.

On a Christmas blog, you can offer pdfs that include information about Christmas traditions worldwide, music, and activity instructions.

Best Christmas Blogs: 25 Examples

Christmas blogs come in many shapes and sizes, and knowing the existing types can inform your blog.

A great way to learn about the Christmas blog landscape is by looking at existing blogs of this type.

Here are 25 examples of great Christmas blogs that Christmas enthusiasts love to read.

How Many Christmas Blogs Are There?

While there are not as many Christmas blogs as other, broader types of blogs, there are still a few hundred of these blog types.

On top of those, some blogs have other focuses during the rest of the year and turn to Christmas content during the holiday season.

Christmas Blogs for Traditions

Christmas traditions vary greatly across different cultures and families.

Some traditions include activities, crafts, stories, and other practices, while other traditions are more intangible.

These blogs explore different elements of Christmas traditions.

Christmas A Go Go

Christmas A Go Go is a blog that focuses on all genres of religious and secular Christmas music.

christmasagogo homepage screenshot 1

It usually only posts during the holiday season.

Part of this blog’s success is due to its thoughtful content and ability to use plugins and music players.

My Merry Christmas

My Merry Christmas is a blog and associated podcast dedicated to building a community of Christmas enthusiasts.

mymerrychristmas homepage screenshot 1

Posts and pods include information about Christmas traditions, history, and entertainment.

This blog is successful thanks to its robust community and ability to engage that community in several ways.  

All Things Christmas

All Things Christmas is a blog that posts about several elements of Christmas all year round.

allthingschristmas homepage screenshot 1

Posts include information on decor, movies, music, recipes, and traditions.

This blog is successful thanks to its use of affiliate links, ads, and robust content.  

Christmas World Blog

The Christmas World Blog includes articles about Christmas traditions and tips.

christmasworld homepage screenshot 1

The blog runs throughout the year.

This blog is supplementary to a company that sells Christmas supplies, including lighting, storage, and greenery.  

Christmas TV History

Christmas TV History is a blog from film historian, Joanna Wilson about the history of Christmas in TV and film.

christmastvhistory homepage screenshot 1

Posts go into detail about Christmas-related media throughout history.

The blog is successful thanks to its consistent and comprehensive content and loyal community.

Some support comes to the blog as a result of the blogger’s books.  

Christmas Blogs for Gift Ideas

Gifts are an integral component of most Christmas traditions.

They hold symbolic meaning and provide celebrants with the opportunity to show their appreciation for those close to them.

Choosing a great gift can be difficult, especially if you have a long list of recipients.

Luckily, these blogs focus on inspiring you with the perfect gifts.  

Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Homemade Gifts Made Easy is a website that provides different types of homemade gift ideas, including many for Christmas and other holidays.

homemade gifts made easy homepage screenshot 1

This blog is successful, thanks to ads and its consistent content.

Plus it offers printables and other products.  

Emily McCarthy

The Emily McCarthy blog focuses on gift ideas and overall style tips.

emilymccarthy homepage screenshot 1

This one is another blog that does not primarily focus on Christmas during the whole year.

Instead, it revs up Christmas content during the holiday season.

The blog is successful, thanks to its ability to meld blogging with affiliate links and sales of items.  

The Lilypad Cottage

The Lilypad Cottage is a decorating blog that discusses decor of all kinds.

thelilypadcottage homepage screenshot 1

However, it spends a lot of time discussing aspects of Christmas, including gift guides.

This blog makes money thanks to its affiliate links, ads, and sponsored posts.

Do Say Give

Do Say Give is a blog about gift-giving and motherhood.

Do say give homepage screenshot 1

This blog also offers many courses and clubs, including a Christmas prep club which helps readers prepare for the holiday over the long term.

The blog partially makes money from its paid courses and affiliate links.  

The Bradford Exchange

The Bradford Exchange Blog is a blog that supplements a shop.

Bradford exchange homepage screenshot 1

It provides gift guides by occasion and interest.

A large number of those blogs relate directly to Christmas.

Since this blog is supplemental to a store, that is where most of the income comes from.

Christmas Blogs for Savings & Promotions

Since the holiday season is a common time to spend a lot of money, many people look for ways to save on their gifts.

Read these blogs to find useful savings and promotions during the Christmas season.

Deal Seeking Mom

dealseekingmom homepage screenshot 1

Deal Seeking Mama posts Amazon deals throughout the year and posts a lot during the holiday season.

This blog makes money through affiliate links.

Gee Thanks Just Bought It

geethanksjustboughtit homepage screenshot 1

Gee Thanks Just Bought It is a blog and podcast that talks about deals throughout the year.

It offers posts about deals throughout the year and gift guides, including holiday gift guides.

The blog makes money through affiliate links and sponsored posts.  

Bargain Babe

bargainbabe homepage screenshot 1

Bargain Babe is a blog that discusses how to save money in many areas, including during holidays.

It also has gift guides and recipes.

The blog makes money through ads and affiliate links.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

The Krazy Coupon Lady blog includes tips on saving money all year round, including during the holidays.

This blog primarily makes money through affiliate links.

Inspired Budget

inspiredbudget homepage screenshot 1

Inspired Budget is a blog that discusses saving money, in general, including holiday savings.

It makes money through affiliate links, a shop, and ads.  

Christmas Blogs for Kids

While many of these other blog types provide content interesting to adults, several blogs cater to children and family interests.

Check out these blogs to find information on child-friendly crafts and activities.

Christmas Crafts All Year Round

christmascraftsallyearround homepage screenshot 1

Christmas Crafts All Year Round engages its readers with crafts related to Christmas throughout the whole year.

Crafts include cards, cakes, and paintings.

Each month of the year has a different theme.

This blog does a great job of engaging with its community.

Craftberry Bush

craftberrybush homepage screenshot 1

Craftberry Bush is a blog focused on cultivating a love of art and crafts for children and adults.

Many of these crafts include seasonal and non-seasonal crafts.

The blog also includes decorating and recipe ideas.

Part of this blog’s success is due to ads. It also fills an important niche.

Happily Eva After

happilyevaafter homepage screenshot 1

Happily Eva After is a family-focused lifestyle blog that always posts plenty of tips about carrying on Christmas traditions with children and coping with parenthood during the busy holiday season.

The blog primarily makes money with affiliate links and its gift shop.

Wonder Adventures

wonderadventures homepage screenshot 1

Wonder Adventures is a blog that provides ideas for child-friendly activities and parenting tips.

It has many posts related to Christmas and other holidays.

This blog makes money by providing digital and print resources and items from its shop.


babyccino homepage screenshot 1

Babyccino is a blog that highlights baby boutiques and outlines child-friendly activities.

This blog has many blogs about Christmas and other holiday celebrations.

The blog bakes money through affiliate links, affiliated boutiques, and sponsored posts.

Christmas Blogs for Designs & Decor

Christmas blogs about design and decor inspire making your home into a winter wonderland.

Blogs exist on this topic on several levels.

Some will appeal to readers that want some simple design tricks, while others appeal to those that want their whole home to drip with Christmasy charm.

Ashley Brooke Designs

ashleybrooke homepage screenshot 1

Ashley Brooke Designs may not be a blog solely devoted to Christmas.

However, when the holiday season rolls around, this blog is one of the most popular options, when it comes to Christmas design and lifestyle.

Style Me Pretty

stylemepretty homepage screenshot 1

Style Me Pretty is a great blog that explores all elements of entertainment, including food, drinks, fashion, design, and family-focused events.

There is also a healthy dose of holiday entertaining inspiration on this blog.

This blog is successful thanks to its robust and diverse offerings.  

Waiting on Martha

waitingonmartha homepage screenshot 1

Waiting on Martha is a lifestyle blog that discusses food drink, design, entertainment, beauty, fashion, and more.

It describes Christmas and other holiday design concepts.

The blog makes money with affiliate links.

Living with Landyn

livingwithlandyn homepage screenshot 1

Living with Landyn is primarily a lifestyle blog.

It posts about recipes, style, sales, and other topics related to the author’s interests.

This blog is partially successful thanks to its robust community and affiliate links.

Lark and Linen

Lark and linen homepage screenshot 1

Lark and Linen is a design blog known for its beautiful Christmas season design inspiration.

It also offers interior design and virtual design consultation.

This blog makes money with affiliate links and associated services.

How to Become a Christmas Blogger

Figuring out how to start a blog can be a different journey for every blogger.

However, there are a few steps most bloggers should follow to create a successful Christmas blog.

Some of those steps are creative, while others relate to creating functional aspects of the blog.  

1. Determine the Direction of the Blog

The first step in creating any blog is knowing which direction you want the blog to go in.

If you know you want to write a Christmas blog, you are already off to a good start.

Next, you need to figure out the right direction within Christmas blogging to take.

A great way to figure out potential directions for Christmas blogging is if you do keyword research to uncover opportunities.

2. Select a Niche

Choosing the right niche within the larger topics of Christmas blogs is vital when becoming a Christmas blogger.

That niche helps you create a distinct space in the world of Christmas blogs.

Figuring out how to choose the right niche can be simple for some bloggers and difficult for others.

Try for a niche that is small enough to stand out, but large enough to appeal to a sizable audience.

3. Select a Name

Coming up with a blog name that fits your brand is an essential part of becoming a Christmas blogger.

You want to choose a name that accurately portrays what the blog will be about and is memorable.

It is also vital to ensure no other blogs already have the same title you intend to use for your blog.  

4. Select a Blogging Platform

With many different blogging platforms available, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your blogging needs.

Each platform is a little different and has its pros and cons.

Learn about the differences between them and choose one that fits your experience level and goals for your blog.

5. Register a Domain Name

While it is not essential for every blogger to register a domain name, those bloggers who want to make money from their blogs must follow this step.

With so many domain registrars available, it is important to find the best domain registrar for your needs.  

6. Get Web Hosting

Every blog requires web hosting from a service.

A blog host offers the web server space where your blog exists online.

Many services cater to this need. We suggest managed WordPress hosting for your Christmas blog.

That option is user-friendly, cost-efficient, and great if you want to use search engine optimization.

7. Build the Blog

Once you have a place for your blog to live, you can focus on shaping your blog’s content.

Components related to building your blog include choosing a theme, adding plugins, and adding essential pages.


The theme of your blog requires you to choose the design elements of your blog.

Those elements can include fonts, colors, layouts, and customization options.

When you install a WordPress theme, it provides important brand reinforcement.

Choose a theme that fits the aesthetic you want to promote.  


Plugins are a great way to make your blog functional and unique.

There are several types of WordPress plugins you can add to your blog.

Christmas blogs may benefit from contact forms, analytics, e-mail marketing tools, community-building tools, and store backups.

Essential Pages

While they may not be as glamorous as your central content pages, essential pages for your blog play an essential role.

These pages provide a functional backbone to your website that gives you the space to focus on the creative aspects of the blog.

Essential pages include a privacy policy, an about page, a cookie policy, and resources.

8. Produce Content for the Blog

Creating content for your blog is often the most fun component of becoming a blogger.

The specific content for your Christmas blog can vary from another blog in the same genre.

Content includes blog posts, videos, photos, products, and activities.

It is often a good idea to build some content for your blog before launch and set up a schedule for regular posting after launch.  

9. Launch the Blog Publicly

To allow people to read your blog, you must launch it publicly.

Launching a new blog can be exciting and nerve-wracking.

However, if you have a good plan in terms of content and marketing, you will likely be in good shape.

10. Promote the Blog

Promoting your blog is vital when it comes to drawing readership to your work.

There are many ways to promote a blog.

Some methods include posting about it on social media sites, building links to the blog, networking with influencers and other figures, and building an e-mail list.  

Similar Blogging Types to Check Out

If you enjoy Christmas blogs, there are several other types of blogs you may enjoy.

Some blogs that focus on seasonal projects or lifestyle components can appeal to the Christmas blog audience.

Some specific blog types you may enjoy include blogs about parenting, finances, or Disney.  

1. Parenting Blogs

If you love Christmas blogs, you may also enjoy parenting blogs that give you tips on how to be a parent and activities you can do with your children.

Many parenting blogs include seasonal activities, including holiday recipes, crafts, and adventures.

These blogs are some of the most popular blog categories on the internet.

2. Personal Finance Blogs

Those who enjoy the financial aspects of some Christmas blogs may also like personal finance blogs.

That blog type focuses on providing information on managing personal finances, choosing investments, saving, creating a safety net, and more.

These blogs appeal to different demographics and experience levels when it comes to finances.

3. Disney Blogs

Disney blogs are a type of blog you will likely enjoy if you love Christmas-centric blogs.

Both topics can be festive and appealing to children.

This blog type discusses a wide range of topics that center around the Disney company.

Sub-topics include Disney-bounding, Disney history, and Disney-focused approaches to holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many common questions people have about Christmas blogs.

Read on to discover those questions and their answers.

What are some blogs about Christmas all year round?

While some blogs only focus on Christmas during the holiday season, several blogs work to engage an audience during the whole year.

Those blogs include Winter Wonderland, Ernie (Not Bert), and Christmas Crafts All Year ‘Round.

Who are the top-rated Christmas bloggers?

The top-rated Christmas bloggers include Ashley Brooke Designs, Emily McCarthy, and Style Me Pretty.

These bloggers get a lot of attention in the blogging world, thanks to their high-quality content and ability to engage with their audience.

Wrapping Up

The Christmas blog space is a burgeoning area that draws in readers interested in all aspects of the Christmas season.

Some blogs discuss Christmas as a whole, while others focus on specific elements of the holiday season, such as decor, promotions, gift ideas, and kid-friendly options.

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