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ClickMeeting Review
ClickMeeting is a browser-based audio-visual meeting software. It is compatible with
both Mac and PC computer systems. ClickMeeting is packed with features that can
make attending a meeting an interactive experience for attendees, even though they are
not necessarily situated in the same location.

Advantages of Choosing ClickMeeting
1. No Special Skills Required
The software is very simple to use. There is nothing to install, and no setup is required.
It is designed to make webinars easy for users to organize and run, and participants to
join. Do you love this clickmeeting review and tutorial?
2. Customizable and Scalable
Webinars can be customized and connected to an in-house application. Using available
add-ons, users can extend their account. They can select the features they wish to add
to customize their webinars to create the best solution for their organization.
3. Reliable and Secure
ClickMeeting’s webinar platform is backed by a network of secure data centers located
in several centers worldwide. Users can take advantage of a huge bandwidth and a
backup recovery system, if needed. The systems comply with world standards for
security protocols.
ClickMeeting Features
There are a number of features that make ClickMeeting a helpful and easy software
option to use holding webinars.
• Planning Stage and Inviting Attendees
Getting started is easy and only takes a few moments. Users can customize their
webinar room for a professional appearance to make a good first impression on their

A Registration Page is used to collect information about prospects so that users can
learn about them in advance. Users can also sent out customized invitations to the
webinar and have invitees confirm their attendance.
A virtual Waiting Room with an agenda keeps attendees engaged before the webinar
The Webinar Rebranding feature allows users to add a logo and brand colors to the
webinar room and waiting room. This customization makes a greater impact on the
webinar audience. Attendees can download important files at this point.
• Toll-free Phone Number Access
With toll-free number access, attendees do not have to be near a computer to attend
the webinar. They can participate in the event from any location that is convenient to
• Social Media Sharing
Post the invitation for the webinar on social media accounts to create interest and
attract more attendees. This is an effective way to expand brand awareness.
• Clickmeeting Review-Record Webinars
Recording the webinar is easy; all it takes is a single click. Once the event is captured, it
can be downloaded and replayed at any time.
• Hosting Webinars and Interacting with Attendees
The audience is hosted in a webinar room where the webinar can be hosted
comfortably and easily. A number of presentation tools are available to help engage the
audience and keep them interested in the presenter’s content. Depending on the
subject matter, the presenter can:
• Provide illustrations
• Make notes on presentation content
• Guide the audience through a document
• Present to coworkers specific documents, projects or websites
Content can be shared in a number of formats, such as Numbers, Pages, Keynote,
Excel, PowerPoint and more.
The presenter can also use a whiteboard to show documents as slides to get a
message across during the webinar.
The attendees can ask questions and provide feedback during the webinar with the
moderated chat function. This gives them the opportunity to get clarification of specific
points while the presenter remains in control of the webinar.
Language doesn’t have to be a barrier when hosting a webinar. Simultaneous Google
translation is available in 52 languages. The source language is picked up
automatically. The original language and the translation are displayed for attendees in a
chat room in real time, allowing everyone to keep up with the webinar.
• Screen Sharing
The screen sharing feature allows remote attendees to view the presenter’s computer
desktop. The presenter can choose to share either the full or partial screen to demo a
new product or share a computer process. This feature also allows the presenter to take
control of a participant’s screen and operate it from their location.
• Polls and Surveys
Conduct polls and surveys during the live webinar to gather opinions from attendees.
Use the data gathered to gain insights and feedback. Analyze these results to make
informed choices.

• Thank You Page- Clickmeeting Review
After the webinar is completed, wind up the experience by directing the attendees to a
custom web page. At this point, customers can tell the attendees what they would like
them to do next. The attendees can interact directly with a sales representative to
request further information, schedule appointments or place orders.
• Track Webinar Statistics
Customers can track data about individual webinars to discover trends. It can help them
to improve future performance and drop strategies that are not resonating with their
• Performance Rating
Attendees can share their opinion about the webinar after the event. Customers can use
this valuable information to improve their performance in future webinars.
ClickMeeting Packages
ClckMeeting offers packages designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.
MyWebinars™ is a package that is appropriate for small and medium-sized webinars,
with 25-100 attendees. At this level, customers can have two presenters, four video
streams, four hours of recordings and a rebranding tool. Pricing ranges from $30.00-
$69.00 per month.
MyWebinars™ Pro is the best choice for customers who are scheduling larger events,
with 50-500 attendees. This package includes four presenters, four video streams, six
hours of recording and a rebranding tool. It also includes three multi users, 24 recording
hours of archive and records in HD. The pricing ranges from $45.00-$179.00 per month.
ClickMeeting also offers Enterprise packages for customers who are holding webinars
with 500-5,000 attendees. The company will provide customized solutions with account
manager support to customers operating at this level. Live webcasting in HD and
extended add-ons are available, along with rebranding services. Pricing starts at
$209.00 per month.
ClickMeeting for Webinars
The developers of ClickMeeting have covered all the bases in anticipating what their
customers could want in a webinar software offering. The list of features is impressive.
The packages are offered at price points that make it affordable for even small and
medium-sized businesses who want to get their feet wet in offering this type of event.
What did you think of Austin Andersons clickmeeting review? Can you help add to it?

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