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Cloudways: Managed Cloud Hosting Platform for Bloggers



What is the most basic requirement that supports every other aspect of an online business?

Reliable hosting.

Whether it is an agency or a small business, the majority of the website related issues stem from the hosting solution. Almost every business, online store or a forum needs a robust web hosting solution.

Another important source of website related issues is the simple fact that not many online business owners are technically proficient in managing their servers. Thus, many owners pull double duty as both business and server managers. For such people, the best solution is to get a managed cloud hosting solution that takes care of the server management issues.

Choosing a Provider

The industry is saturated with cloud hosting providers, making it tough (read: almost impossible!) to choose the best provider for your website. To make matters worse, every provider has its terminology for various components of the process.

When it comes to your business, you are the best judge. Only you could understand the requirements of resources and services that best suit your business. The best thing to do is to make a list of features and services and then find the cloud hosting provider who offers the mix at the best prices.

Some of the most important aspects to look for in a hosting solution provider are:

  • 24x7x365 support
  • Number of supported applications
  • Number of supported databases and supported database engines
  • The stack of the hosting solution
  • Whether the service is managed or not

Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting

Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting not only caters to all the above points but offers a lot more in the bargain.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting PLATFORM that enables users to host their website on top of some of the best cloud providers in the industry:

This diversity of options is just one reason why Cloudways stands out in the competition. Most of the providers in the industry cater only to one end of the services spectrum. There are either very cheap shared hosting providers or very elite VPS providers. However, if you want the best of both worlds, Cloudways is your best choice.

Thanks to their FREE trial service of managed cloud hosting (14 days on DigitalOcean and three days on other providers), users can experience the Cloudways Platform first-hand before deciding whether the investment is worth it.

The 1-Click Solution

For someone who does not want to go too much into the intricacies of application setup and server management, Cloudways is the best solution. Cloudways Platform offers 1-click installation for all the applications. This means that a simple WordPress instance, a WooCommerce based online store, or even a Laravel powered development agency is just a click away.

Do you wish to launch a simple PHP website? Just select PHP from the drop-down menu. Want to have your website based on the developer friendly CMS, Drupal? Look no further! From ecommerce applications to industry leading CMS to PHP applications, the Cloudways Platform offers a reliable and quick foundation for every business scenario.

WordPress + Cloudways = Blogger Heaven

With more than a quarter of the internet being powered by WordPress, it is no surprise that everyone from designers, developers, agencies, freelancers, affiliates, forums, ecommerce store owners, and even large enterprises use WordPress in some capacity.

The key to success of WordPress is the plethora of configuration options including the vast (almost a million plus) repository of plugins and themes. WordPress makes it easy to launch a highly functional website in a matter of minutes!

If you decide to choose Managed WordPress Hosting from Cloudways, the deal becomes sweeter because of the managed server management services. Managing the content calendar, looking out for the website, getting done with the designs, and making sure the content is ready to be published – all this needs much time. You do not have time for looking after the needs of the server. This is where the managed cloud hosting from Cloudways comes into play. The Platform is designed so that the users do not have to worry about managing their servers.

Moreover, the free migration option for WordPress is a tough-to-ignore attraction that ensures a seamless transfer of the existing WordPress website to Cloudways without breaking anything. The users also have access to multiple versions of PHP, multiple databases (MySQL & MariaDB), SSH, SFTP, 1-click domain management and CDN setup.

Worried about security? Cloudways offers FREE SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, firewalls and continuous monitoring of the Platform.

In addition to all these features, you get to meet your very own, industry’s first managed cloud hosting chatbot, CloudwaysBot. This personal assistant is always on the lookout for any irregularities on your server and instantly informs you about any issues via your subscribed channels, including Slack or SMS.

Scale When You Want

One of the best features of the Cloudways Platform is the 1-click scaling option. If you anticipate a spike in the website’s traffic, you can scale your server in just a few clicks.  Don’t worry; you can always go back to your desired server size later on. Moreover, since the Platform is based on a Pay-As-You-Go model, you will be charged for the extra resources only for the amount of time you used them.

ThunderStack To The Rescue

All the speed and performance of the Cloudways Platform comes from the unique server-and-cache formula known as ThunderStack. This custom designed mechanism boosts the performance of a hosted application several times. The static content on the website is cached using NGINX, which greatly reduces the load on the server and increase the page load time.

Install WordPress on Cloudways

Launching a WordPress instance on Cloudways is easy. First, you need to sign up on Cloudways, create an account and finally, verify your email address. You can sign up for the FREE trial period to check out the Platform. If you do not want to use your e-mail, sign up using your LinkedIn, Google+ or Github account.

Once your account has been verified, login to your account and click on the Launch button.

In the window that appears, select WordPress from the drop-down.

Now, you have to fill in the following details.

Name your App: Give a name to your application.

Name your Server: Give a name to your server. If you plan on launching multiple servers, it is better to give an appropriate name to each server.

Select your Project: Choose your desired project.

You now have to select the infrastructure provider, server size and the location of your server.

Choose wisely, especially when selecting the location of the server. Cloudways offers 40+ server locations, allowing the servers to be located as near to the target audience as possible.

Once you have made your choices, you can click on the Launch Server button.

Your server will be prepped up in a matter of minutes, and you should see the following screen.

Wasn’t that easy? In a matter of minutes, you have your very own managed WordPress cloud, ready to fly.

WordPress Performance On Cloudways

WordPress is blazing fast on Cloudways. Some users have even reported an increase of 1311%, thanks to the highly optimized ThunderStack recipe. You can test the speed of your application yourself by going over to Pingdom or any other speed testing website.

Sounds interesting? There is more.

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways offers one of the best affiliate program in the industry that enables an affiliate to earn up to USD 1250 a year per customer. Signing up is easy and has no contractual limitations. Here’s a sneak peek at how much a Cloudways Affiliate could make in a year!

Plans To Suit Everyone

Cloudways is based on the affordable pay-as-you-go system. What this means is that you are charged only for the resources you consume. The following image shows some plans for the DigitalOcean infrastructure. You can head over to the pricing page of Cloudways to understand how the pricing works.

Don’t Waste Your Resources

Cloudways is a feature rich managed cloud hosting platform that is optimized for all online applications. In addition to diverse cloud options, you get:

  • Unlimited application installs,
  • Staging areas & URL,
  • 24x7x365 live chat,
  • Support for HTTP2,
  • Real-time monitoring,
  • Project and Team features for better collaboration,
  • Deployment via Git,w
  • Publicly available Cloudways API
  • Multiple 1-click functions that include cloning, domain mapping, backup, server scaling, and restore.
  • Moreover, much much more

You should not waste your time and money on cheap hosting providers that could damage your online business without warning!

Instead, choose the right hosting provider for your website. Choose a provider that is there for you when you need it the most.

As an active entrepreneur and blogger, my topics of discussion are mainly on business strategy, tech startups and motivating others to succeed. You can read up on my latest content at

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Top Hosting Warning Signs To Watch Out [Infographic]



essential pages blog should have

Picking the right web host for your business website is one of the most important website launch tasks. With the numerous hosting providers available in the market, you can easily pick a web host as per your needs and requirements. From Shared hosting to WordPress hosting to Dedicated servers, there are also several types of web hosting that you can choose from. However, the downside of having too many web hosts is difficulty in selecting a reliable hosting service provider. 

Thus, if you are looking to purchase a new web host, then here are the top hosting warning signs that you need to watch out. These warning signs are also an indication for website owners who are struggling with their existing hosting.


  • Frequent Downtime

Downtime refers to the period during which the server is unavailable for use. If you are running a website that attracts a huge amount of traffic daily, frequent downtime can affect your site’s revenue. It can also affect your site’s credibility in the long run.

Thus, you must do your research and pick a web host that offers optimal uptime (99.9% is the industry standard). Frequent downtime is also a sign of an unreliable web host, in which case, you need to switch to another hosting provider post-haste.

  • Poor Customer Support

Having a robust customer support is a vital back-up for business owners just launching their website. Without proper support in place, you wouldn’t be able to resolve website issues quickly, which could impact the growth of your website. Also, a good web hosting provider offers multi-channel support via phone, email, and live chat. As such, check what support channels the hosting provider offers, before signing-up with them.

  • Inadequate Security Features

One of the top requirements for any website, especially eCommerce website, is powerful security features. With cyber-crimes rampant, the only way to protect your website and database from threats like malware, viruses, and spam is to have strong website security features in place.

If your hosting provider is not offering you adequate security, then shifting to a new host is the only option, which can prevent hacking attempts and other threats. Also, when choosing a new host, check out their security features list to understand what measures they undertake to protect websites, before purchasing a hosting package.

  • Lack of Essential Features

This includes cPanel, back-up facility, storage, advanced programming languages, among others. A cPanel makes your task of managing the website easy. Whereas, an efficient back-up facility ensures that you can get your site up and running in no time, in the event of website hack or server failure.

Adequate storage is important or else it could affect your site’s performance. Likewise, advanced programming languages ensures that you can easily scale your website, should the need arise in the future. So, if these features are not offered by a hosting provider, then you need to look elsewhere.

To sum up,

Web hosting is one of the building blocks of a successful website. When choosing a hosting service provider, ensure that you read reviews and customer testimonials before choosing one. Also, low/high price doesn’t always guarantee great features. Thus, make sure to do your research, and to learn more about hosting warning signs, go here.

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Managed WordPress Hosting 101: What Site Owners Need to Know



The first and crucial thing when establishing a website is a solid foundation for running it. Building a website maybe not that hard, especially if you have a WordPress website on your mind, but keeping a website safe and secure is a big obligation.

You can hire professional developers, but also you can take advantage of web hosting providers and choose the packages of the best hosting solution. Nowadays many web hosting companies offer different solutions for maintaining a website. For one price, you can get a whole hosting package that has everything suitable for your website, and the only thing you need to consider is: what exactly your website need?

There are a few different web hosting solutions: shared hosting, managed hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, etc. Choosing a compatible hosting depends on your website, so think about crucial things, or ask someone with more experience to help you. For example: if you have a small website with less traffic, the best option for you will be shared hosting. You’ll share the same disk space, memory, and power with other small websites on the server for an affordable price.

If you have a WordPress website, we have good news. With the bigger and bigger popularity of WordPress, many hosting providers offer a hosting package specially designed for WordPress websites. This kind of web hosting adds some convenient features designed for easier managing. Keep reading to discover all the benefits of managed hosting and how it can help you to run a flawless WordPress website.

 The Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged Web Hosting

The great difference between these two types of hosting is the quantity of responsibilities of hosting provider. Standard (unmanaged) hosting service means that you usually, optimize the website by yourself, keeping it up to date and making sure everything is ok. Managed hosting provider is specially designed for a WordPress website, and it’s much more customized for owners – the provider company will manage your hosting, not only ensuring server security and optimization. Your hosting provider will take care of many tasks that will make your job easier. It offers various services along with the server space so your website will run smoother, with your minimal involving and monitoring it. Hostinger provides hosting solutions for small or medium WordPress websites, so you could think about the offers. Before choosing a reliable hosting company read the reviews, inform yourself wisely – it can save you a lot of money and time.

Managed hosting isn’t so much a plan as it is a description of the services you’ll receive: in one package you’ll get everything you need customized for a WordPress website so you can focus on website content or something more interesting than a monitoring security and all that complicated tasks.

Here are some of the great advantages of managed hosting:

1.   Expert team support

The web hosting companies specialized in WordPress have more experience with typical problems and it will faster troubleshoot any bug. Technical problems can happen with any kind of website, and sometimes it can be really hard to solve it on your own, or to explain to your provider what’s happening. So, the best option is to have a reliable host with a personal support team with 24/7 availability, to answer all your questions and concerns. An expert WordPress technical support has the experience to solve any problem immediately. A highly skilled group of technicians will be there for you in case of any emergency: on email, on the phone, on live chat. Everywhere!

2.   Backup regularly

As you can assume, backups are your key to security and it’s very important continuous performing them. If you don’t have time to backup a website by yourself regularly, it’s important to find a web host who will do it for you. Some managed web hosting solutions offer daily backups, some of them weekly, and it’s important to decide how often you need copies. After your decision, try to find the option that fits what you want. With managed hosting provider offering backups as many as you want, your website will run smoother and you’ll be peaceful.

2.   Scalabity Whenever and Wherever

One of the most important things to look for when signing up for a managed WordPress hosting account, is to make sure they are not just focused on WP-powered sites, but that they also have the tools, solutions and options for scalability in place as well. This will be ideal for any site owners starting off with a brand new site and don’t have a lot of money to spend in the beginning for their hosting — however, when their site starts to pick up in traffic and revenue, the option is also there to upgrade to a better managed hosting plan.

3.   Keeping a website safe, not just solving a problem

With managed hosting service, the host team will supervise your WordPress website regularly and keeping monitoring of any suspicious activity. It is extremely important especially if you are a newbie in online business and haven’t experienced recognizing potential threats. The support team of the hosting provider maintain your website and work on preventing any of the potential threats. You must admit it’s perfect resolution: instead of requesting support after some issue, the technical team keeps everything safe all the time. 

In Summary…

If you have a high-traffic WordPress website, managed hosting will be the best solution for you. Experienced WordPress hosting provider with expert staff will give you the necessary support and make things easier. WordPress is giving endless possibilities for creativity, so don’t let complicated things interfere with your work. Good luck, and let managed hosting be with you!

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Protecting Your Online Business with Cloud Access Security Brokers



No matter if you are a blogger just starting out, or have a full time business online, you need to make sure your site is up at all time ans that your data is also secure. This is something many individuals and brands think they have in place, until a new security leak and hack comes into play. One of the best ways to make sure your online business and customer data is safe, is to make sure you are hosting your site with a reliable solution. As ‘cloud computing’ also becomes more accessible and at cheaper prices, it’s yet another option for keeping your online brand and business safe at all times,

A cloud access security broker (CASB) assists with cloud-based security concerns. While you may have outstanding security measures in place both within your organization and with your cloud service provider, there is still a point of vulnerability between the two. A cloud access security broker helps you protect your data everywhere from the point of origination to its final storage place in the cloud. There are several options available for service providers in this area, so it’s important to know how to assess them and make a fair comparison across all your potential security brokers.

Data Security Measures

The primary purpose of a cloud access security broker is to enhance your data security as information moves between internal or external storage devices and the cloud. While the cloud itself may be safe and secure, the transmission of information can create a weak point where cybercriminals have the opportunity to snag sensitive data en route to its next destination.
When you’re comparing cloud access security brokers, you must assess the details of their security measures. How do they control access? What measures are in place to prevent data leakage? How do they handle encryption key management? Compare providers evenly at this point to see which offers the most comprehensive data security services.


Enhanced visibility is one of the key services offered by cloud access security brokers. Your broker should monitor all content moving in and out of the cloud, performing regular security audits. It’s important that you, as the consumer, have access to data and security logs and regular reports. Your CASB should also provide helpful alerts that will draw your attention to any potential weaknesses and guide you toward the best solutions. Find out how much visibility a CASB provider offers and what form it comes in.

Threat Protection

How does your cloud access security provider handle threats? You will inevitably come across cybercriminals who are attempting to access your data. What measures are in place to analyze user and entity behavior and capture these criminals? How does your provider detect data theft, and what steps do they take to then block the criminal from accessing your information? Your CASB should not only protect you from potential threats but also aid in the investigation of suspicious activity.


Discuss compliance requirements with your cloud access security broker. Are they knowledgeable about the latest requirements for legal compliance with data management within your industry? Do they have smart solutions to help you monitor and maintain compliance throughout the cloud? While compliance is an issue that will still ultimately fall on the shoulders of your company, a cloud access security broker should have the knowledge to assist you in this area, and they should always be on the alert for any compliance concerns that you need to be informed of.

Research your options carefully to make sure you’re working with a cloud access security broker that is well-equipped to assist with your industry-specific needs. The best option should suit both the size and scope of your company.

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