It’s not at all uncommon for marketers and/or businesses to be managing more than one website; in a lot of cases, there are people who will be managing multiple sites daily.

Even with hosting services like WPEngine being a high-powered and efficient web host that a lot of site managers take advantage of, it can still be an exhausting feat to try to keep up with multiple sites at once. That’s where CMS Commander comes in.

CMS Commander is a valuable tool, allowing users to manage all of their WordPress sites in one easy-to-use and easy-to-monitor dashboard. In addition to making it easier to manage your sites just by making them accessible through one dashboard, CMS Commander also offers a wide variety of incredible features that will help you track your marketing efforts and improve them, as well as keeping your sites up to date and secure.

After using CMS Commander myself, I would highly recommend all site managers at least give it a shot for the free trial to see if it works for them. Here’s why…

CMS Commander’s Features

Part of what makes CMS Commander so valuable isn’t just the fact that you can manage multiple WordPress sites in one place; it’s the added features and benefits that it can offer site managers. These features are valuable whether you are running one site or twenty five sites, though the more sites you have, the more time and value they offer you.

CMS Commander

Some of the most valuable features CMS Commander offers users include:

Managing & Monitoring Your WordPress Sites

CMS Commander’s management features make it easier than ever just to manage, update, and monitor multiple WordPress sites and keep up with each of their unique statistics. These features include:

  • Manage all WordPress sites on one dashboard: This is the biggest draw for CMS Commander, allowing you to keep track of all of your sites in one place. This saves you time, and ultimately money, preventing you from having to bounce from site to site to constantly keep track of all of them. It’s easy to compare what’s doing well, to see which sites might need some extra work or attention.
  • Update multiple blogs simultaneously: All it takes is just one click. Instead of logging into each site separately, when WordPress has new updates, you can update all your sites at once with just a single click.
  • Install plugins in bulk: Another huge time saver, CMS Commander allows you to install plugins in bulk across all of your sites as they become available or need updating.
  • Monitor your sites’ uptime (and downtime): Knowing how your sites are functioning can help you to solve current problems, prevent future ones, and save yourself the potential loss of customers that happens when a site has frequent issues with uptime.
  • Monitor backlinks to your sites: On the dashboard, you’ll be able to see how many backlinks you’ve got coming in for each of your sites.
  • Monitor your sites’ traffic: A huge statistic that matters, you can see all of your sites’ traffic, keeping it easy to track daily.

Backing Up and Cloning Sites

CMS Commander makes it easier than ever to back up your sites, and to clone them to make website creation faster and easier than ever before. Their unique and individual features that make this possible include the abilities to:

  • Keep your site secure with automatic backups: Automatic backups can save us all from the fault of human error, in addition to saving a great deal of time. With CMS Commander, all of your sites will automatically be backed up, keeping your site safe in case anything happens.
  • Back-up sites to multiple locations: You can choose to have CMS Commander automatically back up your sites to multiple locations, including your server, dropbox, Google Drive, your email, and more. This means that no matter what happens, you’ll have your content and your sites’ information accessible for an easy restore should you need it.
  • Clone sites: You can clone an entire blog, including all of the files and settings. There are a lot of benefits to this feature, even if you are just cloning the settings.

Creating and Optimizing Content

Any content management system that makes it easier, faster, and cheaper to create or optimize content is a valuable one. CMS Commander offers features to help do both, including providing tools that allow you to:

  • Gain access to content sources: CMS Commander gives you access to a ton of already-created content that you can use or repurpose for your site, including content from channels like Flickr, Google News, YouTube, and more.
  • Create and edit blog posts in bulk: You can easily edit, create, and post blog posts in bulk. You can, for example, replace keywords all at once if you need to change them in several places. You can also update or insert ads or affiliate links in old posts with a few quick clicks.
  • Schedule content for autoposting: This feature allows you to put your content on auto-pilot, setting it up to post without having to check back in. This helps you make sure that you have new, interesting content getting published at frequent intervals.

Monetizing Your Blogs

Monetizing your blog posts is one of the most crucial parts for a lot of content marketers’ jobs, as it makes your blogs truly profitable. CMS Commander knows this, and offers tools to help you monetize your blog, including features like:

  • Affiliate Network Integration: CMS Commander has made your job easier by having already added in the most popular affiliate networks for you to access. It’s easier than ever to find new promotion opportunities.
  • Inserting Ads: You can easily locate products to promote, and create and/or insert ads directly into posts, adding ads into multiple posts at once with the bulk editing option.
  • Monetizing Your Posts: Edit your posts and sites in bulk, inserting affiliate links or adding new posts and pages to highlight affiliate products your sites’ visitors could be interested in. When it comes to making money on your blog, this will make a huge difference in seeing big profit margins fast.

Keeping Your Sites Secure

Keeping your sites safe and secure is a huge priority, especially with hacking and cyber terrorism becoming more dangerous and damaging every day. CMS Commander offers  features designed to protect your sites, your business, and your clients, including (but not limited to):

  • Malware Scanner: You can run malware scans all from your dashboard, keeping all your sites protected at once. You will be notified of any threats right away.
  • Secure SSL: Everything that you do from the CMS Commander dashboard to change your sites will happen through a secure, encrypted SSL to protect your sites.
  • Again, these are valuable features that can make a huge difference in how you do your marketing, offering ways to keep your site up to date and secure. These features can also help you to determine what content and/or marketing campaigns are performing well.

You can see the full list of features CMS Commander offers all users here.

Plans Available for Purchase

CMS Commander offers different plans depending on how many websites you want to manage. All of their premium plans include all of their features, and all plans see a discount when purchased for the entire year, instead of monthly.

Pricing starts at 5 websites for only $8 per month, or $80 per year, and goes up to 400 websites for $125 per month or $1250 per year. When you purchase a plan, you can choose whether you want the monthly or the yearly plan. You can see a list of their plans here.


CMS Commander is flexible, meaning that you can cancel your account at any point, and that you can upgrade or downgrade your account at any point without any hassle.

Regardless of which plan you choose in the long run, you can try out CMS Commander for free with their free trial, making sure that it’s right for you and your business.

The free trial doesn’t try to automatically sign you up for anything; you don’t even have to enter in any payment information or details to take advantage of it. You can choose a plan (or not choose a plan, if that’s what you decide) after your free trial is over.

Final Thoughts

The idea behind CMS Commander is to save you time and to help you increase your profits all at once, and I think they’ve done a great job enabling users to do just that.

Even without all the benefits and unique features CMS Commander offers, just having all your WordPress sites all in one place is a huge time saver. Add in the features, which again are included with all plans, and you’ve got an unbelievably valuable resource that can help you to optimize your content, monitor your stats, and keep your sites secure all at once.

To see if CMS Commander is the right system for you and your business, you can sign up for the free trial here.