ColdFusion Hosting-Who Do We Recommend in 2017

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

Best ColdFusion Hosting – #1 Winner Hostek

If you are not already aware, ColdFusion is a scripting language that provides more than just your basic HTML to browsers, it in fact delivers customized web applications that are Java or Flash based.We think Hostek wins the best coldfusion hosting award.

Application developers are able to utilize the Flash and Java to create very dynamic web pages that are functional and reliable and can provide the best reporting for a business.

It performs much like jsp, asp, and Php, but it is quite separate from them and in many ways is more advanced. When compared to different website development applications, ColdFusion exceeds them in many aspects and also it is much preferred by developers who appreciate it for its flexibility and power.

ColdFusion requires very specific qualities of a server for it to perform at its best, and only a few web hosting companies are able to provide these requirements. In 1995 ColdFusion came into being when an attempt was made to merge a database with html to create a powerful yet simple resource.

The integration was successful, and it was just a year later that it came into its own as a distinct scripting language. It has now become a robust software application as a result of many updates it has undergone within the last fifteen years.

Best ColdFusion Hosting Company in 2017 – (#1 Hostek)


Especially Suited for E-Commerce Website Applications (Best ColdFusion Hosting)

The use of ColdFusion for big eCommerce sites is ideal as it provides very rich media and a great deal of server side control. Online consumers are enticed to buy when they encounter a great deal of interactivity and images on web pages, and ColdFusion provides those features adequately. Consumers are also encouraged to buy when specialized widgets and flash media are incorporated in the web page designs.

A company that is utilizing eCommerce should seriously consider signing up for ColdFusion hosting, and also the hiring of a ColdFusion programmer to help with the website design and maintenance.

Not too long ago, there were no hosting companies that provided a reputable ColdFusion service, but that is not the case today. In the past many companies tried, but they turned out to be just fly-by-night companies that were out of business after about a year in the market.

If you are considering ColdFusion hosting, the best decision would be to select a well-known and reputable host that has been in business for a reasonable amount of time.The hosts we have selected are well established and can give the quality service that our customers and clients will appreciate.

ColdFusion Now Owned by Adobe (Best ColdFusion Hosting)

Adobe purchased ColdFusion products and its applications in 2005. ColdFusion Builder was created by Adobe in 2010, and succeeded in making the language more user-friendly and simpler for developers and programmers to use. It is anticipated that the use of this tool will significantly rise in the next few years.

The use of ColdFusion hosting and ColdFusion will give a business certain advantages such as a better management of server performance and the surges in traffic that may occur by utilizing the concept of server clustering. Also, the customization of client side reporting and grafting will be utilized to suit particular parameters of the business.

Another advantage is the capability of scheduling weekly and daily tasks so that human interaction will not be needed. Using and maintaining the access and handling of the database will be better controlled and is a major component of server side management of a website.

The website developer will find the GUI user-friendly and simple to use, and he will be able to easily customize the client side coding that needs to be done.

Within the next ten years or so, we anticipate that there will be a huge demand for ColdFusion web hosting companies and our top picks in that area will assume leading roles since they would already have the know-how and the capital needed to not only outshine other hosts, but they will also be very successful.


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