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Best Comedy Podcasts: 15 Examples [2022]

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Since podcasting became popular, comedians have been using it to test their material and widen their audience.

Since then, comedy podcasts have grown into some of the largest on the planet.

So, let’s learn more about the 15 best comedy podcasts available so you can enjoy the laughs for hours!

What is a Comedy Podcast?

Comedy podcasts are like any other podcast—they’re a recording of one or more people talking about things that interest them.

But a comedy podcast primarily focuses on topics or elements that are funny to the host or their guests.

What Does a Comedy Podcaster Talk About?

Just like comedy, comedy podcasts have a wide range of topics. Stand-up comics with podcasts often talk about their shows or new gags.

Other podcasters recount comical stories from their lives.

In other cases, comedy podcasts will mix elements of current events with their comedy, similar to John Stewart or Stephen Colbert.

What is Included In a Comedy Podcast?

Comedy podcasts can have a wide array of topics.

They crack jokes, tell stories, rib one another, and much more.

But because each podcaster is unique, you’ll need to find one that fits your style.

Here are some of the most common topics comedy podcasters bring up on their program.

  • Comedic Stories: Whether from childhood or just last week, comedy podcasts will delight listeners with stories sure to make even the crankiest people laugh.
  • Practicing Jokes: Stand-up comics need to practice their material somewhere, so why not with an audience who already appreciates their style?
  • Joking with Guests: Comedians love spending time with people who share their humor, so you’ll often see the host riffing with a guest to see who can produce the biggest laugh.
  • Current Events: Comedians often see the absurdity in everyday events, which is why they’re the perfect people to help point out the comical nature of current events.
  • TV Shows: Some of the most popular comedy podcasts were born from old TV shows or movies. These podcasters often recount the funniest moments on the show, both off and on air.

Types of Comedy Podcasts

There are plenty of categories of comedy podcasts.

But for this guide, we’ve broken down these popular types of podcasts into three large categories.

  • Comedy Podcasts for Stand-Up Comedy: Comedy podcasts for stand-up usually have a stand-up comedian as their host. They recount stories, practice jokes, and invite their friends onto their program.
  • Comedy Podcasts for Road Trips: When you’re on a long road trip, the best thing you can listen to is something that keeps you awake. Comedy podcasts for road trips are usually about a fascinating topic, one that the host can riff on and make jokes about.
  • Comedy Podcasts for Moms and Dads: If you’re looking for a more family-friendly comedy podcast, podcasts for moms and dads are for you. These podcasts delve into more family-friendly topics without being boring.

Best Comedy Podcasts: 15 Examples

Now we’ve gotten to the good part!

Here, you can find 15 of the best podcasts currently available.

How Many Comedy Podcasts Are There?

It’s almost impossible to quantify how many comedy podcasts are out there.

That’s because so many have popped up in the last 5 years.

But Apple Podcasts currently catalogs more than 58,000 comedy podcasts!

Listening to podcasts on different platforms can help you find new programs.

Comedy Podcasts for Stand-Up Comedy

Here are the five best stand-up comedy podcasts.

If you like comedians recounting their best jokes or just telling jokes from their daily life, these are the podcasts for you!

1. Good For You

screenshot of the good for you homepage

Hosted by comedian Whitney Cummins, Good For You is an interview podcast with other stand-up comedians and friends.

They mostly talk about comedy and other aspects of their lives as performers.

Aside from that, they also delve into topics like love, unique experiences, and how their life experiences shaped them into the comedian they are today.  

2. Kill Tony

screenshot of the kill tony homepage

Kill Tony is a live podcast hosted by Tony Hinchcliffe every week in Austin, Texas.

He invites other comedians as guests while they judge aspiring comedians who test their skills on stage.

Tony is an insult comic with a dark sense of humor, so be ready to laugh and cringe at the same time!

3. 2 Bears, 1 Cave

screenshot of the 2 bears 1 cave homepage

2 Bears, 1 Cave is the culmination of years of friendship between Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer, two of the biggest names in stand-up comedy.

Whether they’re discussing fatherhood, comedy, or personal exploits, these guys will have your sides hurting in no time.

4. Legion of Skanks Podcast

screenshot of the legion of skanks podcast

Also known as the “most offensive podcast on earth,” Legions of Skanks is a project created by Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith.

These three real-life best friends use this podcast to talk about anything—and we mean anything!

5. TigerBelly

screenshot of the tiger belly homepage

Hosted by Bobby Lee and his much more rational ex-wife Khalyla, TigerBelly is a wild, weekly podcast.

These two announced their divorce on an episode and have continued making episodes.

Comedy Podcasts for Road Trips

On a road trip, you need something that’ll keep you awake and focused on the road.

Sometimes the best way to stay awake is to listen to something interesting.

And why not spice that up with some laughs?

Here are some of the most absorbing comedy podcasts sure to keep you awake on those long drives.

6. WTF with Marc Marron

screenshot of the wtf with marc marron homepage

WTF with Marc Marron is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Marron that delves into a wide array of topics ranging from comedy to politics.

He once interviewed President Obama for the show!

In general, Marron brings on guests to discuss what makes them special—be it musical talent, comedic gifts, or whatever else makes them unique!

7. How Did This Get Made?

screenshot of the how did this get made homepage

Have you ever wondered how those terrible films get made?

Whether you’re interested in what made a film flop or how such awful writing even came about, How Did This Get Made is the podcast for you!

Hosts Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas interject with biting criticisms and over-the-top commentary that will have you laughing in no time!

8. Comedy! Bang! Bang!

screenshot of the comedy bang bang homepage

Named after the TV show with the same name, “Comedy! Bang! Bang!” follows host Scott Aukerman as he interviews guests about all things comedy.

Some of the funniest moments of the show are when he convinces guests to do character work with him.

Scott also allows anyone in the studio to join in, so these podcasts can become slightly wild, But that’s perfect for a road trip comedy podcast!

9. The Bugle

screenshot of the bugle homepage

Originally started by John Oliver and his friend Andy Zaltzman, the Bugle is a comedy podcast that focuses on the absurdity of current events.

Only Andy hosts the show now, but it hasn’t lost any of its laughs!

He often invites other comedians to help break down the news with him, resulting in a compelling show with loads of laughs!

10. Smartless

screenshot of the smartless homepage

Hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, Smartless is a podcast about the mundane.

They may interview celebrities and other guests, but the core of the show is about the natural comedic conversion between the three hosts.

It’s the perfect road trip podcast because it’ll make time fly!

Comedy Podcasts for Moms and Dads

Everyone needs a podcast or two to listen to when they’re going about their business!

Maybe you need something to occupy you while you clean or while you wait for your kid’s soccer practice to end.

Here are the best comedy podcasts for anyone with some extra time to burn.

11. The Clean Comedy Podcast

screenshot of the clean comedy podcast homepage

Are you interested in comedy? Or are you interested in seeing how good comedy develops?

If that sounds like you, The Clean Comedy Podcast by James Creviston is a perfect choice!

12. That Story Show

screenshot the story show homepage

That Story Show is a podcast hosted by James Kennison & John Steinklauber where they tell stories from their life.

And don’t worry if you have the kids nearby—all of the stories are clean enough that even young children can listen.

13. I Don’t Know About That

screenshot of the i dont know about that homepage

Sometimes listening to a clueless guy spout his opinion is funny, and that’s exactly what Jim Jeffries aimed for with his podcast I Don’t Know About That.

Jim is a successful comedian from Australia who points out the absurdities of American life with an Aussie twist.

14. Two Funny Mamas

screenshot of the two funny mamas homepage

Sometimes moms need a break—and by sometimes, we mean a lot!

That’s why Sherri Shepherd and Kym Whitley made their comedy podcast, Two Funny Mamas.

They wanted to make a comedy podcast that appealed to all types of moms.

And not only that, they wanted to create a podcast that will have you laughing in no time.

15. The Mom Hour

screenshot of the mom hour homepage

If you need some practical parenting advice, The Mom Hour is a great place for moms and dads alike.

The two hosts, Meagan and Sarah, both have children ranging from elementary school age up to adulthood.

They offer parenting advice, from infancy to the teenage years, and discuss ways to enjoy the parenting journey.

Similar Podcasts Types to Check Out

Aside from those categories of podcasts, there are also numerous other categories for podcasts, including:

  • Funny Podcasts: Funny podcasts are a large category that includes things like comedy, cringe, and shocking elements. Think of anything from Howard Stern to your favorite comedians.
  • Podcasts for Women: Podcasts for women often talk about women’s issues. Alternatively, podcasts for women could also be podcasts hosted by women.
  • Podcasts for Road Trips: Road trips can be boring, especially if you don’t have something exciting to listen to. Road trip podcasts are the perfect companion for any road trip because they’ll help you stay focused on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about comedy podcasts.

What is the Number 1 Comedy Podcast?

Because of the many platforms for podcasts, it’s difficult to determine which is number 1.

On Apple, the number 1 comedy podcast is Morbid, a true crime podcast with comedic twists.

Because it included so much true crime content, we didn’t include it on the original comedy podcasts list.

What is the Number 1 Comedy Podcast on Spotify?

The number one comedy podcast on Spotify is the Joe Rogan Experience, averaging more than 11 million listeners per episode.

As a comedian, most of his podcasts fall into the comedy category, but he also hosts many non-comedians.

For that reason, he wasn’t included on the original list.

Wrapping Up

So, did you find any new comedy podcasts you enjoy?

There are enough podcasts on this list to listen to a new one every day for half a month.

And if you’re a newbie to podcasts, you can learn how to listen to a podcast while you’re at it.

You’re sure to find a comedy podcast that’ll make you laugh!

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