Most of the newbies I see actually give up for a common reason – they don’t get results. And they never wonder why that is? Not actually thinking what were the factors that detained their site and what could have been the small little steps that they could have taken to resolve.

Not choosing the correct category where they belong.

They are mostly the people who actually choose a category they like, not the one they could work on. Like take me for example: two years back I actually took a category of health, and not only health it was about “home remedies for skin treatment and beautification”, just because I went to an Ayurveda’s saloon twice or thrice; I thought I knew enough to tell others about it. Well no it was a decision I still regret.

My point – if you don’t know about rocket science, don’t write about it. Write what you can, even if it is about football. People are there searching for everything. And it is better to write more about something you know you are sure about rather than writing less about something you don’t know.

They don’t spend time on correct issues. (Or maybe they just don’t want to work a little more)

3 Common Reasons: Why most bloggers fail at their first attemptsSecond most common reason for their failure is because they just spend too much time in just making the website look better, yeah I know look and feel of the site does matters but; what’s the point if you are spending your time ONLY on the outer beauty what about its soul, where is the content. Don’t just spend every minute on its design, post something – something worth people visit it for.

The best way to drive traffic is from search engines and I definitely know they don’t go over your sites body and see if it’s black or blue. Write “Quality Content” about the topic you choose and write more. Search Engines eat on content, it’s what they and their users want, but to post something that is not in your niche will not only make you a false information provider, even your regular users may decrease. Never write something that is not under your category, only if that affects you.

They have lost the spirit of sharing.

Another most important reason is the point of sharing that they don’t understand, they think- they can do it alone, but it’s the world of internet, you have to share to get into the top league, no one stands out. “Everyone needs everyone” – remember that. Most of the bloggers including me share our links, articles and even our strategies sometimes. No one is perfect and has to help others and they return the favor when you need them.

P.S: If you are trying blogging, and are not getting results, be patient and most importantly be determined; not only in writing but also in finding new ways to promote. It’s the age of social media anything can click and any working formula can fail. No sure shot way to anything.