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Best Conservative Podcasts: 15 Examples [2023]

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A whole world of conservative podcasts circulates throughout the media world.

Since the invention of the podcast, sometime around 2004, conservatives have had a presence in the podcast sphere.

Although there are many conservative podcasts out there, there are a few that you can note as the best conservative podcasts.

Here we’ll examine what a conservative podcast is, the best ones, and some frequently asked questions about the topic.

What Is a Conservative Podcast?

Many conservative podcasts are among the most popular podcasts available on streaming services.

Conservative podcasts focus on traditional political, social, or cultural ideas.

A conservative podcast is hosted by a conservative or features regular conservative contributors.

They typically have a combination of humor and political commentary, although some conservative podcasts focus more on politics and world events.  

What Does a Conservative Podcaster Talk About?

Although there aren’t specific conservative search engines, you can find conservative podcasts in a general search online or on popular streaming platforms.

Each conservative podcast is different in the subjects discussed.

Conservative podcasters generally talk about politics, social issues, and cultural events.

However, many focus on things happening in the world, current events, and political news and analysis.

What Is Included in a Conservative Podcast?

The things included on a conservative podcast are very similar to conservative blogs topics.

Typically, conservative podcasts include an analysis of current events, an exposition of conservative values, and a structure of three blocks of content.

Other Things You Can Find on a Conservative Podcast

Conservative podcasts should feature some similarities, regardless of the host or the podcast topic.

Those features include:

  • Facts and data
  • Strict analysis
  • Humor
  • Traditional values

Facts and Data

Many conservative podcasts focus on hard facts and data when analyzing cultural events, political ideologies, and economic trends.

Without facts and data, analyses move quickly into emotional territory and lack credibility for listeners.

Strict Analysis

Sticking to a rigorous analysis that doesn’t veer too far away from facts and logic is a staple of conservative podcasts.

They tend to strive for factual reasoning as opposed to emotional manipulation.


Many conservative podcast hosts strive to incorporate humor into their everyday analysis to attract more listeners and lighten the weightiness of many topics they discuss.

With a dose of humor, podcasters can endear themselves to listeners.

Traditional Values

Many listeners stay loyal to various conservative podcasts because conservative podcasts tend to espouse more traditional, old-fashioned values than other political commentaries available in the media world.

For people who live by more conventional values, conservative podcasts are typically more relatable.

Types of Conservative Podcasts

There are a few different types of podcasts in the conservative media world.

The most common types of conservative podcasts include:

  • News
  • Politics
  • Humor

Conservative podcasts typically blend all three of these categories.

Conservative Podcasts for News

Conservative podcasts for news typically focus on daily events, including explanation, analysis, and exposition of traditional thoughts and ideas.

Conservative Podcasts for Politics

Conservative podcasts for politics focus more on politics, including economics and cultural events.

They tend to lean heavily into analyzing political events, including descriptions of economic concepts espoused by Adam Smith and his subsequent monetary policy followers.

Conservative Podcasts for Humor

Conservative podcasts for humor are rarely focused exclusively on comedy.

Some podcasts we’ll discuss later present their facts, data, logic, and analysis within the scheme of a humorous show.

However, the main crux of the show typically revolves around politics, economics, and world or local news.

Best Conservative Podcasts: 15 Examples

Now that we have covered what conservative podcasts are about and the topics they cover, we can dive deep into the different podcasts available for everyone to listen to.

How Many Conservative Podcasts Are There?

Across the different podcasts streaming platforms, there’s a plethora of conservative podcasts, so anyone can find the one that suits them best.

Although there isn’t an exact number available for how many conservative podcasts currently exist, it’s safe to say that anyone can find over 100 different conservative podcasts if they look in all platforms available.

Conservative Podcasts for News

Take a look at these five examples of conservative podcasts for news.

These are podcasts that focus more heavily on delivering information and giving some analysis of daily events.

They incorporate elements of politics and humor, but the focus is on the news.

Although they can be opinionated, the main point is to deliver facts and statistics.

If you’d like to learn more about how to listen to a podcast, you can do that here.

Morning Wire

screenshot of the morning wire homepage

Created by the more extensive production company called Daily Wire, Morning Wire is a daily podcast that focuses on delivering the news without giving too much exposition or political commentary.

Tucker Carlson Tonight

screenshot of the tucker carlson tonight homepage

Tucker Carlson hosts a news show with Fox News called Tucker Carlson Tonight.

The show is also available in podcast form, where the host talks about world events, interviews various people from different political backgrounds, and tries to present the balanced perspective of a journalist.

However, his commentaries tend to have a conservative bent.

The Charlie Kirk Show

screenshot of the charlie kirk show homepage

Charlie Kirk is a young political commentator and entrepreneur behind the idea of the college organization Turning Point U.S.A.

The Charlie Kirk Podcast is a conservative news show focusing on commentary and current events.

Charlie Kirk often brings on guests and people to debate.

The Dan Bongino Show

screenshot of the dan bongino show homepage

Dan Bongino is a former New York police officer and former agent in the Secret Service.

His years of experience bring a broad perspective to conservative news.

Dan Bongino also hosts a show with Fox News.

You can watch the show or listen to the podcast form to get daily conservative news.

The Andrew Klavan Show

screenshot of the Andrew Klavan Show homepage

Andrew Klavan is a best-selling author and a culture expert who spends a few hours every week talking about news and cultural events from a conservative perspective.

What sets The Andrew Klavan Show apart from other conservative news shows is how he dives into news about culture and the arts.

Conservative Podcasts for Politics

Let’s move on to talk about conservative podcasts that focus more on politics than on other topics, such as news or humor.

These shows are not exclusively about politics, but their main focus is on politics.

The Ben Shapiro Show

screenshot of the Ben Shapiro Show homepage

Another podcast from The Daily Wire is The Ben Shapiro Show, hosted by a lawyer, political science expert, and intellectual, Ben Shapiro.

His show has long been one of the most popular conservative podcasts, especially for news and politics,

The Michael Knowles Show

screenshot of the Michael Knowles Show homepage

Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire hosts his show that focuses mainly on politics.

He extensively analyzes political events and offers a conservative and Christian perspective.

The Michael Knowles Show incorporates news into its format frequently, as well as a weekly opportunity for the host to interact with listeners.

Rush Limbaugh – Timeless Wisdom

screenshot of the Rush Libaugh Timeless Wisdom homepage

Rush Limbaugh was a popular conservative news commentator who passed away in 2021.

His radio show was one of the most listened-to shows in conservative media.

Since his death, the Rush Limbaugh podcast has contained recycled episodes and snippets to keep his legacy alive.  

Uncommon Knowledge

screenshot of the uncommon knowledge homepage

Hosted by Peter Robinson and the Hoover Institute, Uncommon Knowledge is a political podcast that focuses on discussing deep intellectual topics.

Robinson interviews authors of recent political books, articles, and the like.

Although not explicitly conservative, the commentary often features conservative guests and drifts into the conservative territory.  

Hold These Truths

screenshot of the Hold These Truths homepage

Hosted by Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Hold These Truths is a different conservative political podcast.

Instead of discussing daily events, Crenshaw focuses more on legislation and policies discussed or passed in Congress.

Crenshaw brings on guests in nearly every episode who are considered experts in their field to help him analyze the issues with clarity and objectivity.    

Conservative Podcasts for Humor

Most conservative podcasts for humor are political or news shows presenting commentary from a humorous perspective than other podcasts.

Louder With Crowder

screenshot of the Louder With Crowder homepage

Hosted by political commentator and comedian Steven Crowder, the Louder With Crowder show focuses on delivering news and political commentary with a comedic bent.

Comedian Dave Landau is also a regular contributor to the show, and the entire team engages in witty banter that often derails conversations in humorous ways.  

The Matt Walsh Show

screenshot of the Matt Walsh Show homepage

The Matt Walsh Show is another conservative news podcast from The Daily Wire.

He focuses on religious and cultural issues and often gives extensive political commentary.

However, Matt Walsh focuses more on news events with interspersed segments on politics than other podcast hosts.

All of his podcasts lean heavily into humor as well.

The Adam Carolla Show

screenshot of the Adam Carolla Show homepage

The Adam Carolla Show is a different sort of conservative podcast in that it’s not explicitly conservative.

However, it is strictly a comedy show that gives daily episodes.

Produced by The Daily Wire, The Adam Carolla Show focuses on delivering comedy without filtering content for the audience.

The comedian can talk freely about funny everyday events with a conservative backer.

The Babylon Bee

screenshot of the Babylon Bee homepage

The Babylon Bee is a satirical news outlet with conservative producers who create funny news articles that, while untrue, are designed to be funny and speak to current events.

The Babylon Bee Podcast is an extension of the satirical news articles hosted by Dan Coats, Kyle Mann, and others.      

The One with Greg Gutfeld

screenshot of the Greg Gutfeld homepage

Greg Gutfeld is a moderate conservative specializing in comedy and hosts a podcast called The One that dives into news, politics, and humor.

Similar Podcasts Types to Check Out

If you tried any of the conservative podcasts we listed, and you’re hungry for more of the same, you can also check out these other types of podcasts:

  • News Podcasts: This kind of podcast focuses on unbiased news, similar to conservative podcasts, but tries to stay as off-limits as possible to any ideology.
  • Political Podcasts: Political commentary podcasts talk about mostly the same topics that news podcasts cover, but they inject opinionated insights into the conversation. This can be a breath of fresh air to consume something more than just the facts and make people think a bit more about politics.
  • Interesting Podcasts: Interesting podcasts can cover a ton of issues. From philosophical tantrums, book reviews, or even offer informational and educational resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about conservative podcasts.

vector graphic showing elements related to polisitcs, with the words

Who is the most popular conservative podcast host?

Ben Shapiro is one of the most popular conservative podcast hosts.

His show is consistently one of the most listened-to on all streaming platforms.

Who are the most well-known conservative podcast hosts?

The most well-known conservative podcast hosts include Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Dan Bongino, and Charlie Kirk.

Wrapping Up

The podcast world features a wide selection of conservative podcast hosts who regularly delve into politics, news, and humor.

Did we leave any out? Who is your favorite conservative podcast host?

Let us know in the comments below!

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