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Best Conspiracy Theory Podcasts: 15 Examples

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Conspiracy theory podcasts can keep listeners engaged for hours with their discussions on aliens, government, and biblical prophecies.

These podcasts have no shortage of things to discuss and usually back their claims with evidence that can make even the most skeptical listener scratch their head.

It may be challenging to find a conspiracy theory podcast you love. These 15 examples can help you understand how conspiracy theory podcasts are formatted and structured.

What Is a Conspiracy Theory Podcast?

A conspiracy theory podcast is any podcast that discusses theories that haven’t been scientifically backed or exist based on circumstantial evidence.

Conspiracy theory podcasts can cover many topics, but common topics are UFOs, intelligent life, and artificial intelligence.

In some cases, conspiracy theory podcasts may not have much information to propose a theory and instead ask simple questions and propose a “what if” scenario.

What Does a Conspiracy Theory Podcaster Talk About?

A conspiracy theory podcaster will discuss anything they feel is interesting in the conspiracy realm. Most conspiracy theory podcasters talk about aliens or intelligent life.

These podcasters may also gather information from other sources, including eyewitness accounts of alien activity, and discuss these instances on a podcast.

Some podcasts may have anecdotes from their audience members and allow their listeners to call in and discuss their personal experiences.

What Is Included on a Conspiracy Theory Podcast?

A conspiracy theory podcast is discussion-based, but these podcasts will usually include evidence of some kind on the podcast.

These podcasts typically cover everything from proposed theories to anecdotes from others. Some podcasts showcase stories and footage for their video viewers.

Other Things You Can Find on a Conspiracy Theory Podcast?

You can find other things on a conspiracy podcast that may be surprising, including endorsements, advertisements, and recommendations.

  • Recommendations: Many conspiracy podcasters may recommend reading literature or listening to interviews of experts related to their episodes.
  • Advertisements: Advertisement slots are the primary way podcasts make money. You’ll likely hear a few advertisements while listening to the conspiracy podcast of your choice.
  • Endorsements: Endorsements can keep the podcast running. These endorsements are usually paid and may result in partnerships that will come back on the podcast.
  • Guest Speakers: Among the most common things on a conspiracy podcast is a guest speaker. These speakers usually have expert knowledge no one else has.

Types of Conspiracy Theory Podcasts

Various types of conspiracy theory podcasts are active on the internet, including those similar to Joe Rogan’s popular podcast and those about biblical prophecies.

  • Conspiracy Theory Podcasts: Conspiracy theory podcasts will discuss anything and everything conspiracy-related, offering plenty of evidence and anecdotes to propose to the audience. These podcasters usually don’t make claims but ask the audience their thoughts and opinions.
  • Joe Rogan Conspiracy Theory Podcasts: Joe Rogan conspiracy theory podcasts cover similar topics as the Joe Rogan Experience. These podcasts will discuss lifestyles, food choices, and general societal information.
  • Bible Conspiracy Theory Podcasts: Bible conspiracy theory podcasts will analyze biblical prophecy and how these prophecies relate to modern society. Many of these podcasters claim the bible is accurate and can be a tool to learn.

Best Conspiracy Theory Podcasts: 15 Examples

The best conspiracy theory podcasts typically cover a wide range of topics. They may also propose theories based on evidence collected from their sources.

Whether you want to listen to a collection of ideas about alien intelligence or the impact of psychedelics, these podcasts are the best sources to gather information from a unique perspective.

How Many Conspiracy Theory Podcasts Are There?

Conspiracy theory podcasts are abundant on the internet, but few become truly popular.

Hundreds of podcasts on conspiracy theories from many personas and hosts litter the internet.

Narrow down your search to the type of content you want to hear conspiracy theories about.

Conspiracy Theory Podcasts

Conspiracy theory podcasts will discuss nearly any topic that warrants a conspiracy theory. These podcasts may discuss alien life, artificial intelligence, or unsolved murders.

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories is a Spotify Original podcast that discusses controversial topics in human history.

This podcast has segments on Bigfoot, the JFK assassination, and alien life.

Conspiracy Theories is a perfect listening addition for anyone who wants to know all the intricate details of first-hand accounts or puzzle pieces that don’t add up.

Generation Why

screenshot of the generation why homepage

Generation Why seeks to answer the question “why” of every conspiracy.

Generation Why has been running since 2012, and the hosts have covered true crime, conspiracy theories, controversial topics, and mysteries that have yet to be explained.

Listeners looking for a mind-bending thrill will find a home with Generation Why.

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

screenshot of the stuff they don't want you to know homepage

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know is a podcast that discusses everything conspiracy-related.

Listeners can tune in to hear guest speakers discuss psychic abilities, conspiracy theories, and historical events that may have gone differently than the textbooks say.

This podcast will cover topics that many people find controversial, including unsolved murders, UFOs, and astrology.

Lizard People: Comedy and Conspiracy Theories

screenshot of the lizard people homepage

Lizard People is a podcast unlike others in the conspiracy theory realm.

This podcast approaches conspiracy theories with an air of comic relief, asking the audience to think outside the box.

Lizard People doesn’t outright say they believe in these theories but instead asks: “What if this theory were true, and what does it mean for people?”

Those Conspiracy Guys

screenshot of the those conspiracy guys homepage

Those Conspiracy Guys is a podcast that will collide humor with conspiracy and history.

Combining these aspects allows the hosts to discuss a wide range of topics, including aliens, time travel, and historical events that were later proven to be correct conspiracy theories.

The logo of this podcast combines many conspiracy theories to craft a spooky symbol that may ward off many people.

Joe Rogan Conspiracy Theory Podcasts

Jose Rogan conspiracy theory podcasts will have a similarity to the Joe Rogan Experience and may discuss similar topics with fervor.

Mile Higher Podcast

screenshot of the mile higher podcast homepage

Mile Higher Podcast is run by hosts, and husband-and-wife duo, Josh and Kendall. This podcast discusses everything from psychedelics to psychic abilities.

However, the podcast prefers to stick close to alien life, true crime, and mysteries. Listeners will likely feel immersed in the story since these hosts are adept researchers and pride themselves on getting the most factual information.

Uncle Joey’s Joint With Joey Diaz

screenshot of the uncle joeys homepage

If you’re looking for a laid-back podcast that you can relax with, Uncle Joey’s Joint is a good pick.

This podcast is similar to the Joe Rogan Experience since it will discuss various aspects of life without getting too stressed and making listeners feel uneasy.

History on Fire

screenshot of the history on fire homepage

History on Fire is a podcast that discusses events from the past and how they have shaped our current reality.

This podcast will mention how even the slightest change will have an impact on our future and can be mind-bending for some listeners.

This podcast may not focus solely on conspiracy theories but will certainly mention related topics.

The MeatEater Podcast

screenshot of the meat eater podcast homepage

The MeatEater Podcast focuses on consumption and food intake but also mentions ethereal topics.

This podcast has no problem diving deeper into the essentials of life and trying to understand what life is all about.

Here, you’ll be able to explore what life means to you through topics like conservation and wildlife.

Lights Out Podcast

screenshot of the lights out podcast homepage

Lights Out Podcast discusses everything scary and spooky.

Although many of these episodes may center around true crime, others talk about the existence of UFOs and common UFO sightings. Some episodes will also mention cryptids like the Yeti and Bigfoot.

However, listeners should be advised that many episodes may discuss demonic possessions and occult events that may disturb some viewers.

Bible Conspiracy Theory Podcasts

Bible conspiracy theory podcasts will focus on offering alternative theories to that of the biblical narrative.

These podcasts may offer possible explanations for biblical events and discuss interesting ways the events could be related to other things like natural disasters or intelligent life in space.

Christian Conspiracy Theory

screenshot of the chrisitan conspiracy theory homepage

Christian Conspiracy Theory is a podcast by Maranatha Ministries that seeks to reveal truths hidden in plain sight.

For example, you’ll learn all about descriptions in the bible and how those could have been hints to angelic beings, Satan, and other prominent figures in the bible.

Christian Talk Disclosure

screenshot of the disclosure christian talk homepage

Christian Talk Disclosure is a podcast all about mixing current events with the biblical prophecies written in the New Testament.

This podcast will discuss how conspiracy theories in modern life may mean more than what society thinks they mean and can link to information from the past and indicate the existence of a god.

Ancient Conspiracies

Ancient Conspiracies is a podcast that discusses how biblical events could relate to the modern struggles that humanity is suffering with.

This podcast has no problem offering a biblical perspective on global warming, cryptids, UFOs, and other conspiracy topics you may not have heard of before.

Josh Monday Christian and Conspiracy Podcast

Josh Monday hosts the Christian and Conspiracy Podcast that seeks to bring eyes to the evil in the world and help everyone understand their purpose in life.

This podcast connects the dots between conspiracy theories and helps shed light on how those theories may bring the audience closer to a god.

Investigate Earth Conspiracy Podcast

Investigate Earth Conspiracy Podcast is a podcast that covers many conspiracy theory topics, including biblical prophecy and events.

This podcast doesn’t shy away from anything, including content about the government and surveillance.

Similar Podcasts Types To Check Out

Conspiracy theory podcasts are similar to other types of podcasts, including those that cover historical content, mysteries, and general interests.

  • Mystery Podcasts: Mystery podcasts discuss anything related to mysteries that remain unknown and unsolved.
  • History Podcasts: History podcasts will talk about historical events that changed the world forever, such as wars and revolutions.
  • Interesting Podcasts: Interesting podcasts may discuss scientific topics, UFOs, or anything interesting and worth listening to.

Frequently Asked Questions

These answers can help you understand conspiracy theory podcasts a little more.

vector graphic showing an illustration of conspiracy theories related to story books with the big block text

What is the #1 conspiracy theory podcast?

The Joe Rogan Experience is the number one podcast that covers conspiracy theory topics.

Do conspiracy theory podcasts talk about real events?

Conspiracy theory podcasts will talk about real events and those that haven’t been proven. Each episode is usually based on some piece of evidence.

Wrapping Up

Conspiracy podcasts can keep listeners enthralled and engaged for several hours at a time, especially when they revolve around a listener’s interests.

Hundreds of popular conspiracy theory podcasts are available on the internet on a wide range of topics to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Starting your conspiracy theory podcast can be challenging, but these 15 examples can show you how successful podcasts structure their episodes and draw listeners.

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