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5 Most Helpful Contact Management Software Tools (Ranked) 

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Keeping a detailed record of customer contact info is vital, as it can help you maintain a proper communication path with them. 

While a phonebook might not give you the flexibility you desire, contact management software can do the trick. 

In this review, we’ll highlight five of the best contact management software for creating a database with accessibility functions and flexible features. 

What Is Contact Management Software?   

Contact management software is a tool that helps businesses collect, arrange, and store customer contact information in an easy and accessible format. 

Although a contact management platform offers a simple function, it’s vital to every organization’s process.

For one, it helps sales teams sort leads and prospects into categories for better customer relationships. 

Why Is Contact Management Software Important? 

Besides storing contact data, contact management systems have several advanced functionalities that can save your business time and drive more leads through your sales pipeline. 

Below, we’ll highlight some reasons a contact management system is vital.

1. Process Automation

Integrating a contact management system into your sales processes helps automate complex tasks like contact data analysis and customer profiling. 

This way, you can avoid repetitive tasks and save more time for vital business processes. 

2. Synchronized Customer Data Accessibility

You likely share contact information among team members, so using a system that synchronizes data inputs and edits can prevent errors and wasted time.

Since a contact management system also helps you update contact records in real-time, team members stay updated with changes and use current data while working. 

3. Detailed Data Insight

Access to quality contact data insights helps you make more informed marketing and sales decisions, which impacts your overall strategy. 

Unlike traditional address books, contact management tools offer detailed data insights on contact profiles. 

For instance, you can find details about a contact’s engagement with your products, their age group, occupation, and social habits. 

This allows you to align your product or services to fit their needs while passing your brand as a reliable solution.

4. Organization and Automation

Organizing contact data on a spreadsheet can be tasking and sometimes frustrating. Contact management software helps you overcome this challenge by providing custom fields and sections – you can rename, edit, adjust, or add sections as needed. 

Additionally, a contact management tool allows you to set up an automation that sorts contact data into contact list sections without input.

5. Proper Pipeline Management

A contact management system helps you stay updated with leads, organizing and updating them through each stage of your sales pipeline. This way, you can’t lose track of leads through mishandled, incorrect, or lost information. 

6. Sales Process Integration

The best contact management tools are integrated into customer relationship management software. Using a single platform, you can streamline your sales and marketing processes. 

Additionally, you can integrate it with external tools like project management software, collaboration software, and more. 

Do You Need Contact Management Software? 

While you can improvise with a spreadsheet or an address book to create a contact list, a management solution is vital to your workflow. 

Here’s why:

  • Get alerts and reminders on important events and meetings 
  • Pipeline management from a single platform 
  • Do less and achieve more 
  • Get advanced downloadable contact data analytics and reporting 
  • Organize your processes for effective delivery.

What to Consider When Buying Contact Management Software 

Below, we’ll highlight factors you should consider when buying contact management software. 

1. Ease of Use 

The last thing you want to do is to go through a series of resources before using a contact management solution. 

So, ensure that you choose a tool that helps you achieve its primary goal easily – store and organize contact information. 

To check for ease of use, you can use the trial version of the software.

From its UI/UX design, installation process, navigation, and arrangement of features, you might be able to tell a great deal about whether or not the software is easy to use. 

2. Automation

Since the goal is to use contact management software that takes mundane tasks off your table, automation is a vital factor to consider.

Several software providers are adding automated features to their tools, so it shouldn’t be hard to find contact management software with one. For instance, contact managers with AI integrations usually help with customer profiling and data analysis. 

However, ensure you test the AI’s capabilities to see if it does work correctly. 

But while this feature is exciting enough to jump upon, you should test what degree of accuracy the AI has before banking on it. 

3. CRM or Not

Some contact management software tools are built as stand-alone tools, like Bitrix24. Typically, their primary function is to manage your customer contacts.

However, the majority is built into CRM software, like the Hubspot CRM contact management software. 

The difference? 

While a stand-alone contact management software may offer a single function, CRM-built contact tools have more features and integrations to manage all your processes. 

There’s also the price factor.

CRM contact management tools are usually more expensive as you’ll have to pay for the entire software to access it. 

But there’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to this.

You can choose based on what works better with your process.

For instance, you can choose a stand-alone tool if you already have a CRM and need an extra tool to help with contact management.

Otherwise, you can opt for CRM contact management software if you want its multiple benefits for the price of one. 

4. Security

The privacy and security of your data are crucial factors because using lousy software can lead to loss of data through theft, which can endanger your leads and your business image.

And if word gets out, it can cause scandals followed by lawsuits. So, make sure to test the software for security issues before purchasing it. 

You can read this article to learn more about testing your software for security issues. 

Best Contact Management Software: Our Top 5 Options 

Out of several contact management solutions, we’ll review five below, ranked based on their features and functionalities. 

Let’s get to it!

1. Hubspot Contact Database and Management Software – Our Top Choice

screenshot of the hubspot contact database and management software homepage

Hubspot CRM is a free tool with an in-built contact database and management software that helps you manage up to a million client lists and profiles. 

The software allows you to add contacts manually using a prospect’s official email.

However, while you can do this manually, there are also integrations to help you load contacts from your Gmail or from your lead generation tools like landing pages.

After adding a contact’s email address, the system creates a profile and inputs details concerning the contact’s company, industry, revenue, and other vital information based on its database of over 20 million companies.

What’s more?

Hubspot contact management software allows you to manage your sales follow-ups without leaving your contact dashboard. 

So, you can make calls, record vital conversations, take notes, schedule sales tasks, and attach documents from your Dropbox, thanks to its seamless integrations. 

What We Like About Hubspot Database and Management Software 

  • Free plan 
  • Mobile app
  • Seamless integration 
  • Responsive customer service 
  • Standard SSL certificate 
  • Automatic contact profile creation 

What We Don’t Like About Hubspot Database and Management Software

  • Expensive additional features (like advanced tools or more user seats)
  • Can be overwhelming

How Helpful Is This Tool? 

To determine how valuable Hubspot CRM can be, we examined it based on several factors: 

  • Ease of use: The tool has an interactive design that makes it easier for you to find and move across sections. But it does have a steep learning curve.
  • Basic features: While you can get its full features in the sales hub, you can also enjoy basic features like contact profiling, Gmail integration, list segmentation, record customization, and more. 
  • Integration: Gmail and Outlook integrations are available on a free plan, but you get access to the integrations that come with its CRM tool on a paid plan. 
  • Security: Hubspot’s tool uses a standard SSL certificate, which makes it impossible for a third party to decrypt shared data.

Should You Use Hubspot Database and Management Software?

Hubspot contact management software offers a solution that can serve individuals, small businesses, and large firms. 

You can choose Hubspot’s tool if you need better control of your sales while managing your contacts. 

2. Zendesk Sell – Best User Interface

screenshot of the zendesk sell homepage

Zendesk Sell is a CRM tool with a contact management solution that’s accessible across web and mobile platforms. 

Besides managing contacts on the go using your mobile phone, the Zendesk tool also offers limited offline access that allows you to make minor edits, attach notes, and view contact details. 

Like every database management system, the Zendesk contact management software can help you organize, update, and store lead profiles. 

However, it does this using a simple and interactive interface, earning it its spot on our list. 

Its contact profiles have designs and graphical displays that stand out, which make it easier to achieve your goals without needing extra help. 

Additionally, Zendesk Sell didn’t miss out on automation capabilities. With it, you can automate several daily tasks, like updating contacts, lead scoring, and more. 

What We Like About Zendesk 

  • Downloadable analytics
  • Neat interface 
  • Mobile app 
  • Offline access 

What We Don’t Like About Zendesk Sell 

  • Not too responsive customer support 
  • Limited integrations

How Helpful Is This Tool? 

Here’s what we found after testing out Zendesk contact management software:

  • Ease of use: The tool is not very difficult to use, but it can do with better user onboarding design. 
  • Basic features: You can perform several functions using the software like lead scoring, document management, activity tracking, import or export data sets, and more 
  • Integrations: Zendesk Sell offers integrations with a few tools like Panda Doc, Shopify, and MailChimp. It also lets you build a custom app on its platform.
  • Security: This tool uses HTTP/TLS that ensures all web traffic between you and Zendesk is secure. 

Should You Use Zendesk Sell?

Zendesk offers a mobile app with offline access that allows you flexibility and convenience. 

So, if you’re always on the go and looking for a software solution you can take around to monitor work progress, Zendesk may be the one for you. 

3. Bigin by Zoho – Best Solution for Small Businesses

screenshot of the bigin by zoho homepage

Zoho CRM, which started out as a stand-alone contact management software, introduced Bigin with more streamlined features that help you integrate your sales process. 

Bigin is a pipeline CRM tool with all the functionalities to help a small business manage its sales processes easily. 

Amongst its features is the contact management tool with modern designs and graphical data representation. You can also get real-time notifications from your customers, manage customer profiles, and bridge the gap between sales and support teams. 

Additionally, you can integrate some of your sales functions, like calling and recording conversations, scheduling meetings, and setting reminders. 

This way, you can do more from one screen. 

What We Like About Bigin by Zoho

  • Categorized deals and places
  • Email templates for easy interaction
  • Privacy permissions for tasks assigned to team members
  • Role assignment for team members
  • Free plan available 
  • Free trial available 

What We Don’t Like About Bigin by Zoho

  • More ideal for small businesses with limited contacts

How Helpful Is This Tool? 

Here’s what we found after testing out Bigin by Zoho: 

  • Ease of use: Bigin breaks down the contact management tools into segments that make it easier to find and use. 
  • Basic features: You can use Bigin for lead tracking and scoring, contact profiling, assigning roles to members, setting smart tasks, etc. 
  • Integrations: Zoho Bigin can integrate with over 800 apps, including Gmail, MailChimp, Microsoft 365, and Zoom
  • Security: Bigin offers a role and private share feature that allows you to lock data access to a team member. 

Should You Use Bigin by Zoho?

Bigin’s value proposition shows it can be a great asset for small businesses and individuals to manage their contacts and integrate sales functions. 

4. Pipedrive Contact Manager – Best for Sales Managers  

screenshot of the pipedrive contact manger homepage

Pipedrive includes a contact management tool in its CRM software to help sales managers get the hang of their process. 

With Pipedrive contact management software, you can manage your leads and contact profiles, get better insights into data points, collaborate, and integrate some sales functions. 

Furthermore, for an additional fee, Pipedrive has a smart contact feature that allows you to use add-ons outside your existing plan. 

For instance, you can get the lead booster add-on that supports your efforts to attract more leads and generate more contacts with a chatbox, contact forms, live chat, etc. 

There’s also a smart doc add-on that lets you sign and request e-signatures, autofill documents, track an open document, integrate with other documents tools, and more. 

What We Like About Pipedrive Contact Manager  Software

  • Pre-qualified leads with email addresses
  • In-depth contact information 
  • Email synchronization 
  • Smart contact data manager
  • Integration of tools

What We Don’t Like About Pipedrive Contact Manager Software

  • Quite expensive

How Helpful Is This Tool? 

Here’s what we found after testing out Pipedrive Contact Manager software:  

  • Ease of use: Using Pipedrive’s email tools for the first time can be tricky, but it eventually becomes easier to manage. 
  • Basic features: You can use Pipedrive to manage your contacts and track leads, pre-qualify leads, synchronize data, and collaborate with other team members.
  • Integrations: Pipedrive can integrate with several tools, including Gmail, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.
  • Security: Pipedrive uses several procedures like SSO, visibility groups, user access notifications, and permission sets to ensure that your data stays safe.

Should You Use Pipedrive Contact Manager?

Pipedrive’s solution is best if you have prior experience handling CRM and contact management tools but are looking for a different solution to try. 

5. Bitrix24 CRM Contact Management Software: Best Free Solution

screenshot of the bitrix24 crm contact management software homepage

Bitrix24 presents itself as a contact-first management tool and offers its services around this.

Using your contact’s corporate email address, you can search for their profile through an extensive database of over ten million companies.

Additionally, the software allows you to schedule calls and meetings, record conversations, and add the history of your activities. 

This way, you can effectively track your lead conversion process and pick up from where you had stopped.

But that’s not all.

Once you add your Gmail account to the software, it automatically synchronizes all your email conversations. The software then sorts them into the profile of each contact for your team’s viewing. 

What We Like About Bitrix24 CRM Contact Management Software

  • Generous free plan with up to 5 GB storage 
  • Gmail conversation syncing
  • Effective collaboration with multiple team members 
  • Automation of simple tasks like contact profile creation

What We Don’t Like About Bitrix24 CRM Contact Management Software

  • Doesn’t support much customization
  • The overall design is not very interactive

How Helpful Is This Tool? 

Here’s what we found after testing out Bitrix24 CRM Contact Management Software: 

  • Ease of use: You may find this tool a bit lacking if you need to customize your workflow. However, its basic features are easy to handle.
  • Basic features: You can use Bitrix24 to generate leads, collaborate with multiple team members, integrate with social platforms, schedule tasks, and more.
  • Integrations: Bitrix24 can integrate with several tools, including Google Suite, Slack, Microsoft Teams, MailChimp, Docusign, Unisender, and more. 
  • Security: Bitrex24 secures data transfers on the platform using a 256-bit-key SSL encryption technology that prevents third parties from infringing on your privacy. 
  • There’s also a 2FA process you can use with other security options.

Should You Use Bitrix24 CRM Contact Management Software?

Bitrix24’s free basic plan offers some of the best features you might not find anywhere else. 

We recommend this solution for individuals and small businesses looking to try CRM contact management software for the first time.

Wrapping Up 

Choosing the best contact management software tool helps you maintain proper customer relationships and manage leads in your marketing and sales pipeline. 

While you can choose software based on other people’s opinions, it’s best to use a solution that aligns with your business goals and provides more value, especially in the future.

To make an informed choice, consider several factors like integration availability, features, automation possibilities, ease of use, and security. 

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