Every blogger over the web landscape aspire to have highly targeted readers over their website. Though using the idea of ads over your blog could be a popular way to monetize your blog, yet they are not assured to make good money. Hence bloggers often have to bank over the non advertising methods to make money. By simply expanding your number of income generating opportunities, by trying some non advertising methods, you get better chance to monetize your blog. A few of these ways are discussed below:

Making money by spreading the word

Companies realize that to get noticed about their products or services, they are supposed to be discussed over different mediums. Blogs are powerful platform for discussing, reviewing and announcing different products or services about the company. You could find a number of examples, wherein companies pay to the bloggers for talking about their products or services. For instance, Mortgage Loan Place is a website which manages a contest on Mortgage Calculator and Design; it gives the blogger an amount of 1000 dollars for referring a winning entry. Hence you could find out similar propositions related to your niche area and make money discussing about it over your blog.

Paid consultations

Can You Offer Consulting Services?If you are among a serious blogger, you are bound to develop a trust in terms of expertise and experience before your readers. If they are regularly reading your blog posts, this simply means that they value your insight.

Hence among the long list of your readers, you could find someone or a group of people who won’t mind paying you for your advice provided you are a true expert. Hence you could advertise over your blog regarding giving paid consultation to such class of people. You could also ask your business partners and friends if they require your professional advice. Trying various ways to attract people, you could end up making good clients over your blog.

Sell content over your blog

You could think of creating a subscription based area over your blog which will be run on a paid basis, wherein you will be catering exclusive and quality content or other benefits for your different passionate readers or followers. This could be the best monetization technique provided you are able to develop high quality content. This could become a wonderful income stream, which depends upon your talents and not over some affiliate programs or search rankings. You could even think of publishing your own ebook related to your niche area and sell them out or get affiliate links to distribute on free of cost.

Sell out products

Selling Through Affiliate MarketingIf you want to make good money from your blogging efforts, the best way is to sell out products over your blog. As per the type of your niche area or visitors, you could end up making good income from this method. If your blog has a very good traffic you could think of talking to any investment banker. These people are competent to help you in bringing together some of the best buyers over your blog and make sure you gain high monetary value.

Write reviews

If you have a good traffic at your blog, you could think of approaching businesses of your niche area and offer them to write reviews about their products or services over your blog. You need to be proactive enough to contact businesses, which sell out products or services, which make sense to your readers coming at your blog, then only you could gain some income from your reviews.

Final word

Using the above methods to monetize your blog with some non advertising methods can really help you in generating a good income from your blogging efforts. All you need to do is to try the ways, which are congruent to your niche area at the same time have the potentials to add value in your readers.

This post was written by Diana, who is a writer/ blogger.