One of the most challenging aspects of content development is the generation of fresh ideas that can capture the audience’s interest. This process requires creators to be very familiar with their target audience to know what kind of content clicks. Additionally, they need to keep up with the competition and leverage trends that may impact the performance of specific topics.

These are some of the core activities in an efficient content marketing strategy. To learn more about the fundamentals of content marketing, you can refer to the infographic below:


Notice how crucial research and planning is in an efficient content marketing strategy? If you want to be ahead of the curve, you need to power yourself with the best tools in the business for content research. Below are three of the tools that can help you:

1. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo serves as a content marketer’s eyes and ears in any given industry. It is a straightforward tool that helps you look for popular content that works as well as the key influencers who promote them. All you need to do is to enter keywords or a domain in the main search bar and press “Go”.

BuzzSumo works by providing a list of all the content that earned significant engagement in social media. You can sort the list based on the social media network you want, which is useful if you already have an established presence in a particular network. To further refine your search, you can use the filters on the left pane such as date, language, domains, and content type. These filters along with the sorting options is an excellent way to get more targeted results, but they require you to know your audience at a fundamental level.

Lastly, BuzzSumo has advanced search features that let you exclude words or domains, look for exact phrases, view links, and find specific content by author name. These features can be accessed by using certain characters in your search query.

2. InkyBee


Aside from looking for content ideas, content marketing research also includes looking for influencers and critical connections that can be leveraged as promotion channels. InkyBee is one of the best tools you can use for this. It is an enterprise-grade blogger outreach tool that can help you locate the best influencers in a particular niche.

Just like BuzzSumo, InkyBee works by letting you conduct a quick search using keywords or domains. However, instead of specific topics, the tool lists down entire blogs that are scored according to visibility and engagement. You can select individual blogs and save them to a list for outreach later.

To launch and manage outreach activities, you can go to the “Campaigns” section and select the target blogs you want to reach out to. InkyBee features a small progress bar that measures tasks that improve engagement such as following the influencer on Twitter, commenting on their blog, adding them on Facebook, and so on.

3. Scoop.It

scoopt is an all-in-one content curation tool that will help you discover topics and content ideas that will help you build your brand. Remember that content curation is important because it highlights your expertise in a particular industry. It also helps give your brand a little exposure not only to the social audience but potential influencers as well. works by letting you assign “topics” that relates to your desired niche. Once you create a topic, you can begin searching networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn via keywords for content suggestions.

Using the convenient “” button, you can immediately curate content to different distribution channels. Of course, you should not forget to leave your insights and link to your blog to help build your credibility.


Content marketing is not necessarily difficult, especially if you know the tools you need to accomplish the main activities. With BuzzSumo, InkyBee, and, you should have everything you need for a solid content research strategy.