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You can have the best sales team in the world, but it won’t mean a thing if the content you’re marketing is unoriginal and bland.

That’s why it’s essential to ensure that the material you put out is eye-catching and creative.

There are many ways you can ensure that your brand makes its way to your target audience’s eyes, but one of the most effective is through professional content marketing services.

So if you’re trying to get your business’s name out there, stick around because we’ll cover everything you need to know about content marketing services and how they can help you increase your traffic.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of digital marketing where the content itself advocates a company’s brand, products, or services.

They usually come in the form of videos, blog posts, podcasts, and other types of virtual media.

Unlike traditional marketing, where the goal is to sell something directly, these ads are content with the purpose of entertaining and attracting an audience.

They may not directly promote the company in the associated media, but the content is usually related, and when the business shares this media, they are intrinsically spreading their reach.

What Is the Difference Between Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing?

While content marketing and social media marketing serve a similar name and purpose, they should not be confused with each other as they are different forms of marketing.

Content marketing is the creation of relevant, compelling content to increase traffic on a business’s platforms.

Social media marketing uses social media for marketing a brand and maintaining a following directly.

Here are some of the primary similarities and differences between the two:


  • Creates brand awareness
  • Usually done through social media or other web-based platforms
  • Professional services available
  • Expands company reach
  • Uses algorithms to target particular niches


  • Content marketing doesn’t always promote the brand in the media
  • Social media marketing is better for engaging with an audience
  • Content marketing is more about production
  • Social media marketing defines the business structure
  • Content marketing is more focused on the production of high-quality content, while social media marketing is focused on the distribution of content

Why Invest in Content Marketing Services?

Now that you know the difference between content marketing and social media marketing, it’s time to discuss why you should consider investing in a digital marketing service.


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the use of keywords, headings, descriptions, and metadata to increase a website’s placement higher on the search results of search engines such as Google.

SEO is imperative for increasing findability and creating a stream of traffic to a business’s media.

A content marketer can help you optimize the SEO of your content so that you rank higher on the list and are more accessible to users.

Answers Questions

Maybe you’re a small business owner, and marketing isn’t your thing.

If that’s the case, you probably have many questions about the subject that make matters overly convoluted.

Fortunately, most content marketing services have a dedicated support feature where you can talk to a real person and get any questions you have answered.

Builds Trust

When you invest in a service that consistently helps you create and distribute amazing content for your audience, you build trust between brand and consumer.

Trust is established when both parties bring something equally beneficial to the table.

In this instance, the company offers informational blog posts, funny videos, and other forms of entertainment for their customers, and their customers use their services and generate money-making traffic as a result.

Generates Leads

While not all quality content will immediately convert viewers into consumers, they can serve as a gateway to your company later down the line, and those consumers may become potential customers.

If you’re up for playing the long game, try generating some leads through your content that will help slow expand your company and invest in the future.

Improves Conversions

Speaking of conversions, implementing helpful/interesting media will undoubtedly improve them.

When you have enjoyable, relevant content vouching for your brand’s name, there will likely be higher conversion rates of traffic to sales.

What Do Content Marketing Services Include?

What are you actually getting when you invest in a content marketing company?

Here’s the rundown of the primary features most marketing services offer:

vector graphic showing an illustration of a header with icons for content marketing services post

Content Marketing Strategy

The first thing a service will do is help you establish an effective marketing content strategy.

They will organize a plan of action that includes your business’s significant goals, demographics, content creation, and distribution.

They’ll also be sure to consider your target audience, competitors, and other essential factors.

Content Creation

Once a digital marketing strategy is established, the next step is to create the content.

Digital content marketing services will actively generate media or outsource to creators to make the material relevant to your business.

If you’re running a small business, this can help streamline your marketing process and begin to establish a following early on.

Content Optimization

A content marketing service will ensure that your website content is optimized to be found on the internet by using SEO content writing and tactics and clever psychology-backed tricks,

Content Promotion

Once your content is made, published, and optimized, there’s usually another step in the traffic generating process.

Content marketing services will assist in promoting your web content so you can start to see results immediately.

Content Maintenance

Content shouldn’t be static; it should be a living, breathing entity updated constantly with new information and knowledge.

This may mean correcting facts that have been proven false, inserting recent studies as they come, and correcting grammatical errors on your page.

Maintenance is crucial for ensuring that your content does not become outdated and fall into obscurity.

Given that this is usually a tedious, demanding task, content marketing services are best utilized here.

Content Analytics

Finally, content marketing services will usually provide you with analytics and data reports.

This will help you better understand your traffic demographics and what type of content does best on your websites.

The information here will give you insights into how you can improve your business and enhance the capabilities of the service you are using.

How Much Do Content Marketing Services Cost?

Prices can vary depending on the provider and service, but here’s a rough estimate of how much you can expect to pay for each service.

Average Cost per Service:

Content Strategy

$800 – $5000 a month


This depends on the type of content, but here are some rough estimates for popular content types:

  • Blog posts: $50 – $1000 per article
  • Video creation: $1200 – $20,000 per video
  • Social media updates: $800 – $5000 a month


About $500 a month.


Anywhere between $100 and $2500 a month (though it could be much more).


Between $300 and $8000 a month.


Between $10 and $1000 a month.

Keep in mind these are rough estimates for the individual services.

Many content marketing services have packages that include these features for a much lower price.

To get a more accurate idea of your cost, get a quote from a professional service based on your business’s specs.

Where To Get Content Marketing Services From

You have three options if you’re ready to start growing traffic through content marketing.

1. Marketing Agencies

The most expensive yet most effective option is using a content marketing agency.

These specialized agencies have numerous resources and connections at their disposal to help you get the best out of their service.

Usually, marketing agencies have inclusive packages with tons of useful features to create, optimize, and promote your content.

If you need a wide array of services and are launching a large-scale marketing campaign, these specialists are your best bet.

2. Freelancers

Freelancers are another viable option for companies who wish to have content created for a much lower price than a content marketing agency.

Freelancers are usually great at what they do and provide excellent media for your company; however, there is a caveat.

Unlike large marketing agencies, freelancers typically only offer one service and don’t work quite as fast.

Still, if you’re trying not to break the budget or only need one service, freelancers are much more optimal than a content marketing agency.

3. Do It Yourself

The last option is to do it yourself.

This will take a lot more work and research than the other options, but it’s way cheaper, and you have complete creative authority over what you do.

You can still create great content even if you’re inexperienced.

Final Thoughts

The internet is vast, and it’s easy for any content you make to disappear from existence.

That’s why it’s vital to make captivating SEO media and routinely maintain it to generate a steady traffic flow.

And while not everyone can do it themselves, fortunately, a plethora of innovative agencies and freelancers are there to make digital marketing easy.

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