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How To Create Content That Gets Read and Shared



You already know that without creating really useful content, you can’t build a successful blog.

But you also know that writing great content isn’t enough to get you visitors.

To attract readers, generate traffic and build an audience, you need to structure your content in a way that encourages readers to share it. At the same time, though, you need to aggressively promote it as well.

Early momentum really counts.

The chances of a fresh piece content going viral are significantly higher as compared to an older post. So it’s important that you spend more time promoting your content than you spend creating it.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure that every new post you publish on your blog gets lots of social media love.

1. Understand the Types of Content People Crave

Instead of spending hours writing a post that nobody wants to read, you should first understand the types of content that readers crave, and love to share. Understanding reader psychology and preferences can significantly reduce your workload when creating new content.

If you write the type of content that is popular with your readers, promoting it will become much easier.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, readers love sharing content which,

  • Reminds them that life is short.
  • Reminds them that dreams can come true if we work for them
  • Reminds them of the forgotten basics
  • Makes them look intelligent
  • Makes them look morally superior
  • Shares unique industry knowledge
  • Is highly actionable
  • Cites several authentic studies
  • Challenges their assumptions
  • Is controversial and goes against conventional wisdom

These are just some of the high level characteristics that make content share worthy.

For example, look how Jon Morrow makes his readers dream, and plays with their emotions, with this post on Problogger. This is by far the most popular post ever on Problogger


Another great example is this really creative and interactive piece of content on MahiFx, a forex trading website that shows you how your income matches with a leading forex trader. It obviously puts you to shame.


When you write a new blog post, quickly go through this list and see if your content has any of these characteristics.

This will make it easier for you to promote your content.

2. Include Embeddable Images and Infographics in Your Content

One of the best ways to get more backlinks, generate more referral traffic and get more social shares is by adding embeddable images or short infographics in your posts.

Research shows that out of all the different content types, infographics tend to attract the highest number of shares. So making them a part of your content can increase your social shares.

content viral

I know it takes a lot of research to create an infographic. But if you can’t create a full length infographic, you can take out a few stats relevant to your topic, or even a few quotes, and create a small embeddable image for your post.

Here’s a good example


You can use free infographic tools to create custom infographics. Or if you already have an image you can make it embeddable by using this embed code generator.

3. Share Your Posts With Social Media Groups

Leading social networks like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn have thousands of active groups on different topics. You need to identify the groups that are relevant to your niche and start socializing with their members.

Don’t start sharing your content links straight away because that can get you kicked out pretty quickly. Instead, spend 5 minutes daily on every group and participate in the discussions.

Once you’ve spent a week or two on these groups, start sharing your content links where relevant. Don’t forget to add a small description of your post with the link.

I usually share my content links with 10-15 communities on Google+, 4-5 LinkedIn groups and around a dozen Facebook groups, which gives me hundreds of visitors every time.

4. Optimize Your Social Media Posts for Maximum Reach

When you share content on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ you need to make sure that it is optimized for maximum exposure.

Research shows that certain elements make social media posts more share worthy.

For example, using relevant hashtags, adding high quality images, keeping your updates short and actionable, sharing quotes, asking questions and running contests.

If you look at these things closely you’d realize that all of them actually encourage social interaction. Which is why when you make them a part of your social media posts, your reach immediately increases, and helps you get more traffic from social media.

5. Get Easy Traffic from and JustRetweet

You can create early momentum for your content by submitting it to 20-25 relevant scoops on, a content curation platform. has thousands of members who actively curate relevant posts on their pages. Popular scoops have hundreds of thousands of followers.

You can submit your link to relevant scoops as a suggestion. If you’re accepted even on 10-15 scoops, you can generate a lot of traffic back to your website.

Similarly, you can use JustRetweet to get 100-200 natural and easy retweets on Twitter.

6. Use Prepopulated Tweets in Your Content

Blogging and social media is a match made in heaven. You can’t separate the two from each other.

If you’ve just started blogging, or planning to start a blog, I suggest you make prepopulated Tweets a part of your content from the very first day.

A prepopulated Tweet is a short sentence from within your post that readers can Tweet directly from your blog.

It has become a really popular and successful way to generate more Tweets for your content, since the readers just have to click the Tweet button already given to them.

Here’s a good example of a prepopulated Tweet from the SEMRush blog.

tweet this

You can create these Tweets by using the Click to Tweet plugin.

7. Share Your Posts Multiple Times for Maximum Exposure

There’s a lot of noise on social media. Your followers are exposed to hundreds and thousands of Tweets and Facebook updates every day.

So to get their attention, and make sure that they see your updates, you need to share the same piece of content multiple times.

Here’s a great illustration of how you should go about sharing every piece of content you publish.


Some of the most popular blogs on the web share their archive content regularly, which keep them sending new traffic.

But even if you don’t Tweet your older content as much, you need to share your newly published posts at least for 2 to 3 months to get the most out of them.

You can use tools like Buffer and HootSuite to automate your social media posts.

Wrapping Up

To find readers for your content and generate traffic to your blog, you can’t just rely on high quality content. You need to structure your content in a way that encourages readers to share it. At the same time, you need to promote your content aggressively on different platforms to generate early momentum. By following the tips I’ve shared in this post, not only can you get a lot of traffic to your blog, but also ensure that your content is shared every time somebody reads it.

Have you tried any of these tips on your blog? Or can you share any other ways to make content more share worthy?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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What Is Your eBook Income Potential?



Have you bought my exciting eBook?

From Overworked Security Guard to Balling in Bali: How I Did it

I help you retire to a life of travel through blogging by sharing my story. Buy it to live your dreams.

Let’s get right down to it guys. Your ebook income potential is whatever you put your mind to. Every cent you make in life begins in your consciousness. If you think and feel really really really rich, trust in the process and generously help people there is literally no limit to the amount of money you can make. Never base your income on someone else’s results because you have no idea what is in their mind and how they feel. This is a common new author mistake. They set the bar based on other people’s results. Bad idea. You never know what’s in another person’s mind so you never know what’s going into their income and you never know how brilliant YOU may be if you focus on yourself and never compare yourself to others.

Even if you see a super inspired person who lives their dreams, and they have pretty sweet results as far as ebook income, never base your potential on their results. They may make a ton of money every month in ebook sales but your journey may be to make a hundred times that amount of income. Never base Your Potential on somebody else’s results. Even if the person has knocked it out of the park as far as sales, you never want to base your life on someone else’s life.

Just look to inspired authors for inspiration. Never look at numbers on a screen. Sales are numbers on a screen. What do numbers mean? Nothing. What does money mean?. It is an illusion, a neutral means of exchange that doesn’t mean anything until your mind assigns some meaning to money.

If new authors ask me how much I make, they haven’t followed my blog for too long LOL. I never make income claims. This is because I would never want to cripple you and your potential. I am only human. Even if I made 2 billion dollars a month through ebooks, that’s still on the low side, because we are infinite beings capable of everything. Knowing this, I never want to hold back your potential and I never want you to base your life on my life because that would dishonor me and dishonor you too.

If you want to succeed as a new author, Follow Your Passion, trust in the process, genuinely help people, and keep making friends. Your sales increase as you help more people for free. It is that simple. That’s the recipe to my success. I never get caught up in sales and I barely check my metrics. I just have ten thousand more people to help today and that’s all that I know. This is how to live a movie worthy life, like I live, helping people all day long and having no concerns about sales or what you’re getting. When you get lost in the process with love, the money takes care of itself in a beautiful way.

Your ebook income earnings potential is unlimited. How is that for inspiration? That’s all you need to know. Me telling you about numbers will not inspire you because numbers are meaningless. Only serving human beings means the most. Being free means the most. Move away from goals and just carry an intent to live a free life through blogging and you will the happiest, healthiest and wealthiest you.

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4 Common New Blogger Mistakes



common new blogger mistakes

Common new blogger mistakes often cripple blogging careers before entrepreneurs can gain any momentum.

I made my fair share of newbie boo boo’s in the beginning. Be real with yourself. Be straight with yourself. Newbies often have oodles of blind spots to face, own and release, in order to become successful. Excited, but scared new bloggers cannot see themselves in the light of truth but being shown errors helps you travel a straighter, more narrow blogging path.

Common New Blogger Mistakes

Own these mistakes and make the appropriate corrections to accelerate your new blogger success.

1: Hesitating

I received a sponsored post from a blogger a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, I quoted him the price over 1 month ago. My price rose ten fold since that time; discount for some bloggers, for a short time. This common error cripples many new bloggers; hesitating. He should have written and submitted the sponsored post in 12-24 hours to lock in his price, to get featured on my blog and to grow his business. Waiting 33 days to submit a sponsored post is an eternity in the blogging world.

common new blogger mistakes

common new blogger mistakes

Act now. Stop hesitating. Nudge into discomfort. Do not hesitate if you receive an opportunity. Act on it immediately to do as pro bloggers do.

2: No Bond Building

New bloggers commonly try to do everything on their own. Write a blog post. Publish. Share on social media. Sit there. Wait. Repeat the cycle tomorrow. Quickly, new bloggers understand that if you network with nobody, you write for nobody.

Build friendships with top bloggers. Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote top bloggers through your blog and through social media. Make friends. Show an interest in bloggers; not in what they can do for you. Make friends with these pros to better connect with these individuals, and to influence them to promote your blogging success.

3: Not Learning from Pros

Buy my eBook:

8 Tips to Gain the Trust of Your Blogging Audience

I teach you how to gain the trust of your audience, a key step for new bloggers to take. But alas, most new bloggers choose not to learn from pros, instead, winging it on their own. This is a recipe for disaster because if you have no idea how to blog – and you do not – you will have a 100% failure rate. Example; most newbies are filled with fear and doubt, so their readers cannot trust them, because they do not trust themselves. My eBook helps you to trust yourself so you move into actions that gain reader trust. Buy the eBook, avoid struggles by gaining reader trust and cut your blogging learning curve.

4: Not Blogging

Not blogging is common among new bloggers. Newbies sit on the sidelines, waiting for the right moment. Now is the right moment. Here and now, you can dive into your blogging journey, diving into the game. Sit with fear. Feel it. We all fear. But just feel fear, then, blog, anyway. Feel the fear and do it anyway to become a successful blogger; hit the ground running.

Blog. Free yourself. Commit. Think about why you want to blog. Dwell on fun and freedom.

Embrace the Journey

Expect the unexpected. Waves of different emotions assault your mind as a newbie blogger. Preparing for emergencies simply unearths different emergencies, unearthing deep fears and conditioning you to expect the unexpected. Relax. Be gentle with yourself. Own these common new blogger errors from a compassionate energy to smooth your new blogger journey considerably.

I still make little mistakes here and there as an experienced, veteran blogger but I forgive myself for being human. Do the same thing but also own your errors to free yourself of these struggling, failing energies.

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4 Common Blogger Time Wasters



I wrote an eBook on how NOT to waste time online.

Buy it here:

How to NOT Waste Time Online

Full time employees, busy moms and college students working part time often find blogging difficult, for there seems to be no time to blog. But there is time to blog the split second you stop wasting time on these incessant things, for minutes or even hours daily.

1: Phones

I do not buy minutes for my phone. At times, my wife buys minutes when she….just chooses to. I am not a doctor; nobody will die if they do not contact me via phone. I can read a map. I can speak to people offline. My phone is a time waster so I rarely use it. Guess what? Some people believe I am an elite level blogger….and I do not use my phone, barring using it at home, with an internet connection. Doesn’t that suggest you can succeed in blogging even if you do not have a phone with minutes? Turn off your phone or trash it or delete minutes for a few weeks. Observe your fear-attachment to technology and being connected. Save 1, 2 or 10 hours of time of needless phone checking and chatting, over a month.

2: Email

Email. The ultimate time waster for most bloggers who check email 10 to 20 times daily or more. Unless you are a doctor or in emergency services, your blog is not a life and death business. Clients can wait. Really, they can. But most bloggers are so filled with fear, and too desperately attached to clients, that they check email 10 or 20 times daily, wasting time better spent writing a guest post or blog post. I check email 1-5 times daily. No more. My life reads like a movie because I am creating and connecting versus desperately checking my email, fearing loss.

3: Stat Checking

Oh my goodness; stat checking. Who signed up today? How many courses did I sell? How many eBooks did I sell? What are my metrics? Some bloggers check stats hourly. This is madness, because blogging is a year to year, not an hour to hour, endeavor. Nobody blogs well over an hour to hour basis, so why would you check stats hourly, or even, daily? I have blogged for 20,000 hours. AFTER 20,000 hours, some people believe I am one of the best bloggers on earth. Not because I stopped every hour to SEE IF I WAS DOING GOOD, DOING WELL. Successful blogging is like running a 26 mile marathon, enjoying the journey, and finishing. Failed blogging is like running a marathon and stopping every 200 feet to see if you finished, or, how you are doing. Insanity, and a huge time waster, too.

4: Perfectionism

You will never get it perfect. Sorry. So stop wasting time on your 45th draft and just publish the post. We will love it. I promise. Perfectionism robs joy, steals happiness and snatches freedom from every blogger. Be at peace with publishing content. Edit a bit, but go live. Go public. Stop wasting time trying to make something perfect or flawless because critics find fault with anything, and, fans see past your imperfections.

There you have it, guys. Make sure you buy my eBook on the way out.

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