Your blog readers are the ones who know about your blog better than anyone excluding you. So why not converse with them to get blog post ideas? It isn’t tough to converse with your blog readers. In fact, they are waiting for a chance to talk to you. I like to talk to all the bloggers whose blog I read and subscribe to. This is also a great way to increase your relationship with your blog readers.

Thankful for Blogging

How to get your blog readers to talk to you?
Add your social media profile links to your blog’s sidebar and make it easy for your readers to contact. You can also create a special page for it. Tell a reason for them to contact you. Give a gift to those who add you and talk to you for the first time and start to maintain relationship with them. Talk to your readers when both of you are free.

How to make the chat more constructive?
Talk about the blog posts over the internet and also about the blog posts in your blog. Ask the readers what they liked in your blog and what they would like to see in your blog. Also help your blog reader when he/she needs help. It should be give and take policy and not just TAKE policy.

How to increase the relationship further?
Promote your blog readers’ articles on your blog. Help them in social bookmarking, if they have a really good blog post. Offer your service to them if possible. If you are a writer, you can write a guest post for your blog reader’s blog. You can also increase your relationship further by commenting in their blogs.

How to get blog post ideas from your blog readers without having to talk to them?
Few bloggers feel that chatting with people will make them less productive. To certain extent that is true. If you learn how to use the chatting constructively, you don’t need to worry. If you are not willing to talk to your blog readers in chat clients, create a poll in your blog asking them what they would like to next week or next month.

As I said, your blog readers are the ones who know about your blog very well next to you and it is wise to ask them about blog post ideas. Have you ever talked with your blog readers? Was it helpful for you? Please share it in the comments?