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CoolHandle Review: Shared And Dedicated Hosting Options

CoolHandle Hosting Review: Shared Hosting Options

CoolHandle has been offering a wide range of hosting services to customers for quite a while now, but in this particular CoolHandle review we are going to focus more on the shared hosting plans this company is offering. There are three main plans to choose from, each of which offering a unique combination of features to use. It would be interesting to see how the shared hosting service packages from CoolHandle perform against so many other options on the market.

CoolHandle Shared Hosting Review

As mentioned earlier, there are three shared hosting service packages to choose from: Starter, Business and Pro. Each plan is designed for a specific market segment, so it is not surprising to find them offering different sets of features at different prices. However, all of these shared hosting plans now offer unlimited data storage and monthly bandwidth to utilize, perfect for anyone who want to host a simple personal website or multiple sites using one hosting account. Which plan is suitable for you?

The Starter shared hosting plan from CoolHandle offers the ability to host up to 5 different domain names and park additional 5 domains. The number of subdomains and FTP accounts are also limited to 5 each, but in return you get a superbly affordable price of just $3.95 per month. The lack of support for PostgreSQL may be a bit of a turn-off for some of you, but you can still create up to 5 MySQL databases for the web scripts and apps you are using.

The Business plan offers the ability to host up to 100 domain names for $10.95 a month; if you are planning to set up a lot of sites or blogs using one hosting account, this is perhaps the more suitable shared hosting plan to use. CoolHandle also increases the allowed FTP accounts and MySQL databases to 100 each, plus you can now use PostgreSQL to support your websites. Unlike the Starter hosting plan, which doesn’t allow you to add a private SSL certificate, the Business service package allows you to install a private SSL certificate for an extra fee.

The Pro shared hosting plan, on the other hand, offers virtually every feature you would want from a shared hosting. You get a free domain name and dedicated IP address plus you can now host unlimited domain names of your own using the same hosting account. In return, you only need to pay a modest $12.95 per month to use this particular service package.

CoolHandle Site Transfer and Other Features

Those who are moving from a different web hosting company will find CoolHandle SiteTransfer to be highly useful. The company will handle everything for you, from changing the name server configuration to transferring files and databases to the new hosting account for free. Custom scripts and other web elements are also adjusted for you for a completely hassle-free transfer.

All hosting accounts also come with CloudFlare 1-Click CDN service. Static elements of your websites are hosted on different servers across the globe for better performance. This way, loading time can be reduced substantially and your visitors can access your sites quickly and effectively. This is a particularly handy feature to have in today’s modern world of web services and resource-intensive websites.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available should you are not happy with the shared hosting services after giving them a try. CoolHandle also offers different payment terms including monthly and annually; to claim the maximum number of bonuses such as free IP address and domain name, however, you would have to settle for a 1-year contract.

Should I Use CoolHandle Shared Hosting?

At this point, the question would be whether to use CoolHandle’s shared hosting services. Although the available plans are very appealing and feature-packed, they are – unfortunately – not the most affordable on the market. Hostmonster is offering a fairly similar – if not better – service package comparable to CoolHandle’s Pro service plan at a cool $4.95 a month, which makes it possible for you to save up to $7 a month on hosting alone.

Server performance and reliability are also the aspects to look into further before you decide to settle for one of the CoolHandle shared hosting plans. Although server performance is good in general, you may face difficulties with the reliability of the servers. Compared to other top hosting companies such as Hostmonster, what CoolHandle offers is just not good enough.

Of course, the lack of notable bonuses such as the $100 Google AdWords credit and $50 Facebook Advertising credit attached to Hostmonster’s shared hosting plan makes CoolHandle shared hosting slightly less interesting. The presence of these bonuses would make promoting your websites very easy to do, allowing you to attract a large number of visitors right away after the sites are launched.

coolhandle coupons

Using CoolHandle Coupons to Get Affordable VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is the perfect solution if you need a better performing server or you want to have a better control over the web hosting environment. VPS or Virtual Private Server allows you to gain root access to a virtual portion of the server, which means you can easily change the PHP configuration or complete other advanced tasks. CoolHandle VPS hosting plans are very attractive with its long list of features, plus you can now use the best CoolHandle coupons to make VPS hosting much more affordable.

CoolHandle VPS Hosting Plans

We took our time and reviewed the available VPS service packages from CoolHandle. The first thing we noticed was the lack of proper details regarding processing power included as part of each plan. You will, however, get a fairly detailed list of features including the amount of RAM you have at your disposal and how many storage space you can have.

The most basic CoolHandle VPS hosting solution, the VPS 01, offers 512 MB of RAM and 20 GB of storage space. You also get an additional domain name for free along with a dedicated IP address to use. Although this plan is very affordable at just $29.95 a month, you only get basic access to advanced server management features.

For a truly functional VPS hosting, VPS 02 is the most basic plan to opt for. It includes complete access to advanced configurations of the virtual server along with 1 GB of RAM and 30 GB of storage space. Similar to VPS 01, you can use the best CoolHandle coupons to make this particular service package much more affordable.

Alternatively, you can opt for the VPS 03 plan that is available for $79.95. Although there is no explanation regarding the processing power of the virtual server, the presence of 2 GB of RAM usually means even the most demanding web application can run smoothly and without a glitch. A free domain name and 60 GB of storage space are also included as part of this service package.

CoolHandle Server Features

The VPS hosting service packages come with a number of great features to benefit from. For starters, CoolHandle is offering a very intuitive VPS control panel that allows you to access every aspect of the virtual server easily. Even when you have no prior experience in managing a VPS hosting account, you should be able to get up to speed and be fully familiar with the features in no time at all.

Root access and reboot control are also part of the standard features included with CoolHandle VPS service plans. A selection of different operating systems and the signature Instant OS Reload technology allows you to load different operating systems when needed. A custom firewall and advanced backup and security features are also added to make the VPS hosting plans even more valuable.

Browse through review sites and online forums to find the best VPS hosting coupons from CoolHandle. You should be able to enjoy up to 25% in discounts along with a number of bonuses as part of the CoolHandle vouchers. Alternatively, you can opt for a longer payment term or contract period in order to get the best price possible.

CoolHandle offers enterprise-grade VPS solutions, which is why you don’t have to worry about your business apps and frameworks not running properly. We found complaints about server reliability and the lack of proper technical support beyond the company’s business hours, but you can expect these VPS solutions to be moderately reliable in general.

Compared To Other VPS Hosting Solutions

One of the leading service providers when it comes to VPS hosting is HostGator. Aside from offering a wide range of shared hosting plans and other hosting-related solutions, HostGator has some of the best VPS hosting plans on the market today. Assuming you are thinking about opting for the VPS 03 plan from CoolHandle, the equivalent HostGator VPS solution is much more appealing.

For $69.96 a month – or $55.96 after discounts and special offers – you can enjoy a VPS server with 2 GHz of processing power, 1.5 GB of RAM, 60 GB of storage space and a long list of other features to maximize. HostGator is also famous for its amazing customer support and top server reliability; you don’t have to worry about your websites or web services not being accessible due to downtime or server issues at all.

The high demand of modern web applications make dedicated hosting more and more popular these past several years. If you are running your own business solution or providing web services to other users, chances are you will need a reliable dedicated server (or servers) to use. This CoolHandle review will guide you through the features and facilities offered by CoolHandle as part of its dedicated hosting service package.

CoolHandle Dedicated Servers

CoolHandle offers a very straightforward approach to dedicated hosting offering a single service plan to cater to the needs of CoolHandle customers. The service plan allows you to enjoy a dedicated server with Intel 3.0GHz Core2 Duo processor and 2 GB of RAM to begin with. Other facilities included in this service plan are 2×160 GB SATA drives working in RAID configuration for maximum data protection, a dedicated IP address and full root access to the server.

CoolHandle dedicated server solution is also very affordable. At the time this CoolHandle review is written, the cost of using the dedicated server is no more than $59.95 a month. You also get bonuses such as free private SSL certificate added as part of the hosting offer. You also get free Enom domain name reseller account, free web transfer and of course the choice of any RAID configuration you want.

CoolHandle’s data center is located in Los Angeles, which means the dedicated server package works best when catering to the needs of US users. Worry not, because the servers are also backed with a fully redundant network and gigabit uplink with a guaranteed 100 Mbit connection. Whether you are hosting a corporate data center or a fully functional web application for international users, CoolHandle dedicated servers may just be what you need.

CoolHandle also includes cPanel and WHM to help you manage websites and the hosting aspect of your dedicated server easily. MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby are all supported, along with a number of other server-side scripts and programming languages. You can add compatibility with custom solutions and other third-party frameworks, but you would have to set up the server yourself or ask the technical support to help you for a fee.

CoolHandle Servers vs. Other Dedicated Servers

We can’t complete an in-depth CoolHandle review without comparing the dedicated servers from this company to other solutions from different service providers. In this case, we took the dedicated server offers from InMotion as a base for our comparison.

The firs thing we noticed right away is the choice of server processor. The Intel 3.0GHz Core2 Duo is not bad at all, but modern dedicated servers now use Intel Xeon with up to 8 cores for better server performance. InMotion, for example, offers a choice of processors with up to 4 cores running in turbo mode; the top plan includes Intel® Xeon® 3440, guaranteeing maximum server performance nonetheless.

Price-wise, CoolHandle is much more affordable. However, you may not get certain features you would need to run any application you plan to host on the dedicated servers. If you need more storage or a bigger RAM when using CoolHandle’s dedicated server plan, you may have to spend a substantial amount of money to get them.

When it comes to dedicated servers, reliable on-site technical support is essentially important. This is another aspect that CoolHandle may not be able to provide perfectly. Reports have shown that the technical support hotline is difficult to reach while getting a reply when filing for support requests would take hours. In the world of high-tech business solutions and fast response, superb customer service is just a must.

Of course, dedicated servers must also be superbly reliable. Downtime, especially those caused by minute reasons such as power outage, is just unacceptable. Luckily, both companies are offering roughly the same level of reliability with InMotion slightly ahead for better redundancy, automated backup creations and a number of other security features.

Final Thoughts on CoolHandle Dedicated Servers

Take your time and review the features offered by CoolHandle. If the features and facilities meet your needs perfectly, then the affordable price is certainly a huge draw. At less than $60 a month, CoolHandle dedicated servers are among the most affordable on the market. Keep in mind that you will have to spend more in order to get extra features you might need, so be sure to plan head and consider every aspect properly before making a purchase decision.

Those who are looking for a feature-packed dedicated server with a wealth of features to maximize may want to opt for InMotion instead. The company is famous for its immense reliability and amazing customer support; you can rest assured knowing that your server is managed by a team of experts at all times. the more modern infrastructure or hardware selections are also very appealing since you can expect any application you are running to perform smoothly.

Alternatively, you can opt for the slightly higher service plan that costs $75.96 a month after discounts and special offers. With this particular plan, you get 1.8 GB or RAM along with 80 GB of storage space and other advanced VPS features. This Level 5 service plan from HostGator also includes a 2.69 GHz allocated processor suitable for running resource-intensive web applications and scripts. Let me know personally on what you think of our coolhandle review and how we can improve it.

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