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There are so many things you need to keep track of to have a successful blog!

You need to fill your editorial calendar with consistent, great content. You need to share your posts on social media and get them in front of as many people as possible. And you need to keep track of which posts are performing the best so you can maximize their impact.
Doing all of these things used to drive me crazy.
There were different apps for each one, and I always wished that I could just get it done all in one place so that I wouldn’t have to waste so much time clicking to my editorial calendar to my social media scheduler and back again.
That’s why I was so thrilled when I found CoSchedule. It is the most fully featured content planner/social media scheduler I have found. And now that they’ve added the ability to recycle social media posts, I am seriously addicted to using it.
[socialpug_tweet tweet=”If you’re a blogger who wants to streamline your social media, CoSchedule is the perfect tool.” display_tweet=”If you’re a blogger who wants to streamline your content planning and social media marketing so that you can make a great impact with each blog post, CoSchedule is the perfect tool for you.”] Here’s why.

1. Seamless Content Planning

I absolutely love about CoSchedule’s editorial calendar.
It has a full month view so that you can see all of your upcoming posts at a glance along with the social shares you’ve scheduled to go with them. For each post, you can assign a team member and write comments back and forth, which is great if you have different people who are blogging for you.
The nice thing about CoSchedule is that it is a WordPress plugin, so you don’t need to leave WordPress to schedule and write your blog posts on the editorial calendar. No more flipping back and forth between your Google Doc or Evernote editorial calendar and your blog.
And, speaking of Evernote and Google Docs, you can integrate your favorite post writing app with CoSchedule. Even if you don’t love writing posts directly into WordPress, you can write them from CoSchedule so you never have to leave your site.
Another great content creation feature included with CoSchedule is their incredible headline analyzer. I have used the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer for years, and it has helped me write consistently popular and well-shared blog post headlines.
One of the most important ways for getting your blog posts seen and shared is writing great headlines. And now it can be a seamless part of your content creation process.

2. Set It And Forget It Social Media Sharing

If there’s one thing I repeat over and over to beginner bloggers about social media, it’s that you must share your content multiple times on your social media platforms.
If you want to maximize your content, you will want to share each post a minimum of 4 times on Twitter the week it’s published, 1–2 times on Facebook and Linked In, and then re-share a month later. You also want to keep re-sharing older blog posts so that they are seen and don’t get lost in the dusty shelves of your blog archives.
If this sounds exhausting, it is. Without CoSchedule.
But CoSchedule makes it so easy that you will want to take the time to create your social media posts for each blog post. (Seriously.)
At the bottom of each post you write, CoSchedule guides you to write social shares for all the social media platforms you use. It integrates with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Buffer, Tumblr, and Instagram. You can write and schedule customized messages for each one and include photos to go with the messages.
Then (and this is a new-ish feature I absolutely love), you can choose to recycle some of your social media posts to fill your content calendar in the future.
That way you don’t have to remember to re-share your old posts months later. Instead, once you write your initial set of social media shares for each post, you can sit back and let CoSchedule do its thing. No more spending hours each week writing new social media posts.

3. Analytics That Help You Gain Traction With Your Blog

So, you’ve scheduled out some blog posts with great headlines (thanks to the Headline Analyzer and editorial calendar), you’ve written some engaging social media posts and have them recycling far into the future, and you want to know if your blog posts are engaging and interesting.
It’s time to use another of CoSchedule’s wonderful features – its’ analytics.
CoSchedule does 2 things that are very helpful for gaining more traction for your blog:

  1. It tracks how many social shares you receive for each blog post.
  2. It sorts your posts and tells you which are performing the best.

It is so easy to waste time trying to master each and every social media platform, and CoSchedule can help you narrow your social media strategy so that the time you spend promoting your blog is well used. When you see which platform is performing the best, you can put more of your energy into growing on that platform.
And once you know which posts are performing the best, you can make the most out of them. Take your most shared posts and put email opt-in forms on them, re-share them, or update them so that they can make a greater impact with your audience.
If you’re interested in trying out CoSchedule, you’ll be happy to know that you can try it out for 14 days for free. That way, you will be able to try out all the great features and see if you love it as much as I do. Use my CoSchedule link so they know I sent you!
What’s your biggest time-suck when it comes to blogging and social media? Share in the comments below.

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