Is The Quarantine a Good Time to Start a Blog? Absolutely, Here’s Why

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What do you think is the largest reason people don’t start a blog?
Out of everyone we ask each day across all generations the most frequent answer is: I just don’t have enough time.
Well with the current state of lockdown, shelter in place, self-quarantining and the tragic loss of jobs that have resulted, there’s one certain good outcome: You have plenty of time.
In fact, so many people are bored online these days that last weekend we saw the number of new blogs going live TRIPLE from our blogging video tutorials.
But if you’re still not convinced now is your time to start up a blog, I figured I’d list 9 reasons why you should create a blog here along with a simple cheat sheet of tools you need to get started.
Let’s dive right in!

Suggestion From The Editor:
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Why Should You Start a Blog? Here Are 9 Unbeatable Reasons

Before we dive in I should note that Zac, the founder of this blogging website hub has spent years showing people how to get your blog started here. His guides are so powerful that I often read them even though I made my first blog ages ago, so I hope you can have a look.
Now here are 9 reasons (many may or may not apply to you) why you should get on the blogging train today, and see the last reason for why you shouldn’t wait.

#1) You or Your Spouse Lost Your Job

A loss of $500-1000/mo or more can be crushing to your lifestyle and doubly bad when you lose your sense of self purpose.
Did you know blogs can make that and more by posting banner ads, running sponsored content, ghost writing, affiliate marketing and more? Plus, earning a little bit of money all on your own (no boss required) is a great way to reestablish self purpose.

#2) You Already Have a Budding Online Network

Many of us have a large network of writers from live writers’ groups, book clubs, parent meetings, or other clubs which we miss chatting. Well next time you’re on Zoom or Skype with the group of family, let them know of your new blogging endeavor to get the traffic kickstarted.

#3) Your Side Hustle Was Always Your #1 Passion

For so many of us, we find ourselves day dreaming about photography, cooking, artwork, personal finance or whatever it may be while we sit trapped in our cubicles. What’s your #1 passion? As long as there’s an audience for it and you can teach, you’ll be well suited to put that passion of yours on your new blog.

#4) You Had a Blogging Guide Drop in Your Lap

Like this article, perhaps? 😉
Of course, you can also find customized guides on the web like how to start a cooking blog, how to start a travel blog, how to create a personal finance blog, it’s all out there for your enjoyment.

#5) Your Schedule is Literally Empty

If you look at your schedule for the week and your day to day plans are all quarantined, then it’s time to find 1-2 hours to site down and create a blog.
This can be a couple hours in the morning after breakfast with your coffee, or maybe you’re a late night owl. If your schedule is empty, you should not waste this time, but instead be possessive with your free hours.

#6) You Kids Have a Special Talent

For many of us it’s our kids who inspire our blogs. Maybe it’s just our kids opening toys, or you could create a blog to document what your kids learn and solicit advice from like-minded parents on difficult parenting decisions. Mommy blogs are always popular!

#7) You Once Knew Website Languages and Now Want to Re-Learn Them

I can’t tell you how many times I get to chat with a 60+ blogger who may have had to put their HTML/CSS skills on hold for a job, war, or other life event. If that’s you, know that you’re not alone.
There’s a huge population of baby boomers all eager to share their life advice and rekindle the techie skills they learned when Apple and Microsoft were just emerging. WordPress blogging will make all your former techie know-how seem a lot easier and more neatly organized now.

#8) You Have Travel Photos / Gifts / Artifacts Sitting Around and Want to Show Them Off

There’s nothing worse than no knowing where to put all your memories and nothing more fulfilling than organizing them in a beautiful way on your new blog.
You can create photo galleries, image sliders, or even a separate blog post for each country you’ve visited. And if you think people won’t to read it, you’re wrong! Every need travel advice from a source then look up to.

#9) A Blogger’s Greatest Advantage is Time

That’s right, time. Every blogger you’ll talk to across every niche says they wish they had started a blog sooner. Why? Lost readers, lost dollars, lost content, lost ideas, all of that comes with lost time. Not starting a blog today is simply lost blogging income.
The sooner you put your work online the sooner Google can digest it and index you into the Search Engines, the sooner you can start to get a slice of that viral pie of traffic going.
Then once you do get started, you’ll see people a year later ask you how you did it. It’ll be a great feeling being the leader in your niche at that point.

Blogging Cheat Sheet: Tools to Get You Started

So your excuse is it’s still too hard to start a blog? Nonsense.
You can be a total, kindergarten level beginner to make a blog. The only tools you need to get started are:

  1. A domain name idea: What .com will you pick aka what will you call your blog?
  2. A credit card: To pay for the domain name and web hosting you’ll need. All domains and web hosting plans are typically refundable for a period of time so there is zero risk.
  3. A theme: Almost all bloggers use WordPress, so their “theme” is whatever template you choose to put up on your blog aka the colors, designers, menus, and more.
  4. Your stelar writing abilities: Start with a “welcome to the blog” post!

That’s all you need. Like I pointed out in #2 the costs of a blogging domain and hosting are refundable so you can start a blog just like the pros (on at no risk.
If you really have no budget at all, you can get started on with a free blog; it’s certainly better than nothing at all.

Conclusion: Ask for Help, Find an Idol, Then Get it Crackin’

If you lost a job or have never had time for yourself, this is your big opportunity.
This is your big break.
Now is the time to do what excites you most – through the art of writing.
Let me know any questions you have in the comments as you start a blog and we can point you to the best resources.

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