I’ve reviewed a great number of affiliate networks and affiliate programs over the years. The individual details can vary considerably, like the types of offers they maintain in their inventory or how they decide to issue payments to publishers, but the fundamental foundation remains the same. They are performance-based networks that effectively connect advertisers with marketers, publishers, affiliates and webmasters.

But what if you were interested in the other side of the transaction? What if you wanted to run an affiliate program or even a full-blown affiliate network on your own? Wouldn’t that require an inordinate amount of money, since you’d have to hire a team of developers, coders and designers to put together such an infrastructure for you?

The short answer is no, since MyAdMarket can take care of all of that. It’s an all-in-one ad network platform that’s perfectly suited for ad networks, affiliates, advertisers and publishers alike, provided to you as a white-label solution that’s ready to roll when you are.

Key Highlights of MyAdMarket

By far the biggest advantage that you’ll find with MyAdMarket is that it truly is an all-inclusive system that can be used to power an affiliate system of practically any size. It is fully scalable and can grow with your business, accommodating as many clients, campaigns, advertisers and publishers as you need.


Everything that you might want out of an affiliate network can be found here. There is support for a wide selection of ad formats, including banners of nearly any size, dynamic advertising, pop-unders, interstitials, in-app advertising, video advertising and more. Ads can be served on both mobile and desktop.

On the desktop side, you can empower your advertisers and affiliates with such formats as a corner peel, a push-down ad, a sidekick, or a floating ad, among many others. Mobile ads can also be corner peels, as well as interstitials, expandable ads, background ads and more. This flexibility is tremendous for advertisers and publishers alike.

You want highly targeted campaigns and traffic? MyAdMarket can provide that too, drilling down based on geography, device, hardware, language, browser and even ISP. Conversion tracking can be handled with image pixels or server to server, as well as with the SDK for mobile apps.

The list of features just goes on and on.

Run Your Own Ad Network Like a Pro

So, let’s say that you want to start running your own affiliate network. After you’ve signed up for an account with MyAdMarket, you gain access to a dashboard similar to the one shown below.


If you’ve ever been an affiliate yourself through any number of other networks, then an interface like this will feel quite familiar. The difference is that you are now provided a much higher, bird’s eye view of operation from the perspective of the network operator.

Your “at a glance” data and graphs provide instant insight into the advertisers in your network, the total impressions by country, the growth of new campaigns, the number of pending creatives and so on. Through the navigation links at the top, you can look through the data for your advertisers and affiliates too.

You’ll also notice a section for an “ad exchange.” Built right into the MyAdMarket platform is an ad media exchange where you can buy and sell extra traffic with other networks. It’s all integrated together into one seamless system.

Choose Your Own Cost Metrics and More

A question that you might have is why this is called CPXcenter in the first place. The “X” stands in like a wildcard, since the campaigns and advertisers can work within whatever cost metrics that they’d like.


From the self-serve user dashboard, you can look into the various campaigns that your advertisers are running and they can be empowered to pay out to affiliates based precisely on the performance they wish to track and monetize. They can utilize different cost metrics to create the most optimized campaigns.

From CPM to CPC, CPA to CPI, it’s all possible with MyAdMarket. In fact, multiple metrics can even be combined together in the same campaign to target a specific ROI.

Another big feature that your advertisers will appreciate is what they call the traffic quality index. The system generates a traffic quality score for all traffic sources. By leveraging such technologies as fraud detection and block lists, the index produces a score for each site (on a scale of 1 to 100) that indicates the likelihood of conversion from each publisher. This provides greater transparency for everyone involved.

For Advertisers and Publishers Too

Up until now, we’ve focused primarily on how MyAdMarket can be used to operate a full-blown white label affiliate network, but the platform can be equally useful for other types of online businesses too.

If you’re an advertiser and you want to power your own affiliate program, rather than using some third-party network that could take a big cut from your bottom line, you can take care of yourself with MyAdMarket as an advertiser or merchant yourself.

Using Big Data technology, you can analyze the needs and performance of all your campaigns. This might include not only your own affiliate program as run through MyAdMarket, but also other campaigns that you are already running elsewhere. By getting this kind of comprehensive reporting and analysis, you can optimize your ROI and make more money.

Similarly, publishers and app developers with larger audiences can also find a lot of value and utility from MyAdMarket. Let’s say that you have some ad inventory to fill on your website. Everyone knows that the most money can be made through private advertising rather than through a network, but how can you manage all those advertisers and campaigns yourself?

Through MyAdMarket, you can run a dynamic ad management business and monetize all of your unique content in the most effective and most lucrative manner possible. The user interface, as it is for ad networks and merchants, is easy to use and is fully scalable to grow alongside your business. Your advertisers gain access to setting up and monitoring their campaigns, complete with full reports, and you earn the most money possible.

How Much Does It Cost?

The monthly plans from MyAdMarket are designed to be scalable, affordable and all-inclusive in nature. The only real difference is the amount of traffic you need to handle.


Pricing starts as low as $9/month for the basic plan, which includes up to 100,000 monthly impressions and 100,000 clicks. From there, you can step up to larger plans to gain access to far more impressions and clicks, as well as a dedicated account manager, one-on-one personal training, and the traffic quality monitor.

Whether you’re interested in running your own ad network, or you’re a merchant or publisher who wants access to a more robust and comprehensive system you can call your own, MyAdMarket could be the perfect solution for you. All plans come with a one-month free trial. Request a demo to see how MyAdMarket can grow your business.