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Craft Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 15 Examples

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Blogs connect writers to a relevant audience, allowing them to promote a business, project, or anything else of particular interest.

Craft blogs can not only draw the attention of other crafters but can boost the sales of hand-made products- all through advertising and discussion on the blog.

By using a blog, writers, crafters, and sellers alike can promote their interests and products, which can increase profits and grow their business.

What is a Craft Blog?

A craft blog is a blog that focuses on the creation and selling of hand-made objects. There’s no limit to what can be discussed, shown off, taught, or sold.

Craft blogs offer an outlet from crafters, for crafters, and with it comes the flexibility and freedom to display the blogger’s creativity.

What Does a Craft Blogger Blog About?

Craft bloggers are hardly limited when it comes to showing their passion.

Craft blogs can include tutorials, photos, printables, craft ideas, patterns, encouragement, and more.

Craft bloggers can display their creations for all to see and earn income by selling their patterns, supplies, and crafts.

What is Included In a Craft Blog?

Every blog is different, and the topics covered in each will vary. The content you’ll find in craft blogs is specific to the niche craft area the writer covers.

In every blog, though, you can expect to see pictures, instructions, and stories.

Other Things You Can Find on Craft Blogs

You can also find:

  • Advice: Many blogs have a section dedicated to advice on various projects and offer encouragement and tips.
  • Resources: Videos, books, magazines, and even courses can be valuable tools to help anyone interested in getting started in dabbling with various craft ideas.
  • Inspiration: Some craft bloggers will share inspiring sources on their craft blogs as a source of motivation for future projects or for their followers looking to tackle the same creative streak.
  • Showcase and Shops: Crafters work long and hard to develop their handmade items, and posting the final product is rewarding. Depending on whether or not the blogger has an online store, their blog can be used to promote the items they sell.  

Best Craft Blogs: 15 Examples

It can be decided which craft blogs are considered the best due to content and followers.

More popular and heavily followed blogs are likely to stay updated and offer a good amount of content.

How Many Craft Blogs Are There?

There are many forms of crafting and an unlimited amount of ideas that can come from the hobby.

While the number of blogs can be daunting, we’ve narrowed it down to offer the ones with the most potential and the most favorable content.

DIY Craft Blogs

Do-it-yourself projects are easily some of the most popular crafts made.

These crafts center around creating an item that could be bought in a store- such as a table or an ottoman- while giving the maker creative freedom in the project’s result.

These blogs often have step-by-step tutorials to help guide the crafter in making the desired item. These blogs focus on instructing followers so they can create something wonderful and unique.

  • A Beautiful Mess: This blog offers tons of DIY projects that are not limited to a single theme. Home improvement, seasonal crafts, nursery improvements, gift ideas, and self-care items are only a small number of the 184 pages of DIY ideas this blog offers. Each DIY project has a clear list of supplies needed and step-by-step instructions with pictures to guide you through the process.
  • Paper and Stitch: This blog also has a wide variety of DIY projects organized in a drop-down category menu. The organization is helpful when dealing with a large assortment of craft ideas, and the layout of this blog makes it very friendly for first-time users and veterans alike.
  • Honestly, WTF: This blog does an excellent job of simplifying DIY projects with clear-cut instructions and photos depicting each step in a very exquisite manner. The aesthetic of this blog is very pleasing to look at and very easy to use, with all photographs being very thoughtfully taken and placed on the tutorials.
  • Almost Makes Perfect: The DIY category list for this blog is massive and offers a wide variety of crafts and tutorials. Holidays, ethnicities, and celebratory events make up some of the subcategories to choose from, and within these, there is quite a large number of crafts to try at home. This blog also lists several items made by the owner and writer that can be purchased by simply clicking the provided link.
  • Lovely Indeed: This bright and vibrant blog offers more than just holiday and family gathering craft ideas, but also suggestions on how to maintain schedules and take photographs and offers beautiful ideas that can include the children that may be in your home. There is even a recommendation section that offers other DIY projects hand-picked by the blogger.

Paper Craft Blogs

Paper crafts can include cards, photography, and other ideas that rely on the creative use of paper material. The following are five of the best we’ve located.

  • Lou Sims Papercrafter: This blog includes cards, mixed media prints, scrapbook pages, mini albums, and much more to explore. Templates can be purchased, or you can visit the blogger’s other media links for videos on DIY projects. They even provide workshops for a more direct hands-on experience.
  • The Card Grotto: Some of the most beautiful hand-made cards can be located on this blog. Many of the supplies to recreate some of these fantastic designs can be purchased directly from the blogger’s website. They also provide a link to their Youtube account, which holds a large number of tutorials and instructional videos.
  • Taheerah Atchia: With a large number of styles and designs, this blog has loads to choose from, with each project listing in great detail what supplies are required to complete it as well as direct links to purchase them. This craft blog features tons of fun giveaways in many different forms of media.
  • Paper Crave: With crafts for kids and adults alike, this craft blog has everything from cards to three-dimensional paper crafts. Low poly animal figures and masks make this a unique and fun blog to visit for ideas for something that strays from conventional paper art.
  • Kerry’s Papercraft: This blog shares some excellent ideas for cards and visually appealing boxes. There are some fabulous ideas here if you are looking to make your designs pop off the page. Three-dimensional paper crafts are this blogger’s specialty, and there are many beautiful designs and ideas to choose from.

Mommy Craft Blogs

The following blogs focus on crafts that can be done with children and enjoyed when finished.

  • Pink Stripey Socks: This blog features a ton of crafts that can be printed off and done safely with children. They are organized by categories and are simple, with few materials required. All of the crafts listed here also have clear tutorials, so it will be easy to follow along with a child when accompanied by the provided step-by-step photos.
  • Damask Love: Using paper and fabric, this blog has plenty of fun ideas for crafts that can be worn or played with. There are even simple printout crafts for candy, cards, organizers, and much more. Many of the options also supply ways to make fun clothing that is simple to create, with each post having instructions as well as tutorial videos.
  • Tried and True Creative: This blog has a children’s section loaded with great ideas for games, coloring, clothing, and more. Children can enjoy making these crafts and using some of them afterward, such as the pencil box, outdoor games, and backpack. The versatility of this blog for mommies and their kids makes it an easy pick for our top five.
  •  U Create: Another blog with a dedicated page just for kids, U Create has an excellent variety of choices under this single selection that focuses on crafts that are not only simple but fun to complete. It also has tons of patterns to use for bead projects.
  • Jennifer Perkins: This blog is run by a mommy for mommies. It has everything from kid’s projects to mothers day ideas. Everything is neatly organized, and upon clicking a craft you are interested in, you will be taken to a page thoroughly explaining the steps with photos to assist and videos.

Similar Blogs to Check Out

  • DIY Blogs: A DIY blog will focus on following provided steps to complete the project at your own pace. These blogs will usually feature detailed pictures and lots of instructions on how to complete your dream project.
  • Quilting Blogs: Quilting blogs will typically cover information on how to create a pattern, as well as provide tips on fabrics and other materials. Many quilting blogs will also have guidance on how to begin sewing.
  • Art Blogs: Art blogs cover various media, including photography, painting, drawing, sculpting, and design. Some blogs are devoted to a certain medium, while others are filled with different forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about craft blogs. Getting started can be daunting, but these questions can help you decide if craft blogging is right for you.

vector graphic showing an illustration of crafts with the big block text

How Do You Blog for Crafts?

There are many steps for creating a blog, and continued work and dedication to making it successful. First, it’s essential to select a name, platform, and domain to get started. After that, you can choose a theme or type of craft to focus on and get started.

Finally, pictures and tutorials are a definite must, and once combined adequately in an organized manner, they can set you in the right direction for a well-run craft blog.

What Craft Items Are in High Demand?

Crafts that are currently in high demand include jewelry, art, photography, soap, candles, and sewing.

These types of crafts typically have a lower cost to create and thus also provide a higher profit margin for crafters wishing to sell their products.

Wrapping Up

While a successful blog takes time and commitment, running for any eager crafty creator can be a joy.

There is such a wide variety in the style that any passion can be pursued and put on proud display or sold for profit.

If you’re interested in starting a craft blog, make sure you do your research and explore the other blogs in your niche! For additional advice, feel free to explore our other articles.

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